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Sophie of Delirium Magazine

Interview with Sophie Diamantis (aka Lady Venus) of Delirium Magazine
By Lucifera

1. What inspired you to start Delirium Magazine, and why did you choose this name?
When I began working for a record label in 1989, I interned in the Press Dept. and handled hundreds of fanzines. The idea came shortly after and I asked a lot of editors for advice on how to start on my own, and so I networked with the underground zine scene and in 1992 I unleashed the premiere issue of Delirium. I chose the name because it is characteristic of my hectic and chaotic lifestyle. It also fits in what the many types of music I feature.

2.Your main focus is Vampirism. What is your definition of Vampirism? What else do you focus on in your mag.?
I focus on Vampirism in both non-fiction and fiction, but I feature many bands from various genres, interviews with book authors/ Vampire societies-fanclubs, book reviews, Vampire poetry. For me to define Vampirism is very hard for me to do within the scope of one question so all I an say is that Vampirism exists in our world but there are different types of Vampire classes as there are different religions. I strongly believe that drinking blood does not qualify as one being a Vampire and it irks me to no end when someone I meet with no supernatural powers claims he or she is Vampire because of that. I have met one or two psychic Vampires and feel that they are extremely dangerous. I do not feel that there are many undead Vampires lining in our world but they are out there in a small number. Some Vampires only go out at night but many Vampires work in the everyday human fold but are much more in their own once the sun sets. The act of drinking blood and giving blood is the ultimate definition of Vampirism in my opinion. There is nothing more sacred than blood.

3.Have you ever found that someone elseís definition of Vampirism was of complete contradiction to yours?
I have always come across people that I disagree with their views on Vampirism, but I have had other disagree with mine as well. Itís a catch 22.

4.How do you feel about the exposure of Vampires in books, movies, magazines, music, etcÖ There must be things you find both positive and negative about this.
So many things get overexposed these days and while there had been an influx of all sorts of Vampire related stuff thrust in the marketplace, you have to try to separate the junk and stick to the worthy stuff. Itís so hard to do myself, but to me itís worth taking the extra time and try to spend money on the things that give me great pleasure in having. Since I am a huge collector of Vampirophilia my collection has grown immensely over the years.

5.Endemoniada focuses on female performers and artists, can you name a few you find inspirational especially in the realm of Vampires?
I would say that Joan Jett, Kate Bush, Stevie Nicks, Lisa Gerrard, Loreena McKennitt, Enya, Sarah McLachlan, Gitane Demone, Diamanda Galas, Eva O and Nina Hagen have been quite an inspiration to me as performers. Femme Vampiresses I adore are Countess Bathory, Carmilla, Lamia, Kali, Lilith, and the gorgeous comic Vampirella.
These are just some off the top of my head. I am also heavily into all aspects of the goddess/ fertility cults from thousands of years to the present and am delving deeper and deeper into this realm. Books of witchcraft and demonology are also of great importance.

6.Do you think women in the music (underground) scene are getting the attention they deserve?
NO! Women have been getting a little bit more recognition than before but thatís because a minor percentage of the female population have woken to the bullshit of this culture and are coming into their own and speaking out and making changes. Itís as if the moon in all here glory is shining her light upon us and some are actually seeing and listening to her. Things have got to change.

7.Can you tell us who was the person who granted you the most interesting interview for Delirium Magazine?
I would have to say that the most interesting interview I have yet to do for DELIRIUM was with Raymond McNally. I adore, respect, and would love to be his pupil and gain some of the wisdom he possesses on the historical Vlad Tepes the Impaler. He is one grand man I am dying to meet in person.

Do you see any relation between Vampires and Satanists?
I see connections between Vampires and Satanism but I feel itís up to each individual to come to his/her own decision.

9.Are Anne Rice and Poppy z. Brite your favorite writers? What are the most alluring aspects of these two individuals form of writing?
Anne Rice and Poppy Z. Brite are definitely two of my favorite Vampire fiction writers. Of the two Anne Rice is my favorite. Everything she writes has such as special connection to me and she can bring her characters to life before your eyes. I adore her ability to be so descriptive and to be able to give such depth and passion to her characters in all her works. Poppy on the other hand is more of a horror/erotic writer than a Vampire fiction author. I feel she is just beginning to tap into her creative genius and feel she will explode in some years. I feel she is just beginning to tap into her creative genius and feel she will explode in some years. She is the type of writer that knows how to bring you to a climatic moment the way she wants you to feel it. Her words are moving and her erotic flare leave the reader quite satisfied.

10.You mentioned something about writing you own book. Could you tell us a little about itís content and when we can expect to see it?
Aside from working at the record label full-time, doing the DELIRIUM and trying to have a little bit of a personal life in between it all, Iím working on a Vampire novel. It will take some years before I actually finish it because I have a lot of research to do in various parts of Europe. Hence, it will not be the typical Stokerish Vampire books so many authors are feeding the masses. Theyíre rehashing the old tales. I will be adding a lot more to my story outside the Vampire fold, but very powerful nonetheless. Maybe I can have it out in about 5 years. Weíll see how things go.

11.Any last blood lusting words?
I would love to give you my darkest blessing dear Lucifera for doing this interview with me. I wish you and the zine much success. May the dark of the night take you wherever you want to go. All the best.