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The Black Mass of ’97, featuring:
Dracul, Asphyxiation, Hellbound (BX), Abazagorath, Divine Silence, Malicious Onslaught. The Bank, NYC

On Sunday, August 10th, the Bank in Manhattan’s Lower East Side featured yet another lengthy underground festival just like the many other which have been occurring for the past few months. The club was the meeting place of five excellent bands who performed to the collective of each of their rabid followings. The show was arranged by members of the staff of Endemoniada Fanzine and Dracul, Order of the Dragon, having culminated in an elaborate, intensely rehearsed and long awaited production of a genuine Black Mass. Malicious Onslaught was the first band to perform that afternoon, opening up with some highly aggressive- as well as noisy-old school tinged death thrash…It was all an appropriate introduction to the day’s festivities.
Divine Silence, hailing from Staten Island, were up next. The band showcased their unique style of somber, depressive doom metal as they performed songs from their debut demos including “Tranquil Sorrows” & “Spirits of the Wind”… Divine Silence take the best of their influences & improve them threefold in order to put on great shows like the one they performed that day.
New Jersey’s Abazagorath took the stage next, treating the audience to some extremely intense black metal…They performed songs from Channeling the Ethereal Moons & Tenebrarum Cadent Exsurgemos …They also did an explosive cover of Slayer’s “Black Magic”, earning them the bigest response.
Hellbound performed their energetic power thrash, playing songs from their demo Transcend the Flesh & their debut album. The impact of their set was up there with Asphyxiation’s set of mega-brutal death metal. The musical propotion of this night undoubtedly ended with a resounding band as each band gave their all in delivering their respective sets. Dracul, whose membership included Faunus of Endoki Forest, put on a powerful Black Mass to cap off the entire night and satisfy the darkened hordes who had come to participate.

Dave, as you can see is an excellent writer, I urge you all to check out his zines and his music reviews in Good Times-PO Box33, Westbury, NY 11590 USA



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