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Sympathetic Magic

Interview by Lucifera

1. Tell us how Sympathetic Magic got together and what inspired that name for the band? Do you consider yourselves wiccans?
The voices told G to name us that. We consider ourselves a lot of things....

2. Your music is described as "neo-ambient vocal melodies, powerful guitar riffs, thick heavy bass, thunderous double bass drumming and an occult science influence". How do you define yourselves? Keep in mind there are people who haven't heard your music yet.
We just heard a voice that said, we are 'magical musicians' and this time it wasn't just G who heard it. Our music is haunting, mesmerizing, loud, melodic.

3.Tell us about first demo "13" is it still available? Why did you choose that number to introduce your first demo?
13 is our lucky number.

4.What can we expect from your release "Arcana" which will be released sometime in 2003? Tell us a little about your lyrics for this album.
I assure you the lyrics are as complicated as the head they came out of.

5. Why did your guitarist Heather leave the band?
Why does it matter? She did us a favor because now we're a stronger band son!

6. Sympathetic Magic has played quite a few shows. Such as the Inside Connection showcase at CBGBs, a couple of shows at L'amour, Downtime, Meow Mix, plus other places outside of New York. Which ones did you get the best reaction at and which was your favorite?,
Lamours is always great, Salem MA - everytime we play there they love us and we love being there!

How would you describe one of your live shows?
Mystifying and captivating.

7. You all seem to have some kind of musical training. How many years has each of you spent defining your musical talents?
We all have taken lessons at various points, but have spent much practice time on our own, individually and together.

8. What does each Sympathetic Magic gal like to explore when not doing band related stuff?
G: likes to explore life, astronomy, astrology, working out. Lilith: going to new places, exploring new horizons. Angelique: esoteric wisdom & knowledge, exotic experiences.

9. Are there any bands that may have influenced you? Are there any female bands or performers that you admire?
Blondie, Gogo's, Fleetwood Mac, Runaways, PJ Harvey, Tori Amos, Alanis, and on and on.

10. It seems that more and more female bands and artists are making themselves known in the hard rock/metal scene. Do you see any changes? Are there things you would like to see change? Do you feel that men still say "women can't rock"?
They're be plenty of changes if we get signed or break. They sure do, but they don't know what they're talking about.

11. Any last words you'd like to leave us with?
Support the scene, come to our shows!!