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Interview with Morbid Suzy

By Lucifera

1. Could you tell our readers a little about yourself and your cable program?
Suzy-Hello fellow sickos out there! I'm SUZY MORBID and I had a public access show for almost two years called THE MORBID UNDERGROUND in Florida, USA. It was a very well produced, strange, under progressive, thrash and death metal show that featured national and local bands. I had live footage, videos, and very lively interviews with the top names of the underground music industry. I produced and hosted the show.

2. What difficulties did you run into while your show was still being aired?
Suzy-The only difficulties I ran into while the show was aired, in the beginning, was when I had to let go of my crew of eight because they couldn't get my points across. To make my show totally deranged, I had to take the reins- editing, graphics, lightning audio, script, stage set-up, etc.. I had to go through several people to find the camera and production assistance. I want to thank Dave Sapp (a.k.a. Dez Jr.) for being that person.

3. How did the problems with James Intercable begin?
Suzy-It began when I started talking to G.G. ALLIN on the phone and decided to air a special on just his music. I showed the videotape of G.G. Allin nude, taking a dump, to public access officials, who said, " There's nothing in the book that says you can't run that " , So I did! March 3rd, 1993, the bigwig there, decided to throw me off the air and turned my tapes in to the police! To this day I never got it back!!

4. Tell us exactly how you feel about the charges brought up against you.
Suzy-I felt angry, depressed, and emotionally devastated. I lost my TV show (which meant the world to me), my first fiancée, my best friend, and was out of work for 2 months due to exhaustion.
By the time the state prosecutor decided to drop the charges (since there was nothing illegal about the tape), I had to move back with my parents and was in very bad shape.

5. Did you get a lot of support from your viewers during all this hassle?
Suzy-Yes, but there was nothing they could do about it. Even though I had lots of media support and others friend to comfort me. I still felt alone and alienated. My own fiancée (now ex.) didn't comfort me. He really fucked with my head.

6.How did artist/ boyfriend, Mike Diana, become involved?
Suzy-Two months after I moved in with my parents, I saw an articles in a local magazine about him that really made me angry. All he did was depict the horrors of modern-day society. There was a picture of him looking lost, alone, and frightened. I couldn't believe what they were doing to him. I got a hold of his phone number and we got together so I could help him out. Upon our first meeting I felt the earth move. He is the nicest guy I have ever known. We fell deeply in love and are now living together and engaged!

Who is trying to censor Mike Diana's artwork? And have they had any luck with their persecution?
Suzy-Pinellas county and state prosecutor , Stuart Babbish. On March 25th, 1994, Mike was found guilty of two counts of publishing obscene material and one count of advertising for obscene material. They put him in jail for four days until his sentencing. Then they gave him three years probation, $3,000 fine, community service work, no contact with minors (what about when we have kids?!?!), psychiatric counseling and he's not allowed to draw any more obscene material (not even for his own personal use) with periodic house searches to see to it that he doesn't draw anything of that nature!!!!

9. Do you worry of charges being brought up against you again?
Suzy- Yes, because now that they found Mike guilty, that starts a precedent, and now I fear they will come after more people, and that they are watching me.

10. Anything else you would like to add?
Suzy- Yes, we really need support now. This is serious shit!

Suzy happily munching on a hand. Special thanx to Suzy Morbid for this informative interview! This all shows that we are still the target for ignorant people who think we have no brains of our own to distinguish art from reality and that freedom is merely a word, there is no freedom of expression, just freedom of monitored expression…You be the judge!!
"INJUSTICE SYSTEM"-SICK OF IT ALL. The title of this songs rings so true!!!

When this interview was conducted
the last contact addresses
given to us were the following:

Suzy Morbid or Mike Diana
P O Box 5254, Largo, FL. 34649-5254 USA
Or write to Mike Diana's publisher, Mike Hunt at:
Mike Hunt Publishing- PO Box 226,
Bensenville, IL, 60106 USA