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Dawn of Rain Fell Within
Interview By Lucifera

1. How did the members of Rain Fell Within meet? Why did you choose this name for the band?
Actually, I met Kevin in 1996 when we both worked at MJ Designs. We found out that we both liked the same type of music, and had the same idea of what type of band we’d like to form: Metal with female vocals and keyboards. I asked my friend Sardonios to play drums, and Charlie and Will were both friends of Kevin’s. But more recently, we have replaced the drummer with a new one, Tim, who I met through my best friend Carina. Will has also left and we are currently auditioning new guitarists.

2. Have you been contacted by any label about your band yet?
We are talking to a few labels. We plan on recording a mini CD some time next month to send out to more labels and zines as we want to check out all of our options.

3. Did you tour Maryland and Washington DC? If so, what was the audience’s reaction?
We’ve toured Maryland, Northern Virginia, and DC, including the Maryland Death/Doom fest. We have had excellent responses from our audience. Except one time we opened for a Goth band, and although 90% of the people were there to see us, the 10% of little Goth geeks couldn’t handle the distorted guitars…I think it made their ears bleed.

4. Do you feel that your style of music is better suited for recording than for live performance?
Not at all!!! Everyone that has heard our demo and then seen us play has said that they absolutely love the live show! That the emotion is 100 times greater live.

5. What bands does each member enjoy listening to?
I personally listen to everything from classical to pop to melodic metal. I like Theater of Tragedy, My Dying Bride, The Third and The Mortal, The Gathering, etc. Charlie Kevin and Tim also like these bands, but more specifically: Kevin likes all forms of metal, new age, darkwave, jazz, classical, rock, dance, 80’s pop. Tim likes all forms of metal, classic rock, modern rock, industrial. Charlie likes all metal, new age, rock, fusion. It’s hard for me to name specific bands for the three of them.

6. Do you play any instruments besides the keyboards and are you self-taught?
Nope…all I do is keyboards and vocals. I took classical lessons for about 4 years in keys, but I never got along with any of my teachers so I decided to just do it on my own. I’ve been singing since I was three.

7. Do you see a rise of female performers in metal, especially in atmospheric metal?
It seems to be getting more popular. You see a lot of bands popping up with female vocals. But most are backed up with male vocals too.

8. Can you tell us of any female influences?
My influences as far as female singers would be Sarah McLachlan, Kari and Anne Marie from the Third and The Mortal , and Anneke form The Gathering.

9. What other hobbies do you enjoy?
Other than my music there isn’t much else I live for…except I am a freelance photographer which is another passion of mine. Unfortunately, with work, school, Rain Fell Within, and 2 other bands I am working with, I do not always have the time to devote to photography.

10. Are there a lot of fiendz in Virginia that suppport Rain Fell Within?
We definitely have a following. We also receive a lot of support from other local bands in this area.. a couple you should check out are Witch-Hunt, Garden of Shadows, Forty Days Longing, As The Sea Parts, and Arise From Thorns.

11. Have you had any negative experiences while playing live or any funny moments?
Well, there’s that goth show I mentioned earlier, and then there was one time my keyboard kept almost falling off my stand ad some friends in the audience had to keep jumping up on stage to push it back up so I could continue playing!

12. What are your goals for Rain Fell Within?
Next month we are recording a mini-CD to send out to more labels. And in the future we will be recording a full length album whether through a label or self-funded. Most of all we all dream of touring Europe!

13. Any merchandise my readers may obtain?
We have a limited number of demos left, but when the mini CD is done it can be purchased by sending a check or money order made out to Charles Gore to: PO Box 222713 Chantilly, VA 20153 USA or contact Dawn her email address: