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Mortal Coil Zine

Interview with Jill Gerardi

By Lucifera

1.Give our readers a description of yourself.
Well, Iím 20 years old, currently pretending to get a college education while working on the zine and trying to start a small label with Jay of INSATANITY. Iím an extremely depressive person, definitely got myself a Type "A" personality disorder. Iím time obsessed, easily angered, easily hurt. My heart is too big to sustain itself. As for what I look like, Iíve been told I look like and older version of Wednesday Addams, ha, ha.

2.What inspired you to start a fanzine? What significance does the name MORTAL COIL have for you? Who else works with you on the zine?
My ex-boyfriend Chris and I were doing a zine called TOXIC WALTZ. It wasnít a music mag, it was more like mini-newspaper. Weíd go around committing small crimes and pranks, stupid stuff, such as putting porn magazines and roadkill inside Church confessionals, or breaking into peopleís houses and rearrange their furniture. It was all done for humor and nothing really hurt anybody. Weíd print everything in the zine. Anyway, not too long afterward the weight of the world all broke Chrisís back, and he ended his life. In his memory, I kept going with the zine and eventually I started getting into the Underground and started covering Death Metal bands. Mortal Coil is a line from Shakespeare, and Chris always used to say that my " mortal coil" was needing him to stay alive. I used it as a reminder of sorts, to keep inmind that he needed to die as much as I needed him to live, I shouldnít blame him for everything that went wrong in my life because of it. A lot of people have helped me out with the zine such as VERMIS MYSTRIIS, JOE SIBLEY (FOREVER SLAIN) and ROB CAMPOS (PAGAN PAGES). I used to work with another co-editress, VICKI but she stopped helping.

3.How do you decide on what bands you will interview? Which was your favorite interview and why?
I prefer to interview Pure Underground bands that send me great demos, though Iíve interviewed some bigger bands, not many. My favorite interview has to be with VERMIS MYSTRIIS since every word he speaks just holds me ensnared in his mystical spell.

4.Iím sure you understand that the theme of Endemoniada zine is females of the underground scene. What female bands or performers have you found to be outstanding? Lately it seems bands will use female backing vocalists for their bands. Would you consider this a trend?
NOVEMBER GRIEF is amazing! Stef has the most incredible voice-sheer brutality, but she is also a true lady, too. Also KARYN CRISIS and KARI RUESLATTEN, of course. Yeah, female backing vocals are definitely the " in thing". Some of these bands just want to cash in on the trend, and theyíll pick any girl, as long as she looks good and can at least hit one or two notes.

5.How do you see females in our zine, do you see any progress?
In Endemoniada #8, I saw many strong as hell females who were not afraid to express their views and beliefs, for fear that someone might not think they were "feminine enough". Iíve said this before, but I love how Endemoniada casts a bare light on everyone. Flaws in human nature are exposed and explored in your zine and I hope you continue to do this. "Beauty is truth, truth beauty. That is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know."

6.You mentioned that your last zine sucked. What was the reason for this? What is your goal with MORTAL COIL zine?
Chris has always done the layouts and printing for TOXIC WALTZ, so when MORTAL COIL started, I was on my own, and had no idea what to do. So my first couple of issues were really just practice. It wasnít until the fourth issue that MORTAL COIL really came into its own. My goal with MORTAL COIL is to do something creative, and to have a say in things. Zines are the voice of the Underground, and support that bands who deserve it!

7. I understand you enjoy reading, what are your five favorite books? Do you enjoy comix? What other zines or other forms of literature do you enjoy reading?
My 5 favorite books have to be THE GOOD EARTH, THE HUNDRED SECRET SENSES, THE DARK IS RISING, THE GRAY KING and FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC. Iíve just started getting into underground comix, such as DEATHSTORM and DIXON by Russell Evans, and I really like the first issue of GOREWORM by PJ Scoggins. Other than that, the comic I love the most is CONAN THE BARBARIAN anyone who has back issues, please write-Iím a serious collector. I read any zine I can find. I also love Occult and witch-craft books, swords, and sorcery, Poe, Stephen King, and above all else, Shakespearean Tragedy.

8. What other malevolent hobbies do you enjoy?
My best friend, Bernadette and I love to visit different cemeteries and take pictures of the most beautiful and unusual graves. I also love to sing and write poetry and short stories about human misery. I am a lover of reptiles, and have some lizards that Iím constantly fussing over. Mostly, I just work on the zine and have friends over. I just realized what I futile life I lead, ha, ha.

9.What improvement would you like to see in the Underground scene, and do you have any suggestions that would help with those improvements?
I would like to see more zines getting into the Pure Underground format again. Let the major magazines interview the big bands. When I get a zine, I donít get it for the MORBID ANGEL interview. I want to know about the band I never heard before, thatís probably ten times better than Morbid. I can name 10 bands that are better right off the top of my head.

10. What things do you hate most and what are your favorite bands? Are there any new bands you would recommend to our readers?
I have 99% of the people I have to deal with on a daily basis. My favorite bands are: SCATTERED REMNANTS, IMMOLATION, PYREXIA, OSSUARY INSANE, IMMORTAL SUFFERING. I could go on forever. New bands you must check out are UMBILICAL STRANGULATION, AS THE SEA PARTS, MALAMOR, and SKINLESS.

11.Any last deadly words?
I thank you for this interview, Lucifera, you are a demoness worthy of only the highest praise.

(Thank you for this interview my sweet-Lucifera) Currently Jill is the co-editrix of METAL MAFIA, co-founder of RAZORBACK RECORDS music label, and contributes to other fanzines as well, such as Autoeroticasphyxium.

Contact: PO BOX DEER PARK, NY 11729 USA