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Robin Mazen of Impure

By Lucifera

This is an interview with Robin Mazen, ex- member of Demonomacy. She is also jamming with a band named Coprophagia. And now that I have unleashed this information to you, let us begin.

1. What made you decide to do this new project? And why did you leave Demonomacy?
Robin-The reason I joined Impure was because they were friends and they needed a bassist. As far as Demonomacy goes, it was just a lot of bs.

2. How many songs have Impure come up with so far?
Robin- Impure has 7 songs. Hopefully, we will write some more soon.

3. Is Impure your solo project? Who are the other members?
Robin- No, Impure is not my solo- project. The other members are Audra -vocals, Gus- guitar, Hector- guitar, Chris- drums and me on bass.

4.What are your main influences?
Robin- My main influence is LIFE. The every day anger, sorrow, loss, even happiness! Moods influence me, even people indirectly influence me, mainly in the way they re-act to me or how I re-act to them.

5.Do you think female underground bands get less coverage than male bands?
Robin- In a way yes. The male bands are taken more seriously. If you're a female people generally don't even think you can actually play! Therefore, acting like it is some kind of joke.

6.Do you receive more support from girls or from guys?
Robin- It's equal. There are more guys that are into the scene though. So, it averages out to about the same. It's weird also, because some girls are very cool an fully support you but others, it's like they don't even want to speak to you. It differs between guys also. Some guys think it's cool and others think it's a joke.

7.By when will Impure's demo be ready?
Robin- We have just switched warehouses so hopefully, we will have a tape available soon.

8.Any advice for our readers?
Robin- Support the scene. Stay sick and true always!