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Interview by Lucifera

Here’s a band from Mexico that sparked my interest. They are self-described as "Satanist Metal, arising from the darkest depths of the inferno…which represents the ways toward the philosophy of the diabolical empire."

Their music is raw and devilish indeed. They have been around since 1986 and their latest CD is called THE ENLIGHTMENT which includes a cover of Possessed’s SATAN’S CURSE and they are currently being distributed by Conquistador Records and Wild Rags. Want to know more? Well, here it is…

1.Why did you choose the name Sargatanas?
Sargatanas represents 100% our ideology and philosophy, knowledge, wisdom and it goes with our message.

2.Do you have any new merchandise available?
Well, I wouldn’t call it merchandise, I would call it material or creations. Yes, we have a demo in Mini CD format released on Wild Rags and very soon will be released our CD/LP The Enlightment under NAGZUL’S EYRIE PRODUCTIONS from Germany, which will also be available vinyl with nine tracks on a limited edition of 100 copies. The CD/LP will contain twelve tracks and we also have t-shirts.

3.What is your personal definition of Satanism?
There is a lot of people that ask us this, I consider that everybody can have a personal definition about Satanism, as other things else. For good (for example-L) look, we belong to countries with liberty of expression. Personally, the Satanism marks one great power, wisdom and knowledge, as success and winning, there is no limit for me to explain. What form me means Satanism; glory, conquests, victory, dominion, obscurity, etc. But the important of all of this is not what I mean, but in which way it will modify and increase your destiny.

4.Do you play live in Mexico and could you describe the current scene in Mexico?
Sure, until the moment there are fourteen concerts that we have in and out of the city and other states of Mexico. And believe me, each day becomes more brutal and bestial. And the more concerts we play the more we are enjoying this. 1998 will be very tired with concerts. We have played 2 mini-tours in the country, a festival of Black Metal in Mexico City and a mini tour in Central America. AS we see, will play what we have played in our existence in one year.

5.What bands from Mexico, other than yourselves, do you enjoy?
Well, in Mexico there is very good bands, like: SHUB NIGGURATH, TORMENT, ESCULUM, FUNERAL MOON, AUZHIA, AZGENTUM, etc… We are good friends with some of them, we have played together on stage.

6. What else inspires you lyrics aside from Satanism?
I don’t know, that’s a hard question. Once my existence is relate in the music 100%, I answer probably ancestral books, documents, etc..

7.What future plans do Sargatanas have?
For the moment we are still waiting for the release of our CD The Enlightment (already available through Conquistador Records). And to tour again in our country, and probably visit others very soon. Now we are working new songs to start recording to release a new MCD, but with another label, because NAZUL’S EYRIE PRODUCTIONS has delayed too much on the release of The Enlightment.

8. What is it like to be a Satanist in Mexico?
Sometimes it’s very hard with so much fanaticism, even the different religions that still predominate in Mexico. Although this changes little by little, but they still see you as a stranger as you walk through the streets. When you are wearing a pentagram or Baphomet you are seen from your feet to your head (ah a prudish gesture we get here in America –the ‘you are filth and I am holy’ look –I understand exactly what you are talking about-Lucifera). Like some different being for dressing in black and having long hair but all the other people don’t say anything about Satanism because they have no reason to know about the doctrine.

9.Any last devilish words?
Sathanx for the support to spread on your zine Endemoniada. All of those dark creatures who wish to have contact with us whatever to be, for our message (music stuff) or to exchange opinions or to comment will be welcomed.
Satan will return Forever!!!