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(Information about Endemoniada and
the Endemoniada Crew)


Endemoniada 'zine is/was dedicated to giving exposure to female bands and artists of the metal, hardcore, punk, industrial, gothic, and bizarre genre. Women in the scene arenít our only focus we balance our zine with interview of male oriented bands and other underground personalities.

We seek to balance the gender role within our musical scene. For a long time females performers, bands and artists of this music were barely covered and we decided to do something about it.

BACKGROUND/HISTORY: Endemoniada, the fanzine, was born in XXVIII Anno Satanas (at the end of 1993). Its creator is Lucifera, whose vision of the 'zine came through the flames of a candle. Lucifera used to correspond with Baron Abaddon of the infamous band Black Funeral. He told her the necessary basics to bring about Endemoniada. With these nagging visions Lucifera took her enthusiasm to Blacky and her sisters, Xastur and Jeda, Blacky agreed to become the Co-Editrix of this soon-to-be-born madness. The first issue was a total of 4 pages with one interview but it seemed to work.

Lucifera was already aware of Satana's beautiful artistic talent and asked her to do all the covers of future Endemoniada 'zines. Lucifera also recruited the help of Vulgardemon for music reviews, since listening to music is definitely his passion. And with this, Endemoniada was on its way to an unsuspecting public of equally enthusiastic fiendz.

The name Endemoniada comes from a song by Fields of The Nephilim, a Spanish term which translates to English as "possessed woman". We decided our focus would be female oriented bands and artists who were usually cast aside in most magazines of the extreme scene. We did this without excluding male bands thus giving the 'zine a strange balance. Aside from that, we are also quite dedicated to the Left Hand Path which was reflected strongly within the pages of Endemoniada's fanzines.

The Original Staff of Endemoniada were:
Editor/Publisher/Promoter: Lucifera Elena
Satana DBG-cover artist/ writer
Vulgardemon for music reviews/ writer.
Writers and Promoters: Blacky, Jeda, and Xastur (Da 3 Witches).
Promotional material, stickes and t-shirts: Bones
Along with the help of many contributors.
Currently, Endemoniada is being run by Lucifera Elena
and those readers who continue to contribute.

Other Projects: Endemoniada did not stop with its fanzines. When an all-male black metal group by the name of Mastema came into the picture, Lucifera was asked to book them. And so she did, thanx to Tiniebla (aka Scorpio), lead singer of Mastema and his encouragement. Lucifera found booking to be fun, she involved the rest of Endemoniada and booked several shows in the New York area, which took place at The Spiral in NYC, Sanctuary in Queens, The Bank in NYC, and at The Batcave (Downtime) in NYC. The bands that we booked were MASTEMA, FALLEN CHRIST, ASPHYXIATION, ABYSMAL MALEVOLENCE, HELLBOUND, ABAZAGORATH, CAPHERNAUM, BLOODFALL, EVOKEN, BURNDOWN, VRYKOLAKAS, MALICIOUS ONSLAUGHT, CEREMONIUM, DIVINE SILENCE, IMMORTAL SUFFERING, BLACKOUT, HEADTRAUMA, GREY SKIES FALLEN, DRACUL ORDER OF THE DRAGON, MORTICIAN, HIROSHIMA 22, and many more.

Endemoniada wanted to create a bigger show and our last, so we spoke to Russ (Lethal CDs) and asked him if he would get together with our fiendess Taz (Alabaster Records). Taz had already helped us put together our show The Black Mass at The Bank. The last show was called The American Satanik Crusade which featured DARK FUNERAL, DECEMBER WOLVES, HEMLOCK, USURPER, and DIVINE SILENCE.

Endemoniada gained more recognition with the help of many individuals such as John Murren, Alicia Morgan, who was then in the band 13 and wrote for Metal Maniacs, Karyn of Crisis, and Rayshele, who used to work for Century Media and is currently working for Osmose Records. With the unique combination of the Endemoniada crew and the poetic, artistic, and opinionated underground readers of Endemoniada, the 'zine was a unique blend of chaos, an experiment slowly growing with its innovators.

Endemoniada fanzine has received reviews and mentions in Metal Maniacs, The Black Flame, Good Times Newspaper, Village Voice in NYC, AutoEroticAsphyxium, Zine Guide and other magazines and fanzines.

What you will find on the website is not even half of what you would have found in older issues of Endemoniada but we will try to improvise and make this enjoyable. A million infernal thanx to those who added a bit of themselves to past issues of Endemoniada Fanzine, to all our readers and all those that attended our shows!

And now, Endemoniada the webzine is born October 31, 1999 online. Enjoy Endemoniada!

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