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Interview with Tina by Lucifera

1.Who did you girlz meet and what made you decide to start Mimic?
Carla answered an ad in our local entertainment magazine (ESP) put out by Dana, Carla grew up in the same town as Tina-who answered the ad as well. Lily answered an ad online, and she had one on the same site seeking other musicians as well. We had mutual friends that played in another band, but we had never met. mimic Playing in a band is something that we have always wanted to do individually, and the timing was right for the four of us to come together.

2. Why did you choose the name MIMIC for the band?
After the band collaborated on names we finally chose the one Tina had came up with –Mimic. We defined the meaning as follows:
The sarcastic notion that image and trends are recycled and reproduced infinitely until the idea of individuality is a lost concept. The ideology of life’s continuous imitation of life.

3. How would you describe your musical style to readers who haven't heard your music yet?
Heavy aggressive melodic metal…
We express ourselves musically by embracing our individual influences, and by adding from our own experiences and creativity. Ironically, the outcome is a sound that is quite original in itself.

4.Did you enjoy playing Metal Fest and Metal Meltdown in 2001?
Tina - Extremely enjoyed it. The biggest thrill was meeting bands from other countries.

Carla - It was a great experience for us, the promotion we did paid off during our set, we had a great turn out and met lots of new fans at our merchandise booth. After we were done playing a guy held up a piece of bloody meat and asked me if I wanted some.

Lily – I had a blast!

Dana – I like being around people as sincere and dedicated to the music they love as we are. The party at party central at the hotel across the street was a blast. At one time I think there were 30 people in one hotel room. The bathtub was full of beer, the room full of smoke and conversations of METAL!!! We thought we were in heaven until we the music started. Then we knew we were definitely in HELL.

5. What are the lyrics to Mimic's music centered around?
Tina - There is not a theme or certain point that all the lyrics are based on. The lyrics come from emotions and experiences and can change in meaning by each song.

6. What kind of feedback have you gotten from your CD "YOU FIRST"?
Lily – Lot’s of compliments.

Carla-extremely positive, we have had tons of support from our fans.

Tina- We have received positive feedback. Thanks to the internet we have been able to reach a large audience across the world. We have received great response from our first EP.

Dana – CD sales are great. We’ve received favorable reviews. The response from fans is increasingly overwhelming. We receive purchase orders online from all over the world, but mainly Europe and America.

7. Tell us a little about the members of MIMIC, what do you enjoying doing when you're not doing band related stuff?
Lily – Painting oil portraits, cooking, swimming, traveling.
Carla – I enjoy graphic arts, running and playing with my cat, Tom Jagger.
Tina - I enjoy going to the gym, acting and theatre.
Dana – I love playing softball, playing with my cats, watching movies, going to concerts, and fishing.

8. What are your musical influences?
Lily - Nothingface, Fear Factory, Spineshank, Machinehead, Slipknot, Pantera, Metallica, Motley Crue, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Type O Negative, Primus, No Doubt, Fugazi, Poison The Well, VOD, Shelter, Sevendust, Betty Blowtorch.

Carla-as far as guitar goes it all started with Metallica’s And Justice for All, AC/DC’s Back In Black, and Megadeth’s Rust In Peace. I like a lot of current bands at this time anything from Static X, Tool, Dime Bag from Pantera, Deftones, VOD, Fear Factory and some hip hop for bass ideas, Marilyn Manson, Spineshank, outkast, betty blowtorch, korn, Ani DiFranco, Ill Nino, Suicidal Tendancies, Anthrax, Holly McNarland, A.I.C., tons of unsigned bands, too many to name them all!!!

Tina-I have such a wide variety of different music that influences me. I like anything from Broadway to extremely brutal. I have such a wide variety of different music that influences me. I like anything from Broadway to extremely brutal. Here is a few: Doro Pesch, Testament, Slayer, Rob Halford, Toni Martin (Black Sabbath), Iced Earth, Queensryche, Pink Floyd, Ozzy, Danny Elfman, Liza Minnelli, Bianca of Betty Blowtorch (R.I.P), Randy Rhodes, Alex Skolnick, Pantera, Old Metallica, Megadeth, Black Sabbath, Slipknot, Spineshank.

Dana – Some of my favorites from day one to current are WASP, Motley Crue, KIX, Metallica, Pantera, Machine Head, Soulfly, E-town Concrete, Hatebreed, VOD, Deftones, Tool, Spineshank, Marilyn Manson, Dry Kill Logic, Ozzy, Black Sabbath, Zakk Wylde, Ill Nino, Soil.


9. Are you galz self-taught or did you undergo any type of training to create music for MIMIC? Did any of you play in any bands before MIMIC?
Carla- I studied guitar theory and learned various cover tunes for about four years, and plenty of hands on experience.

Tina- I have had previous training in music at an early age but am currently studying music theory under Dena Turk. I have played in several bands before with Mimic being my first female line up.

Dana – I’ve played drums since I was 14, learning from such greats as Tommy Lee and Lars Ulrich (from the tape).

Lily – I have played bass for a couple of years, and taken bass lessons.

10. What do you think of the rise and fall of women in the metal and underground scene? Why don't women stay in metal bands as long as men do?
Tina - I believe it can be more pressure on women to prove that they are musicians with a goal of making it in the music business.
Dana – I agree with Tina

11. What is the metal scene like in NC? Is there a lot of support?
Tina - Very positive. The bands here do support each other.

Dana – We’ve met some great new friends who are really into promoting other bands and the music scene as a whole.

What would you like to change about the scene in your area?
Dana – We have developed quite a loyal following, and it’s great to see familiar faces. Our crowd succeeds in raising hell every show!!! I wouldn’t change a thing with them!! I think the word spreads quickly in the scene when there is a good show happening.

12. What are MIMIC's goals for the future?
To sign to a record label and tour.

13. Any last words?
Thank you for your involvement in music and helping us reach new areas. For more information on Mimic check out our website at