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Melinda of Morbid Metal Distribution

Interview by Lucifera

1.How long have you been doing distribution?
Iíve been doing Morbid Metal for around 1 Ĺ years now.

2.Why did you decide to do distribution?
I started it because I had tried doing a couple of zines, my last one being called BLACK PLAGUE, and I was screwed over big time by the co-editor. So, I knew doing a zine wasnít for me, but I wanted to stay involved in the underground so I could continue helping bands. So, I decided why not start a distro.

3.Tell us what sells most?
Right now, black metal merchandise seems to be selling the best, other than that it varies.

4.What other hobbies do you enjoy?
Well, doing mail, and the distribution takes up a fair amount of my time. I really donít have any hobbies, besides doing the distro. In my spare time I listen to some of my favorite tunes, go swimming, etc.

5.Whatís your opinion of the current music scene?
I think, as with anything, it has its good and band points. On a bad point I think the larger labels, and distributors are overpricing merchandise too much and itís ridiculous. Especially, the huge hikes they put on all black metal merchandise. That sucks, because it makes it so a lot of people canít afford shit. $20 and up for a CD is bullshit! Theyíre commercializing off of black metalís current popularity increase, and itís sickening.

6.Why are others saying that there are so many rip-offs?
I donít know about that. I personally have not been ripped off many times at all. So I consider myself lucky! I think all the name calling and other whining gets old. Especially when people donít give others a chance to tell their side! Unless I know for an absolute fact that someoneís a rip-off, I prefer contacting them myself and finding things out for myself, that way Iím not going on something that could be just a B.S. rumor.
I myself have been falsly accused of some shit by the co-editor I mentioned in question #2, and I had, and still have proof to back up my side of the story. Yet, some people still took her side and never gave me that chance to speak you, or show my proof. So, like I said, people need to look into things for themselves, and not defend, or go on what other people say.

7.What is your opinion on the flaws of society?
Where should I start! This world is such a messÖcrime, drugs, gangs, itís just a never ending cycle. I think todayís society is a joke, period!

8.Why do you think female bands are so underrated?
I think part of it goes back to the male dominated scene, females are already underrated in so many other things in todayís world, thatís just a small part of it. Maybe if more females could get out there and just kick some ass, and not worry about how much T&A they have showing, that might help! I donít think showing off that stuff should be so much of a concern to female musicians. They focus too much attention on that, and then guys look at them as just a sex object and their actual playing abilities donít get as notices, or are totally overlooked, Iím not saying female musicians should wear trench-coats either. I am mainly saying they shouldnít go out there to use their body to sell music.

9.Any last morbid words?
Thanks a lot for the space in your zine Lucifera!