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Interview by Lucifera
Welcome to the mysterious world of MORTIIS, his music tells stories of longings for ancient lands and the beautiful mountain frost of his cold world. His musical endevours have been described as "dark dungeon music. Sad, enchanting, majestic-music for kings." Itís up to you to enter this cold domainÖ

1. Tell us of your endevours since your departure from Emperor.
First of all, I recorded the demo in March 1993. Then recorded the debut album in December the same year. As well as the first VOND 7". I recorded the debut VOND album in May 1994 and the second Mortiis in August. February 1995 I did the 3rd Mortiis. In May of the same year, I did the second VOND 7", a Mortiis recording that should hopefully be complete by the end of the year.

2. I noticed you do not like your music being labeled "METAL". Do you find that offensive? What bands would you consider metal?
I do not find it offensive, but I find it incorrect. I grew up in the late 70ís/ early 80ís listening to metal and hardrock such as SAXON, BLACK SABBATH, WASP, KISS, ACCEPT, JUDAS PRIEST, LED ZEPPELIN, OZZY OSBOURNE, DIO, AC/DC and so on. They were the bands that created the genre and got labeled "metal". So that is what metal is to me. Obviously, there were a lot of other and still are bands that are metal, but the above were the creators of that particular label. Not to forget VENOM and IRON MAIDEN whom I also liked back then and still do. I find little similar in my music with these, so I dislike to be called metal of any kind.

3.You appeared in DARKWAVE ( a catalog for gothic music), will they be distributing your material? Obviously, you have an interest in gothic/ atmospheric bands, which do you enjoy?
I am into such load of Gothic, Ambient and Industrial music. Some are BRIGHTER DEATH NOW, AGHAST, LOVE SPIRALS DOWNWARD, SHINJUKU THIEF to name a couple. Darkwave is COLD MEATís distributor in America, so naturally they do and will be distributing my records as well.

4. What is your opinion of the gothic music and style?
That depends a bit on what you mean by Gothic exactly. What I have learned is gothic, are such bands as SISTERS OF MERCY and FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM. I am quite into that type of music, even though their style/image seems to be very "loose".. or whatever, like that white shit they put on their cowboy gear to make it look like dust. Kind of strange, but it fits the music and that is what counts. As long as one live what preach it is okay by me. If you mean the more vampire, magic, darkness type of gothic, I like that as well. I am especially impressed with some of the fetish/ leather/ piercing magazines that I consider gothic. That is nothing I speak too openly about, though! I respect all forms of body manipulation because itís only a body anyway. Just to stray away from the point for a second.

5.What subjects influenced your latest musical endevour?
My lastest endevour/ recording was FATA MORGANA in May and different forms of atmospheres influenced me greatly. Some were whispering trees in magical worlds. Others were coasts never seen by the eye of man, others were longing, sadness, and grief. Things like that. I have made newer music and tracks after that, but they have not been taped yet so I ought not to comment them I guess.

6. What are your plans for MORTIIS?
Right now, complete my upcoming book ( Secrets of My Kingdom)and the ongoing single series that has been waiting for ages by now. After that, continue my work for the fouth full length.

7. Which effort do you consider you did better FODT TIL A HERSKE OR ANDEN SOM GJORDE OPPOR and why? Tell us of your VOND LP.
The VOND LP was merely my relationship towards death and suicide put to music. The music itself is rather irrelevant on the record, but consider the thoughts behind. Unfortunately the words are in Norwegian. But translation may be obtianed by sending one IRC (international reply coupon) for postage. I feel that I did ŇNDENÖ better because it was a natural progress both imaginatory wise and musically. It gives deeper insight to the world and justifies the whole thing more. I canít really explain it better than that.

8. Do you miss Norway?
Not really. It is not so different from here. I just came back from Norway actually after staying for two weeks and I feel better here at the moment. More peace and quiet, and that means that I can actually get things sorted out here. That could have been a problem in Norway with al kinds of people running around asking and nagging and generally being annoying.

9. Would you care to give us your insight about Satanism and Witchcraft? Do you think these ideals will develop?
I do not think I could offer any good answer here. I was a bit into it a few years ago. Then I discovered that I could create my own worlds and realities and basically forgot about all that other stuffÖ As in the "great journey" earthly religions are irrelevant anyway. My ideas about Witchcraft is this: There is pagan witchcraft which I believe is simply rituals created by tribes, being offerings or similar to one or another god or entity they feel they have to please to achieve their aims and such.
This the later christlings wanted to eliminate, as it was a threat to their fake religion, they made it satanic and perverted and made all kinds of stories about it. So there you go, two different witchcrafts to chose from. I may be wrong about this, I donít care, in a nutshell it is how I see it.
As far as satanism goes, it is long the same lines, the christlings make it look real evil and terrible and all sorts of shit. This devil worship is created. Satanism itself seems to be more on an ideology/ philosophy than devil worship. A lot of symbolism seems to be involved.
I suppose development will always be present, if you look at now and 1000 years ago, there are probably differences, perhaps in the essence not so many, but surely things change as new people get around. Usually, people form everything into what they want it to be. Be it religion or yesterdays dinner.

10. Do X-tians or other hypocritical religions give you any hassle over the path youíve chosen, the music you indulge in or the devilish troll like image you now use for your music? How do you deal with them?
I have not had any problems with christlings other than the occasional Jehovas knocking at my door only to preach their crap. I do not think cristlings know about me, or bother. Which is just as well, as I do not bother about them either. I do not waste my energy on people I have no interest in whatsoever.

11.What does the imagery you portray signify to you?
It signifies the face of my spirit.

12. Any female bands or artists you can recommend?
Actually, I have not heard or seen that many female artists. I enjoy the music of AGHAST, and THE WOMEN OF THE SS seem interesting as well. There were a couple of artists I saw in a recent magazine that amazed me, but I forgot their names. I also think that the singer of LOVE SPIRALS DOWNWARD has a very beautiful voice.

13. Any last words? Thanx for the interview, people ought to enclose IRCís when writing for information. There is a lot of mail going on so that is a must.