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Taz of Lethal Zone Productions

Interview by Lucifera

1.Tell us about yourself and how you came in contact with ENDEMONIADA FANZINE?
I met the women of Endemoniada when I first came to New York City in early 1992 through (a NY black metal band) MASTEMA. I had this big house in New Jersey where I tried to open a recording studio. The only thing it ever became was a place to practice and party at. The idea of the recording studio was all lost due to the lack of money for all the things we needed. (Lucifera) Elena would come by with Mastema sometimes and hang out while they would play all day. It was fun shooting pool, drinking all day long and playing with my snakes. Thatís when I heard of the infamous Endemoniada Zine. Which only took me about 3 years to learn how to say it. Elena was always a good friend to me, I liked the way she was always laughing at everything I would say. Soon thereafter, I met Da Witches, Tabatha and Blacky, I quickly gained the utmost respect for them too, for their passion for the musik and the drive to keep it out there and alive. Really I only have these women to thank for getting me started with Lethal Zone Productions 100%.

2.Tell us how it all started, how did you begin booking shows?
On August 10th 1997 was my first taste of doing shows in NY. Endemoniada and Taz Presents THE BLACK MASS with Dracul, Order of the Dragon, it went really well and I was addicted ever since. I had done promotions before in California, so it was easy. I really feel sorry for the bands in CA because of the pay to play thing. If I had my way I would bring them all here! Soon Elena arranged a meeting for Furss and I to meet. We hit it off very fast and Russ began to help with the shows right away. The first show we all did together was a the BATCAVE (Downtime, NYC) with DARK FUNERAL and USURPER, The Satanic Crusade show where ACHERON and DESTROYER666 didnít make it, that sucked I really wanted to see Acheron.

3.What did you do before you decided to book shows?
Play, of course, I played in a few bands here and there. Did some shows, while bartending to make some money, it was good because I could always get time off for some tours. I went on without the hassles.

4.How do you get along with your partner in crime, Russ of Lethal CDís?
Russ is probably the most productive partner I could ever have asked for. He is there right in the middle of it all! Lethal Wear (Lethal CDs-Metal Record store in NYC) helped a lot because he always knew which band everyone was into by what people bought in the store. He was good at getting bigger bands for the bill, coherent bills. We both share the lack of interest in going to shows where thereís one band on the bill that youíve heard of and two bands that might as well have been a country band, it doesnít make sense, why not book shows that everyone can be excited about all the bands on the bill. I think a lot of promoters never even listen to the music of the bands theyíre booking because if they did they wouldnít be doing some of the line-ups I see out there.

5. Tell us about your Internet page and what info my fiendz can find on it
The Lethal Zone home page rules! Itís a great way to post all of our shows and itís easy for those online to find out whatís coming up way in advance.

6.We know you used to play bass for a band called BETTY FORD. How did you feel as part of this band? Did you enjoy the music, was it what you wanted to do?
Betty FordÖhum, what to say about that, it was alright really. I think I did more with this band than all the bands combined that I played with in my entire life. We recorded and did videos and the tours went from Pittsburgh, PA to Tampa and Orlando FL. We had a lot of fun, besides I got a lot of people to come out to these shows like at CBGBís and Continental, you know who you are! But then I would come home and listen to death and black meta, thatís why everyone always questioned why I would play in a commercial band because of being known for liking Metal music.

7.How do you respond to band that say they donít appreciate that California idea of pay to play? Or about allegations that you owe money to the Voo Doo Lounge for a show that supposedly didnít pull?
I have never asked any of the New York bands to pay to play. Ever! I asked for a deposit once from some bands but that money was used to rent the club and every cent was returned the minute the bands finished playing. My band played that show and also put up the same amount of money to help rent the club and yes I got our money back too! Ok I knew it was only a matter of time before this question came up and people started asking me about what happened at the Voo Doo Lounge in Queens. Yes I did a show there and yes I lost some money at this show, BUT all the bands got paid and the clubs got all paid and the club got all of its money! I think I lost because the people we pull to our shows donít want to come all the way out to Queens, I decided not to book outside of Manhattan at that point.

8.At the Black Mass of í97 you played with Dracul, Order of the Dragon as Medusa on Keyboards, and did an emotional/intensified ritual. Tell us of your experience and what you were trying to do?
Dracul was (Faunus) John from Mastema/ Endoki Forest (keyboards) and Ralph my ex-husband (spokesperson) and me on keyboards. Dracul was an intense theatrical band with a lot of feeling behind it. Mixed with spooky costumes, loads of candles, melodic keyboards and way too much smoke. We put it together to escape from out of the total underground and to see how many Satanists are really out there in NY! Yes all the beliefs and concepts Dracul presented that blasphemous night are and still are very much true at heart.

9.You are quite fond of reptiles, do you have any stories you can share with us, what are your favorite reptiles of all? What other animals do you love?
Hellís yes, I love my reptiles for about 15 years now. I have one Black Widow, sheís about1 Ĺ years old, born March 3rd 1997. I had 5 more black widows, a 12 Ĺ foot Burmese Python (Leviathan), a 3 foot Ball Python (Set), and a baby Jungle Burmese Python (Sorrow), male and female Iguanas both 3 Ĺ feet long. I still canít believe theyíre not with me. I miss them all.

10.What kind of music do you enjoy? What bands do you like?
I like a lot of different kinds of music from classical guitar to the most extreme black and death metal out there. I know this is a trick question! Every band that I forget to mention will be pissed off saying that I said everyone elseís names but theirs. Thereís so many great bands out there it would take up about 3 pages to list them all.

11.Hereís our typical question. How do you feel about the status of women in the underground scene? Do you enjoy or feel inspired by any female artists?
I think Iím inspired by the thought of mud wrestling with the GREAT KAT. Just kidding! I think I have to give a big applause to all the females in the music scene because itís a boys club we are dealing with right! I canít tell you how many times this was the excuse I was giving. Itís hard to break into this world of testosterone! There are some good female musicians and some bad ones out there, this I agree with but thatís not different than with the guys, I know some females that can blow away a lot of the guys out there! I just want to say I think it shouldnít matter what sex you are itís if you have what it takes to be out there in the first place!

12.Last Words.
Oh, and one last thing, I really like to thank everyone out there that comes out to the shows and supports the scene. I do see a lot of the same faces around at the shows and if it wasnít for these people I think all the shows might stop! Thereís only just a couple of promoters left in NY that will do the metal stuff and thatís even more reason why we need to keep this scene alive or we just might end up with nothing, no local shows anyway. If people donít come out, it might happen, so lets all get up and go fucking rock this town!