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Interview with Cadaveria

by Lucifera

1.It's been a long time since I last interviewed Opera IX & you've become more popular. How does this feel?
Exactly, like some times ago! Yes, obviously we had made new experiences, in studio and live...but out beliefs are the same. The same is the wish to play, the same are our dark ideologies, the same is the sound, even if you will notice the new songs are a bit more heavy and epic...

2.How did your album The Call of the Wood do in your country & elsewhere ? It that you on the cover of the album?
5000 copies have been sold. So we are satisfied, even if I don't exactly know how the album was distributed in the States... the relationships with the old label are not so good, so I can't get the situation. Fortunately, the new album (called Sacro Culto) will be for another one, the Belgian, Shiver Records! Not the girl on the cover isn't me, but a model.

3.What is the significance of the cover?
The cover is our personal interpretation of the horned god, Cernunnos, half beast and half human. A pagan obscure presence of the woods. It is directly correlated with the song that gives the name to the whole CD.

4.I'm quite sure you've played live shows. Have you had any memorable events? What bands have you played with so far?
I think one of the best live shows we played is the one you can find on the live video Live at Babylonia, a new realization of Opera IX, containing some unpublished songs (the same of Sacro Culto). We played with ANCIENT RITES, BENEDICTION, SADIST, MORTUARY DRAPE, ABSU, MARDUK, ENSLAVED, SADISTIK EXEKUTION...

5.How where you approached about The Awakening compilation on Dwell Records. Do you find this has helped your success?
Surely, it has increased our contacts with the fans from the States, 'cause Dwell Records is a very good label with a large and diffused distribution in USA. It's a pleasure to work with such people, so , in January, another compilation CD will be out from the same label: ti is a tribute to Iron Maiden (entitled A Call to Irons, where we perform the song Rime of the Ancient Mariner. We have added the keyboards, accelerated times, so that it has acquired a strange epic and black sounds. Some of the other bands in A Call... will be THERION, ABSU.

6.Are you pleased with Miscarriage Records?
No, as I told. I prefer not to enter in particulars in order to avoid making free advertising to such an unworthy name.

7.Are your videos still available? Do they contain live performances & anything else?
The 1st, The Triumph of The Death contains 2 video clips + an old live show, while the last one is totally live. Both are still available. The out of the new CD will be supported by another video clip. The chosen song is Fronds of the Ancient Walnut, from Sacro Culto. This video is free for those who will order together and in advance the 3 new work of Shiver Records (OPERA IX, GARDENS OF GEHENNA, INVERTED).

8.What bands do you like to listen to? Do you listen to other types of music besides metal?
I like EMPEROR, MERCYFUL FATE AND KING DIAMOND, THERION, VENOM, VITAL REMAINS. I listen also to classical and Celtic music.

9.Do you have an fondness for skulls?
Yes, I think it is evident. I love all that is macabre and forbidden. I say "love", and it is true...I really grow fond of them. I care for them.

10.What do you do aside from Opera IX?
I study and I work (as you see, I'm very busy). My hobby is artistic photography, macabre photography, but my passion is music.

11.Any closing comments?
Thanx for your interview. ...'my god is in me, in the strength of my arm, in the light of my sword'..
GORGOT ASSAI BELEM, may the Great Portal be opened to me (from the song Cimmeries, by Cadaveria & Opera IX).