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By Lucifera

Snap-Her are an all female punk trio from Los Angeles, CA that are making a big impact with some songs like I Hate Christmas, Conformist Cunt, Penile Implant, and Fuck Earth Day. They even have a song called You’re So Lame about “the status quo of femininity”.

Snap-Her is also well known for being the back-up band for the notorious Nina Hagen. Their music is best described as good old fashioned punk rock with a twist of 80's NewWave. These bondage wearing, mohawk haired women have a nice discography to be checked out by any punk music lover.

Their discography ... Name Brand Society (Triple X) 7" 1995 We’re Snap-Her & You’re Fucked, (Real George Records) 7" 1995 It Smells, It Burns, It Stings, CD (New Red Archives) 1996 Snap-Her, Criminal Mind (ROTO)7" 1996 Snap-Her , Pick Your Poison, Damaged Goods 7" 1996 and a few compilations here and there. Their shows are known for having there stagehand Eyeball toss bloody tampons into the crowd as well as decorating the mics with the same. (I’m really picturing Thrust here, but with some clothes on).

Andrea Beltramo of ex-Creamers is best known as Andi and she spells her name using the “A” in Anarchy, she’s the vocalist/guitarist and has and interesting story of her own. Besides anger one of the reasons Andi plays punk rock because “Sometimes we get harassed while we are on stage by all the turbo testosterone types in San Diego and Orange County. They won’t admit it, but they believe that women should be pregnant, barefoot and in the kitchen. Those types of men are just intimidated by the fact that a girl can play guitar and sing proficiently and with confidence. And yes, that kind of opposition fulls my desire.”

Andi is a part-time bondage model, makes clothes and she’s a dominatrix at PANDOMANIA. So, obviously, she’s into all kinds of bondage wear form latex to vinyl. At a younger age she enjoyed dressing up her brother as a woman and humiliating him and since then she has found pleasure in humiliating men.

There’s a revolution of punk rock women out there make sure you have your eyes open or you’ll end up trampled, tied, and whipped and if you come across Snap-Her who knows what will happen to you.

For more information on Snap-Her write to : Triple X Records or Snap-Her themselves look for their address in the next few pages.