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Interview by Lucifera

Opera IX was born in 1988, an Italian band formed from the perverse mind of Ossian, the guitarist. They went through various band members before they stormed the music scene with their first demo GOTHIC in May of 1990. Their 2nd demo finished in 1992 and at a later date their 7" were both released Wimp Records, an independent Dutch label.

"The topic the band is dealing with is plunged in an arcane with dimensions not disposed to bring to light what could represent occultism's banality, but intent on analyzing the dark windings that surround Man, among legends, superstitions and ancient traditions, trying to bring to the surface some messages in which Man's blindness to Nature and events appear in all its entity. The OPERA IX musical project develops through gothic and medieval visions."

The line- up which was completed in September of 1993 was:
Cadaveria on vocals
Ossian on guitar
Lord Vidar on bass
Flegias on drums
Silent Bard on keyboards

The following interview was conducted with Cadaveria, the frontwoman for Opera IX.

OPERA IX I. What made you decide to become part of Opera IX?
Flegias had just entered Opera IX and the band was looking for a vocalist. I decided to try- first because I had been the singer of another group, so I had some experiences, and second because I realized that the band's ideology and sound were becoming very important to me. Now, I can't live without Opera IX music!!

2. What are your main influences?
We can't say we are influenced by anyone in particular. We listen to a variety of music. First of all black metal, death metal and doom but also to symphonic and medieval sounds. Our music is a sort of mix of these sounds. Our main inspiration is ourselves.

3. Did you sing on the GOTHICdemo?
No, I didn't. GOTHIC was done by the first line-up of which only Ossian remains.

4. How much support is the band getting?
I'm very satisfied by the people who support Opera IX. At the beginning the support came more from outside of Italy, now I can affirm that also Italian kids are appreciating us and that the Italian zines are becoming more professional and diffuse.

5. Give our readers a good reason why they should obtain a demo of Opera IX with so many bands out there to choose from.
Our music is the expression of what we are. We translate in music our experiences and emotions. I think that it could be interesting to discover if we are able to transmit these emotions to listeners… Let us know…

6. Do you think female bands get less coverage in magazines and some fanzines?
Yes, I do think so…but this is because there are few female bands. Anyway, sometimes the reason is also that there are some prejudice against female bands or members. For example, someone thinks that female voice is not able to sing doom-death. I hope to succeed in demonstrate that category.

7. Which is your favorite song on the EP and why?
If I have to choose…Born in the Grave mainly because I wrote the lyrics and I feel it's mine. It talks about my personal vision of Death. A very positive vision…the soul is free to know the secrets of the infinite…

8. What are your goals for Opera IX?
For me Opera IX as a group and band is a goal its own. Anyway, I would like our music to leave a sign in the underground scene.

9. Any advice for our undead readers?
Let yourself be taken in the Opera of Mystery!!! Thanx to all dedicated to us. Support the Italian Underground!!