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(a.k.a. BURNDOWN)
By Lucifera

1)Introduce yourselves.
Iím Louis, vocals.
Hello, Iím Jose I play guitar for Burndown.

2)Tell me how the band started.
Well the band started like what, 4 or 5 rears ago. The whole thing started whan I was like tired of playing grind core shit...I like punk and hardcore so I went out and got the guys finally got the whole band together started working on it. It took almost 3 years to ge the whole thing down, but weíre still working on it anyway.

3)Whatís your original line up right now?
Right now we have Steve for drums, Louis vocals, we got Benny guitar, me guitar and the pig, Nelson on bass, I canít say that shit pig, damm too late. (Xastur's comment-Very late)

4)What happened to your past members?
Well Axel quit, he was the singer of the band the original singer. Carlos left for the Marines, Alex got kicked out, we donít care. Um who else, oh yeah, Birdy cause he just sucked.

5)So how do you fee about your current line up?
Itís fine, ever since I asked Louis to join the band, everythingís been cool, I like the way he sings, his got some cool lyrics, cool stage presense, he got a lot of energy. Steve is cool we come a long way. Nelson I use to play with him before.

6)How would you descrive your musical style to someone whoís never heard your music before?
It revolves around the kind of music we listen to. Itís so hard to describe what kind of sound we play. I mean it's still hardcore, but either we play soft of heavy hardcore, or just like hardcore.

7)Have you finally decided on the name of the band, is it Burndown or is it Starve?
The reason why we changed the name was because, there are too many bands name that have the same sound. Like Crackdown, Loadown, Beatdown.... there's even a band in NJ called Burn it Down and shit. Starve was a last minute thing, Iím still not sure.

8)Tell me a little bit about your new demo, When is that gonna come out?
The new Demo is hopefully going to come out in December, hopefully by the end of 1997 or the begining of 98í. Its going to be a compilation with a lot of cool bands.

9)Are you still selling your first demo?
No, we gave it for free, we never sold it. All the songs on the first demo are all by Axel, except for like, Feel and Open your Eyes, those are Louis and Burndown.

10)I understand you write the songs now for Starve (to Louis).
Yeah, the artist formally known as Burndown.

11)Jose, tells me you help each other when it comes to writing the lyrics. What do you think about when you write your lyrics?
Jose writes all the music right, or most of it. And then they give it to me. And um, I listen to the music and then that's when everything comes up... I write to the music. So when music hits me and inspires me that's when I begin to write.

12)I want to know a little bit about a song Jose let me listen too. It's called if you were it I believe?
Yeah that's You. It was a funny song. It was a joke song that we had making fun of someone and um, we did it at the studio when we were recording. It was just one of those spontenous rhythm things that we will never do again.

13)Are you working on new material now?
Yeah, we always are. Right now we have everything pretty tight and we have a good set list of songs that we are using.

14)So how do you feel about playing live and in the studio, which do you prefer?
Live is fun, because you donít know what to expect. Itís like playing Russian Roullette, you know it's a roll of the dice when it's live. Itís good though because when it's good, it's really good and we have fun and people enjoy it. But when it's bad it kinda puts us in our place, se we wonít get any egos. It keeps us humble.

15)Do you consider your band part of a hardcore scene or part of the music scene?
Part of the hardcore scene, first and foremost cause that's the root of it all. We canít just combine ourselves just to hardcore though, weíre also part of the music scene as a whole.

16)Where have you played so far?
Weíve played 4 of the 5 boroughs. We havenít played Staten Island yet. We played Conneticut. Which was really good. We were very well received there. We wanna branch out to Jersey, we also want to do upstate.

17)So what bands would you like to play with, if you had the opportunities?
Weíve played with a lot of bands already that we respect. Weíve played with Awkward Thought, Malajusted, Truints, were playing today with Home 33. I would love to play with Astroland, theyíre this punk band with funny lyrics. If there's any band that I would really like to play with would be Maximum Penalty, theyíre a really good band...who else is good, Shivomato, those Japanese girls are cute.

18)My zineís main theme is females in the underground. Do you find that there are many females that come your shows, are there any bands that you respect.
Well there's this band called EVACUATE, they have a female bass player and guitarist and theyíre really, very good. It shouldnít be about male or female. It should be about people connecting with each other.

19)So what are your future plans for Starve?
I donít know. Just play shows, have fun. We would like to do a little tour thing.

20)What would you like to see differently in the hardcore scene?
Iíd really be nice if there were more acceptance to different types of styles and music. Everytime you do something different you get critized or you get called names, whatever. That's one thing I would like to see change. But it's not to bad, it could be worse.

21)Any Last words?
Iíd like to give a shoutout to Pan, Astroland, Posse Pongo, Maladjusted, Home 33, shoutout to my mother who gave birth to me...
Lucifera- Donít forget anybody now!
A shoutout to all our friends who supported us and came to our shows, you people at the zine, anybody who ever helped us out, ABC NoRio deserve a big shoutout.