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Interview with Lisafire of Sugarpuss

by Lucifera Elena

1.Hey Lisafire, how are things going with Sugarpuss?
Things are going great for us! We are busy playing shows in Los Angeles right now, and are working on recording a new split 10” with T.F.M.U.

2. You guys have done a lot of promotion for Sugarpuss is this because of your new album, "Victim"? Tell us the concept behind your new album?
Yes, our new album Victim is finally out after 4 years of playing them live! There really is no concept behind the album. Its just a compliation of songs we have been performing since Sugarpuss started.

3. Have you been told that you look a bit like the girls from Kittie? Have you gotten any such comparison? How would you feel about being compared to a band like Kittie?
Looks wise I don’t think we look like Kittie, maybe just the fact that we are women makes people compare us to them. Music wise I can see people comparing us to them simply because of the “growling” vocals. In my opinion Kittie is alot heavier. We have more punk elements. I think its quite flattering though.

4. California seems to be a great place to start if you want to be recognized as a musician. Are all of you originally from California? What area?
Dora is the only one who is origainally from California, me and Pat are Military Brats, so we traveled a lot growing up!

5.How many tattoos do you have between all of you? I noticed you are tattoo lovers. Do you have plans to get more tattoos. Who's your favorite tattoo artist?
I have about 20 myself… Dora has a lot too… Pat has 1 hahah. I plan on finishing my sleeve on my left arm, and am planning a Nightmare Before Christmas sleeve on the right arm. Most of my work is done by Graham Chaffee. He works at Purple Panther Tattoos in Hollywood, CA. He’s a great artist who I have been going to for about 10 years!

6. Tell us what inspired the name Sugarpuss and what made you gals decide to form a band?
Me and Pat started jamming together in 1998 with some friends.. we wanted to get more serious so we added Dora. When Dora joined in 1999 we were called Maxi… they didn’t dig that much, so we decided to change our name. We wanted sugar in the name, and our old bassist loved cats.. so puss.

7. How would you describe your music to someone who hasn't heard it yet? And what bands would you say inspired your sound?
I would describe our music as aggressive punk, with a shot of metal. Our songs deal with love, anger, religion, and insanity.

8. Is "Pretty Pain" the bands favorite song? Or did you pick this because your fans loved it so much?
Out of all the lyrics I’ve written, “Pretty Pain” is my favorite. I can’t speak for the girls on that one. We don’t play it live anymore, but we notice that the fans like it a lot.

9. Are you committed to certain activities outside of the band? I noticed you did some benefit shows for the Coalition Against Police Brutality, Girl Empowerment Day and other charitable events.
Pat and Dora are activists, and they continue to go out to rallies and protests. All three of us are into animal, and human rights, and will do anything we can to help.

10. Do your lyrics focus on the personal or the political? What is "Take What You Want" about?
That song is written Dora (guitarist),it's about the challenges in life growing up, like not fitting in, not feeling like anyone understands, the suicide thoughts and the anger we build up inside. She's just trying to send the message out like, it's ok to feel all those feelings everyone goes though it, just do what you want, and not letting anyone else tell you other wise. (great advice-Lucifera)

11. You also have a label called Screamingbird Records. Tell us a little about the label. Is it a personal label for Sugarpuss or are you putting out other bands? If so, what other bands?
Screamingbird Records is owned and operated by myself and Shannon Prieto. We were in the process of looking for bands to sign, but instead of doing so… we recorded and put out the Sugarpuss album! We later signed our first band T.F.M.U back in September. You can check out their site at

12. How do you find time between Sugarpuss and your label?
Music is my life, and I will always have time for it! I am also in a Metal band called Deadmaker, and am temporarily filling in on bass for T.F.M.U.

13. There is a strong presence of women into metal in Los Angeles. Do you find that encouraging? Do you see a difference in the amount of women in the metal scene compared to when you started listening to metal?
Women? Where? Let’s hook up!!! I find there is more women in the mainstream metal. But locally I have yet to find them!

14. Do you know the girls from the band Snap-Her? What have you heard from them so far?
Yeah we are friends with Andi from Snap-Her, she is awesome, we played with them a couple of times. She is always trying to help us out to this day!

15. What are your goals for Sugarpuss?

16. Any last words?
Thanks Lucifera for the interview your zine rocks!!! Go get the new album “Victim” at! Watch out for DEADMAKER featuring Dani of T.F.M.U and Rene of N.M.E and yours truly!!!

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