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Interview with Lord Ornias by Lucifera

1. How long have Teratism been together, since you have one demo which is no longer available and one release 'Ex Infernus" ? How has the response been for your demo and this release?
Greetings Lucifera.
Diabolus Erysichthon (guitar) and I have been writing material for this band since the early 90's. In essence, you could say Teratism has existed over a decade. We had been involved in various projects throughout the years, none of which we felt were suitable to accommodate the musical ideologies and aspirations for this band. Thus, Teratism had been dormant for many years. It was in the summer of 2001 when we finally found the appropriate members to complete the circle.
We recorded 2 demos that winter, the first being our "self-titled" demo that was released in a 200 pressing. The 2nd demo remained undisclosed. We then signed a deal with Root of All Evil records for both demos to be released as "Invocatum Furae Diabolis" (which is now available as a full length CD). "Ex Infernus" was released as a promo/demo featuring live and exclusive recordings to generate interest in the band. We are very pleased with the response we have received thus far. The reviews I have seen have been very positive, and it is indeed an accomplishment in its own right when your music is appreciated. Obviously, there are always going to be those who fail to comprehend and dislike our approach, and that's great!! No compromises!!!

2. How do you feel about comparisons to Marduk and early Emperor? Would you say these bands and the early European black metal scene are musical influences?
I guess if people compare us to the early European black metal scene, I wouldn't at all be surprised. Much of the material we have currently released was indeed created years ago. I don't know if such bands as Marduk and Emperor directly influenced us, but, I would say that we were certainly inspired by their un-orthodox and obscure take.

3. Tell us a little about the songs on "Ex Infernus" what stories are kept within those songs?
We are a misanthropic entity that believes that man must become extinct in order to preserve this planets survival. This is the focal and motivating factor in which all the lyrics and music for "Ex Infernus" were written.

4. What is your definition of Satanism? How strong is the link between Teratism and the members' interest in Satanism?
Without giving a Doctoral thesis, "Satanism" to me, is a lifestyle in which one chooses his/her destiny in accordance with physical and/or spiritual satisfaction. I would say the works of LaVey, Crowley, Nietzsche, and other named "Satanists" or occultists have most definitely influenced and shaped our personalities, making that link a strong one.

5. Would you consider your live performances as a form of ritual? How did you come in contact with Reverend Shannon Stroud come about? What is his link to Teratism?
Our performances could be viewed as a form of ritual in the sense that we are exorcising our aggression towards the world and its folly. We were introduced to Rev. Stroud, as our local reputations exceeded themselves. We have since become good friends with common goals and interests. We are looking forward to Milwaukee Metalfest XVI, in which we shall redefine the phrase "flesh-carving"! Its going to be brutal... and that's a guarantee!

You've played with bands such as Hypocrisy? Are there any other bands you would love to tour or play live with?
It was a great honor for us to support Hypocrisy. I have been a huge fan of those early albums for so many years, and Hypocrisy was far from disappointing when delivering such classics as "Pleasure of Molestation" and "Penetralia" live. Tagtgren is also 110% loyal to his fans, which is surely a rarity after achieving his level of success. I would be bloody stoked about a tour with Destroyer666. Their new album "Cold Steel for an Iron Age" just kills! Holy fuck is that band metal!

6. Do you see more of a unity between black metal and death metal bands in the USA now or do you feel the scene is seperated? What would you like to see changed in the metal scene?
I think the survival of the US scene depends upon its unity. Look at what happened to the metal community when MTV turned their backs on us. It wasn't long before the major labels followed their lead and dumped extreme metal bands. My respect goes out to those labels and bands who persevere in spite of financial inadequacy and odds. A catalyst for change would be provided if bands would become more self reliant. It is very unfortunate when every one excluding the band, cashes in on hard work.

7. What are your goals for Teratism? What is the significance of the band's name?
Our immediate goals include a European and American tour, playing all the American festivals, and the release of 2 new albums within the next 2 years. Musically, we are going to push ourselves as far as possible.
The name Teratism is defined as a monstrosity. A name that we felt encompassed our misanthropic and hateful nature.

8. Who worked on your blasphemic website?
That would be Trial By Fire and myself. If any bands are interested in website design, they may contact TBF at:

9. You went to NJ Metal Meltdown 2002. Did you enjoy it? Did you watch any bands that caught your interest?
I usually get too drunk at the fests to remember much, but, yeah... the fests are great!! Dark Funeral, Vesperian Sorrow, Incantation, and Cadaver Inc. were highlights for myself. Of course, one is always anticipating the antics of Don Decker and Anal Blast. If you haven't seen them.... well, maybe you shouldn't!

10. Any last words?
Hails to you Lucifera for the interview. Our website can be found at
and our CD "Invocatum Furae Diabolis" is available now through distributors everywhere. Stay metal!!
Lord Ornias.