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Interview with Lori Bravo of Nuclear Death

Picture of Lori Bravo

By Lucifera

When reading this interview, keep in mind that this was done a while back, so it's old but Lori's strong opinions are reflected unchanged here!

1. Give us a brief introduction of Nuclear Death and it's members.

Nuclear Death …truly vile and horrific or two weirdos pushing perversities? Nuclear Death is : me, Lori Bravo- vocals, guitar, bass, and Steve Cowan- drums, bass guitar (all other instruments and effects are collective efforts between both of us).

2. What are the band's main influences?

Our twisted imaginations, we can make anything into something horrible… thought wise, all it takes is a little thinking and some creative efforts.

3. How long has Nuclear Death been together and do you feel you've grown as musicians?

In March it will be eight years! Of course I feel we're always growing but I consider "growth" to be more than just one conceptual idea: Nuclear Death is forever striving for orchestrated dischordal unorthodoxy in it's music and interesting detailed depictions of its words. Because of our wide-range musical backgrounds and our love for the unknown and uncanny, Steve and I will always be able to expand Nuclear Death's music further and further out of the void that is today's music industry and today's underground movement.

I've always felt that Nuclear Death improves upon itself with each release we've put out. Even "Carrion for Worm", with its terrible sound still helped us learn about studio work and the "what not to's" of the field.

4. Are you still on good terms with Phil Hampton?

No. He's a fool!

5. Tell us about the material on your new LP.

All I will say is this: The title will be "Slumberblood" and it will be the first Nuclear Death release to revolve around one story. The scenario: an eons-old planet, known only as "Cachexial" the inhabitants and their perverse and baneful activities…some titles are: 'Mother Chaos", "The Ground Hath Noses", "Raped by the Wienged", etc….

This release will also be our first involving other instrumentation besides just guitar, bass, drums, and vocals. We'll be going for a very primal feel and voodooian flavour with this one. VERY out of this world!!

6. What is your opinion on the underground scene?

It reached it's peak in 1990, now I don't see as much support. When we came out Deceased and then Autopsy, we all (and still do) wrote each other and helped out, now it's a big joke- too many typical bands, terrible musicianship- no thoughts behind the music, too many independent labels that aren't worth sending a tape to, too many "older" underground bands trying to make it big here, instead of remaining part of the underground. I mean, isn't the whole idea of playing uncommonly offensive music is to shun corporate and commercialistic powers, to prove ourselves that though we are not what the people want, we can market ourselves through the mighty cess pool that is the underground?!

7.Do you think women get less or the same amount of coverage in magazines?

I don't know and I don't care! I haven't run into any who could play to save their lives, it's either terrible or schooled guitar licks with no feeling! I know I am one of a kind and that's why I get coverage, being a woman is a "human" term.

8.Will Nuclear Death be playing (live) soon?

No. I am permanently disabled and we're a two piece, remaining as such.

9.What influences or inspires your lyrics, they are extremely gory?

Reading, and I , personally am quite grammatically and literarily adept in the writing department. We don't write lyrics to be gory or not to be gory, we use whatever means possible for description and graphic portrayal when telling any of our stories, regardless of whether the particular piece is about something "gruesome" or "gory" or pretty and delicate. We tell stories and it just so happens that the lot of them are grotesque by nature. We find unordinary events and acts to be to our liking.

10. Any advice for our fiends and fiendesses?

Don't lick the stamps, the government puts mind control drugs into the glue on the back to try and keep us with "the herd of idiots".. mindless and weak. Write to us, we'll write back, look out for our new special edition, full color artwork to be released and STAY UN-COMMON!!!

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