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Written by Blacky
SlangGirl band picture

For our first zine, we chose Slang Girl. This four member band originally from Syracuse, now residing in New Jersey, has a lot to offer. They are one of the best bands I've heard in a long time.

The band members are Steve, Matt, Mark, and Sue. I asked them if they were signed on any labels. Sue said that with the help of a rep from IMAGO Records they are going to release a 7". They've gotten some interest from TVT, Roadrunner, and Sandbox Records.

Although there seems to be no signings yet, they will be featured in a compilation CD called "Noize From The Factory" being released by Buzz Factory Records.

Some of the bands biggest influences are MASTER OF REALITY, HELMET, FUGAZI, WHITE ZOMBIE, HENRY ROLLINS and the list goes on. I, unfortunately, have not been able to see the band play, but I highly recommend buying their demo and catching one of their shows. By the way Sue Karlik has her own 'zine too.

( This was written a long time ago. The band has since changed their name to Superthrive and have since then played at The Batcave and Continental in NYC- Lucifera.)