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Seventh Harmonic

Interview by Lucifera Elena

1. The name of your band goes beautifully with the music, how did you come up with the idea to call your band Seventh Harmonic? What does this mean to you?
Interestingly, it was more of a putting together of two different concepts initially - the number 'seven' is a potent and powerful number we see represented in the colours of the spectrum, the days of the week and their planets and archangels, the notes of the musical octave...whilst 'harmonic', as well as referring once more to music, refers to fractals of maths and physics, as well as being a very aesthetically beautiful word implying peace. I had no idea it actually meant something when I put the two concepts together, but I have since discovered that the term 'seventh harmonic' has vast significance in music and astronomy especially, far more than I can attempt to summarise here...

2. Tell us when you started this musical project?
Autumn 1999 was when our initial line-up crystallized with our first singer Fionna, myself and Eilish - we released 'The Awakening' 6 months later.

3. Do you enjoy the comparison to Dead Can Dance? Do you feel limited because of the label?
I feel incredibly flattered to be compared to such an unbelievable band, really! In some ways it would be impossible to feel limited to a comparison to a band who managed to incorporate such a vast amount of influences in their output, from mediaeval to ethnic - what especially inspires me about DCD is this embracing of so many influences, the will to go further and beyond whatever unimaginable realms they were creating at the time.

4. Tell us a little about your works "The Awakening" and "The Ascent"? Any other releases readers should be aware of?
'The Awakening' was our first CD with 6 tracks, which I recorded at home on an 8 track. As Fionna is a very ethereal vocalist, this CD reflects that wistful gentleness, and I'm still extremely happy at how well it captures the spirit in which the band was begun. 'The Ascent' was our first full length album with Amandine, who is a very different vocalist, extremely dynamic and passionate. I basically wanted to put as many different sounding tracks on there as I could, so it veers from dark ambient/neo-classical, to darkwave electronica, to Gregorian chants, to acoustic balladry, to seering symphonics, to instrumental drum'n'bass rhythms with Eastern get the picture! As if that wasn't enough, we had John from industrial techno metal outfit Interlock co-producing it with me, who managed to make it sound like each song actually came from the same album...! As for other CDs, we actually have done a CD with Interlock, where they remixed 3 tracks from 'The Awakening' in their unique style, with bonus tracks from both bands. There is also the first album I did before forming a band, 'Adumbrations', which is all instrumental.

5. What are you currently working on?
As both aforementioned vocalists left to join boyfriends in foreign lands, we now have the vocal talents of our dulcimer player Kate, whose versatile voice complements perfectly the more Eastern influenced direction we are heading towards (it also helps that she studied Arabic!) We are working on two tracks for the forthcoming compilation by UK industrial label Wasp Factory, entitled 'Working With Children and Animals Vol II' which should be released in April, and will demonstrate our latest progression!

6. Have you done any live shows?
Quite a few, mostly where we're based in London, UK; but we're on the eve of playing Eurorock Indoors festival in Belgium, which we are greatly looking forward to as we have received so much interest from overseas.

7. What bands would you look forward to playing live with?
Hmmm. Well, I guess Lisa Gerrard or Brendan Perry would be the ultimate achievement, but at the moment the band I'd be most honoured to support are Faith and the Muse.

8. What are your musical influences and what influences your lyrics?
Influences are varied - DCD are the obvious ones, and Lycia particularly influenced me when creating 'The Awakening', but now I try to listen to a broad range of styles as sometimes even a word, a beat, a chord progression, or an effect in a song from a genre I'd never usually listen to can provide the germ of an idea. To be honest, most of my inspiration comes from beautiful places, and memories. Kate's musical influences are pretty similar to mine, though she has more 'knowledge' of genres including Eastern music; and Eilish likes all sorts of music, from classical to metal, though I think most people have picked up on a predominantly Celtic style to her violin playing. As for lyrics, we've now had them written by five people! - all three singers plus myself, and one track, 'Transformation', by guest vocalist Paul (ex Cries of Tammuz), who we'll hopefully work with again. In that respect, it's hard to summarise, though they are on the whole emotional and evocative. They're all up on the website...

9. Endemoniada's theme is women of the underground music scene. Please tell us if you see a rise of women in the underground music scene and what your feelings are towards this?
Yes, I do see more women in bands, and I think it's fantastic! What would be even better would be to see more female drummers, or bands where women are writing the entire song, for example. The fact that we are an all girl band is rarely referred to, which I also take as a very good sign that it's not such a novelty anymore; though we do still get the odd assumption that someone else (ie: a male) writes the music/backing track we use when we play live, which makes my blood boil...

10. What are your goals for Seventh Harmonic?
To be able to play as many gigs overseas as possible, and to send as many people into beautiful worlds when they hear us as we can... :-)

11. Tell us a little about the members and your musical training?
Actually, though I am the songwriter and play drums, bass, guitar and keyboards, I have no musical training at all! I taught myself everything, complete with bad habits. Kate and Eilish, however, are both classically trained on several instruments, and possess an incredible musical knowledge.

12. Any last words?
Thanks for the interview, thanks for listening, and you can find out more on our website
- we love hearing from people, so drop us a line if you so desire!