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Interview by Lucifera

Samael, an excellent band from Switzerland whose music can be described as Black / Death metal. They were formed in 1987 by brothers Vorphalack and Xytras. Their goal is to express their ideas on the subject of religion through dark and gloom inspired music. The name SAMAEL is derived from a myth in which Lilith (demoness, succubus, Adam's first wife) takes Samael (demon, incubus) as her partner after being vanished from the Garden of Eden.

The band members:
Vorphalack- Voice/ Guitar
Masmiseim- Bass
Rodolphe- Keyboards/ Samples

1. Tell us how you feel about your release CEREMONY OF OPPOSITES in comparison to your older musical endevours?
Very good. Our album Ceremony of Opposites, is definitely how we wanted it to sound. We don't spit on our old stuff, but we like to continue the same path as Ceremony.

2. What would you say makes SAMAEL so intriguing and great to listen to?
It maybe easier for you to answer this question. We do play what we feel.

3. Would you elaborate on your lyrics to Til We Meet Again? And tell us where you get the inspiration for your lyrics?
We speak (our lyrics) about Death, how we see it. Subjects like Sickness, Birth, Earth, Glory, and Pleasure. We take it on our way, and I do not think we are alone seeing it these ways.

4. You have stated in various fanzine that your Satan is different to everyone elses', so then what is Satan to you?
For all people into it, Satan is different because we are different. If you feel this way, then you should have a choice on what to follow.

5. What is your opinion on The Church of Satan and it's views compared to those of the underground black metal scene?
This is one of them, probably better than the 'official' ones, but still a Church. I don't feel to need any one of them, even the 'Church of Satan', everyone is free to join what they want. There are many intersting bibles where you can find your same point of view.

6. Who would you most like to tour with here in the USA and could you describe a SAMAEL show live for us?
We will play with CANNIBAL CORPSE and GRAVE, October (1994) on the East Coast and hope that next year we can return to cover the next part. To describe Samael show, come and see!!

7. As time goes by do you find it difficult to expand your musical talents, do you feel at all limited to what listeners may expect?
Until now, we are only limited on capacity to play. But I don't think we will play any different just because of the people listening to our music.

8. What do you think of females in band and which would you recommend? Also what do you find is a woman's best quality? Worst quality?
I love DIAMANDA GALAS, she's the best! As for qualities? I'm not up to making that difference for that with Female/ Male. So just RESPECT. There really is no bet quality for me, either couple or nothing. AS for worst? Stupidity in a large sense.

9. Does the band feel more complete with Rudolphe on keyboards?
Yes, of course! And now we cant imagine doing shows without him.

10. Any last words?
Thanks for all! See you on tour. Come down. Never change your way!

The infamous Samael