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Rayshele Teige

Interview with Rayshele of
Century Media’s Public Relations Dept.

By Lucifera

1.Tell us a little about yourself and your position at CENTURY MEDIA.
Hello, I’m Rayshele. I have worked here over 4 years. I started as an intern, then worked my way up…I did mailroom, warehouse, reception, runner, assistant to publicity and finally Publicist! I’m also in charge of creating and placing all US advertisement, as well as handling the manufacturing of merchandise.

2.Is your job like a regular 9-5 job? Do you think you are satisfied not getting some lame job or do you find, at times, that it is like any other?
The hours are set 9-5 but never there is a day that happens. Usually we’re here ‘til 7pm or so, the paper work never stops. Am I satisfied not working a lame job? Of course! This type of job is as cool as anyone would imagine, but you have to keep up.

3.How did you become involved with Century Media?
A friend that I would go to gigs with told me that CMR need volunteer workers in trade for shirts, CDs, tickets. I had just been approved for unemployment checks from a previous job and wanted to ride that out. I figured I had nothing to loose by keeping busy working at a cool (at a time) death metal label. It was so cool that I would practically show up every day. The publicist at the time told me that the more I was willing to learn the more valuable I’d be when a position were to become available. The rest is history…

4.Are there bands you find are better to work with than others? Are there any you are more enthusiastic about promoting?
Actually, in the last year I have gotten to work only the heavier, darker bands because we today have three publicists – Marco Barbieri, and Ula Geheret. My strength and knowledge is in doom, death, black, so it works out better considering the other departments, I need to take care of on occasion. When CMR did the transition of exploring other types of extreme music, I did try to work those other bands, but it was very difficult, and I felt fake. I hated if and everyone could tell. So instead of firing me, we al compromised!

5.Do you see a rise or fall in the status of underground music?
Of course I see black metal rising incredibly. Sure it will eventually calm down like death metal did, but no type of music dies really…There will always be underground music for us underground fanatics. Please know that in Europe, all over, all extreme metal is huge! So it is a bit frustrating here in the States seeming like it’s a struggle to become more acceptable.

6.Is there anything about the music scene that angers you?
Hmm, that would be the industry. Ya, I work as a part of this industry, but that makes it even more blatant to see how fucked up it is. You’d just have to experience it to actually understand what I’m talking about.

7.Do you go to many shows and what do you enjoy most about them?
Living in LA we have lots of shows. Not only popular ones like regular towns. I go to backyard gigs with local bands playing (which happen every weekend). We all hang out and talk shit, pass out flyers to the next gig, socialize. It’s a good thing.

8.Here’s the dreaded question, do you see any progress with women in death/ black metal or hardcore bands? Can you mention any impressive or memorable ones?
Check this out…I am currently working on releasing a CD featuring females in the extreme music (due for release by Jan. 1997 though DWELL RECORDS). I gathered up thirteen of the heaviest bands with prominent females. Everything looked cool until I had plenty of CD time for a few more bands. The additional ones I found were not up to par with my standards so I did become frustrated that there are not way more women in this business of playing extreme music. With the eventual release of this CD, I hope to inspire more girls to throw down with their talent. Bands with females playing I dig are:

(Most of them are featured on the album she spoke about called AWAKENING.-Lucifera)

9.Do you have any interests in the occult, or recommend any reading material or favorite movies?
I would be interested in learning a bit about Wicca, but it’s not realistic for me as I have two places (work and home) to take care of. But if ever the opportunity becomes available, that is what I’d like to know more about.

10. What advice can you give new bands out there trying to make it?
It starts with if your band material is good or not. So first step is to really consider peoples (friends and strangers) remarks and opinions. Next to ask yourself what you want out of this whole music playing thing. If it is to be signed and backed financially, release consistent albums, tour the world, then I’d say work hella hard and hand in there all the way…because some bands jam together for 10 years and finally make it big, anything can happen. Try to present yourself as professional as possible, and do lots of socializing. With the support of fans and knowing the right people, things should work out naturally.

11.Any last devilish words?
Thanks to you for this questionnaire (not too devilish I’m afraid!).

Rayshele is currently working with Osmose after a fall out with Century Media.