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Wendy Van Dusen of
Neither/ Neither World

Interview by Lucifera

1.How would you describe your musical and lyrical style to our curious readers?
The musical and lyrical content comes mostly from an unconscious process. It's more instinctive then anything I could describe rationally. It comes from the darkest part of the human heart. What Jung called the Shadow or Freud called the Id. It comes from the basement of the human soul where most people are too weak or fearful to tread.

2. Why did you choose the name NEITHER / NEITHER WORLD?
The name NEITHER/ NEITHER WORLD comes from an English magician/ artist- Austin Osman Spare. He devised a method whereby a person could put themselves in a trance state in which all the mental dualities of subject/ object, this or that would be transcended. That is the neither-neither concept. Your mind recognizes neither this nor that as differential. In this trance state, the magician can begin to atavistic resurgence. These animal atavisms are very important to us.

3. What is your concept of Death? Why are you so obsessed with the violent forms of Death?
Death is just the method whereby Nature makes room for more creation. We're nothing but a collection of molecules. When the animating force leaves us we decay and our elements are sent back to the earth from whence we came. These elements then become more grist for Nature's mill.
We're obsessed with death because death is part of the Zeitgeist of the age. More and more people are waking up to the fact that there are far too many humans on the planet. Most of these humans are of pretty low quality. Most are just consumerist cattle. There needs to be a holocaust of enormous proportions if we are to have any decent quality of life on this planet.

4.Would you like to die in a violent way? Describe you own death. And what are your views of serial killers?
I would rather die young and in a violent way as opposed to growing old and enfeebled and dying that way. As to describe my death; I'd rather concentrate on my life and wresting as much enjoyment as I can from it. My view of serial killers is that they are serving a very noble purpose on this earth. They are thinning out the human population and helping to eliminate the cattle.

5.How have listeners reacted to your album? Are you pleased with SOCIOPATHIC PLEASURES?
We don't concern ourselves with our listeners or their reactions. We're concerned with whatever is inside of us that expresses itself through our music. It's not so much being pleased with our recordings as it is being a representation of certain mental states. It's not good or bad. It just is.

6. How do you make time between the band and the making of PRIMAL CHAOSzine?
There is no time between the band and the magazine. It's all one thing which is my life. Everyday and every waking moment is concerned with this expression.

Wendy Van Dusen

7. You sent special thanx to Henry Lee Lucas and others on your CD, could you tell us why particularly Henry Lee Lucas (there's also a song "oh Henry&qout; could you elaborate on it)?
Henry Lucas is interesting to us on a few levels. On one level (if his confessions are to be believed) as a very clever predatory animal. Hunting and killing possibly hundreds of humans through out the United States he was smart enough to elude capture by never sticking to just one method of murder. By always being on the move and not limited to one territory he also proved to be deeply in touch with his predatory instincts.
On another level it has been suspected that Lucas greatly exaggerated the number of his killings and was toying mercilessly with the authorities. If this is true we can respect him for making the best of a bad situation. If he knew he was going to be convicted of at least one murder, why not confess to hundreds of murders and send the authorities on a wild goose chase, in the process making quite a name for himself.
This coincides with our philosophy of wresting the most enjoyment out of life that you can regardless of the circumstances.

8. Would you like to play NYC?
Sure. Manhattan's Lower East Side has always looked rather apocalyptic to me. I'm sure that environment would influence our musical expression in a very positive and frightening way.

9. What is your opinion on Satanism, and Anton LaVey's philosophy?
We are greatly indebted to Dr. LaVey and his philosophy. He and the Church of Satan influenced our minds at a very early age and continue to do so today. That influence is growing stronger for many people all around the world. There has never been such a collection of free spirits in one organization before. They are helping to build the elite of the future and we are happy to contribute to that construction in any way that we can.

10. What can we expect from NEITHER/ NEITHER WORLD in the future?
There will be videos released in the future and this summer the new CD TALES OF THE TRUE CRIME will be released on ALIVE RECORDS. It will include original art by some of the world's greatest murderers. Or as we prefer to call them Nature's Avengers.

11.Any last sociopathic words of pleasure?
I would like to leave you with these words from the Divine Marquis De Sade:
"When thou shalt make riddance of all these chimeras which obstruct thy view, shalt not thou see thyself as no more then beast, thy God as merely the ne plus ultra of human extravagance, and this life but a road passing from nought to nought, and which thou mayest travel as thou wilst, in vice as confidently as in virtue?" Amen.