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Penis Flytrap

Interview by Lucifera Elena

Penis Flytrap is a ghoulish vision of four fiends that have "lived and loved the genre of fear, the medium for mass Horrors, long before they picked up any instrument". The band members are Dinah Cancer, Lucifer Fulci, Elvorian Von Spivey and Hal Satan. Their music is a fun and wacky type of horror punk rock.

"From the first compilations such as "For Lucio Fulci:Symphony of Fear" and the debut CD "Tales of Terror" to the films of fear such as "The Dead Hate the Living" and "Gorehounds"... and onto the future with "Cemetery Girl" and the new full length CD, "Dismemberment" and tour in July-August of 2001, PFT intend to paint the towns RED. "

When was Penis Flytrap created? How did you ghouls meet?
~~Elvorian, Hal and I were all friends from another band called Mi Diablo. When we all met Dinah we saw that we should work together for the bettering of Horror. It was 1994.

What scene has accepted you more readily..goth or punk? How would you describe your music to someone who hasn't heard your music?
~~We have been accepted by the fans of both genres of music, but generally our fans are fans of Horror and Splatter films and books, etc. I would call our music "Music for Monsters".

Tell us a little about each band member and their hobbies aside from Penis Flytrap?
~~I write and direct films, written a couple of books, the new one is called SIKI CITY and it is a story of GORE. My new documentary of the Genre of Horror is called BEHIND THE WALLS OF GORE. I also put on an event with the help of Elvorian called SPLATTERPALOOZA, a convention for TRUE fans of the Horror Genre.

You must have a lot of fun putting music together for the band. What kind of feelings do you get when all of you jam together?
~~I feel like I am gonna vomit, usually.

Describe one of your live shows to us? What bands would you like to play live with?
~~GWAR is WAY cool. The Graveyard Farmers and The Deep Eynde are very nice ghouls, fun bands too. I loved playing with RAW POWER and Mike Watt, too. GREAT bass player.

What are your musical influences?
~~ Mine come from various elements of Horror and Heavy or Spooky music. My old private teacher played in Flotsam and Jetsam and PRONG, my college music teacher played blues and jazz and I taught myself alot about Spook Music, like GOBLIN..GOBLIN rules.

Since the theme of my zine is women of the underground music scene. Please tell us if you see a rise of women in the underground music scene and your feelings towards that?
~~Scary Women rule.

What other projects/ material do you have that my readers should be aware of?
~~Hal Satan also plays in THE DEEP EYNDE, while I have something called "DEMONS"-inspired by the Lamberto Bava film-which is a Gathering of Horror based artists in a musical arena. It used to just be called WORMFOOD, after my company name, but I thought that something like "Lucifer Fulci's Demons" would better express the grouping of such Morbid Minds. There will be a CD available from DEMONS as soon as DISMEMBERMENT, By Penis Flytrap is all said and done...First things First...For the record, the music of DEMONS is kinda like Celtic Frost and Vio-Lence meets Goblin. -l- Horror fans can also check out my magazine called Ultra Violent ( ) or info on my films at

Would you consider yourselves heretics, satanists, pagan or what?
~~Is Pagan anything Other than Christian?

What sinister goals do you have in mind for Penis Flytrap?
~~Dead World domination.

any spooky last words?
~~When there is no more room in hell the dead will walk the earth.
contact Penis Flytrap at:
or write to: Bloody Daggre Records
716 1/2 N. Fuller Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046