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Kimberly Goss of Sinergy

Interview by Lucifera

SINERGY 1. How do you feel about your current release To Hell And Back?
I feel great about it! It's much heavier, my vocals are more powerful, and this new line-up kills! The reviews in Europe, Japan and South America have been really great so far!

2. What was the inspiration for this album? Was it more of a personal focus for you?
Very personal. The 1st album was more based on fictional subjects, where as the new album is almost like an autobiography of my life. Okay, there are 2 fictional lyrics on this album (tracks 5 and 7), but mostly this album deals with experiences I've had or feelings I've wanted to express throughout my whole life.

3. In Beware the Heavens Xena was a prevailing figure in your songs, are you a great fan of the series? What is it that makes you enjoy that series so much and the character played by Lucy Lawless?
I'm XENA's #1 FAN! You should see our (me and Alexi's) apartment! It's The XENA hall of worship :). I'm glad that finally someone realizes that I only sang about her, cuz I'm a fan. That's all. Some people thought I was really serious, like I wanted to become some fucking warrior princess or some stupid shit! Come on people! SINERGY is a fun band, this is fun song, so it has fun lyrics!!! FUN! I love Lucy Lawless, cuz she's a tough and beautiful ass-kickin' female!

4. Because of your move from Sweden to Finland, you and Laiho had to get a new line-up. Why such a change? How difficult was the task of finding new members? And did you leave the other members on a good note?
It only took a month to find the new line-up, but you can believe that it was the longest and most depressing month of my life. Finally, we got the most talented musicians from Finland to join the band! Here in Finland this line-up is really a huge success, because all these new guys are legends here! We DID leave on a good (GREAT) note with Jesper and Sharlee! They'll tell you the same, I promise.

5.What is your experience of the music scene as a female musician? Do you feel you are respected? Do you feel you are treated differently? If so, in what way?
It really goes both ways. I find that some people respect me even more because I'm a very young woman who has worked so hard and achieved so much in this male-dominated industry. On the other hand, many people on the "business" side of it found it weird to deal with a woman ("what could a woman possibly know about the metal music business?"). I'm the leader of the band and I handle EVERYTHING (interviews, tour negotiations, recording schedules, video shoots, photo shoots, rehearsals, contracts, etc.). I make all of this happen, I think maybe some men in this business are not use to seeing this from a woman. I get great support from all the fans though, and those are the only people who matter to me.

6. I have been seeing more and more women rise into the underground metal scene. Do you see any progress and changes? Is there still anything within the metal music scene you wish to see changed?
Yes, more women than ever before in the metal scene now, BUT...In reality it's still only a handful of women. Even if you can name 20 women who have become something in this scene, you have to remember to compare that to 20,000 men who have achieved success in this business. I'd like to see more women give it a shot and don't worry about being different. "Different" is much more interesting! Look at me, I went from being known as a black metal keyboardist in Europe, to a heavy metal vocalist worldwide! We have toured Japan, Europe, and this year we'll go to Mexico and back to Japan and Europe (also some other interesting places across the globe). Go for it!

7. By any chance will your next album have he world "purgatory" in it? lol Do you have an interest in the occult? What is the most interesting aspect of the occult for you?
HA-ha! :) No, I don't think so. I'm interested in just about everything. I went through my "occult phase" when I was younger. I read a lot about it (among other subjects). Nowadays I have almost no time to read, but just before all this success with SINERGY happened I was reading a lot about paganism. It's a really interesting subject for me.

SINERGY 2000 8."Bitch is Back" is the first song on the album, where you making an announcement, or a statement by putting that one first? What is the story behind that song for you?
Nuclear Blast (Germany) were the ones who wanted to put the song first. We originally planned to have it as track 5. No real statement here. It's a song about a real-life female serial killer, BUT.... I added a little twist. It's more about ME stepping into her shoes and seeing what it would be like to go on a killing spree. I think we all have a few people we'd like to see die. This song is dedicated to them!

9.Any plans to tour Europe or the USA?
We'll do our next euro-tour from October 5th-November 9th. NIGHTWISH, SINERGY, ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW. Last week of november we'll go to Mexico, and Beginning of next year back to Japan. We want to tour the USA, but so far no one has offered.

10. Tell us a little about the new members of your band? What kind of backgrounds do they have and what are they like?
Roope Latvala (lead and rhythm guitars): use to play in a thrash band called STONE in the 80's. Currently also plays in a band called WALTARI. Marco Hietala (bass and backing vocals): Oldest guy in the band (34), He's been a legend in the Finnish metal scene. He also plays in a band called TAROT. Tommi Lillman (drums): coolest guy ever! Bad ass drummer! Also plays in a band called TO/DIE/FOR.

11. What kind of hobbies do you pursue when you are not working on Sinergy? Do you work on other musical projects?
PLAYSTATION is my favorite hobby. Me and Alexi are always having playstation battles at home (we live together in case you didn't know). I've done some "guest vocals" on a few albums lately (TO/DIE/FOR/, ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW, and WARMEN). WARMEN is the solo project of the keyboardist from CHILDREN OF BODOM. I'll play a gig with them tonight actually(Aug.5th,2000).

12. How did you start singing? When did you decide you would be a singer? How did you discover your talent?
My whole family is made up of singers. My mother was a jazz singer, and my grandmother was an opera singer. I use to sing in school musicals when I was growing up. I always got the lead role. It's my destiny.

13. Is there anything you would have done different when you started out your adventure as the singer of Sinergy?
No Way!

14. What are you future plans for Sinergy?
Conquer the world with our killer live shows, write 3rd album, record 3rd album, release 3rd album, etc.

15. Any last words for the Endemoniada readers?
Harass your local promoters to bring us to a city near you! :)