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Master Steelow

1. You have been involved in the fetish, gothic and industrial scene for quite some time, first as avid club-goer, then go-go, and now as professional master, as well as producer/promoter. What inspired you and what factors were involved in your decision to go this route and how have these factors affected you as an individual?
As a club-goer it was the industrial music, the gothic fashion, the bdsm/fetish mind set that brought it all out of me. I loved the music, the aesthetic, and the people and wanted to bring it all together. I had my own ideas that I wanted to try, things that I as a club-goer wanted to see at these parties and events. As an individual I feel it is my responsibility as well as that of us all, to nurture and give guidance to this scene that we are all a part of and love, So we’ll always have place to go to.

2. You have been dubbed as one of the few "performing dominant masters" in New York City. What was your motivation to become a public performer as opposed to just working in a dungeon or working one-on-one with a submissive?
I am defiantly more of a performer. I enjoy doing scenes in a club atmosphere where I can get more of a feed back from the submissive as well as the crowd. Plus it’s more of a challenge to myself doing things with timing, themes, and crowd in mind.

3. As a professional dominant master, what advantages or disadvantages are there in being a master from you personal professional experience?
Disadvantages are that the professional scene is more female orientated and the male master scene is mostly for the gay scene. Therefore making it that much harder for me. I do work with Female and male in the professional scene. Advantages I would have to say is that being one of the few masters publicly promoted, a lot of men look to me for direction or guidance and I am glad to help in what way I can.

4. Describe in some detail, what type of performance people can expect to see when you take the stage to do what you do best.
Performances can be impromptu light bondage, classic interactive SM show’s to well thought out and complicated suspensions. As well as interactive rope shows where the audience is involved. I also do metal grinding shows where I dance and grind sparks with a metal grinder against metal plates on my body also shoot it up to 7 feet in the air with music in background. I’ve dabbled a bit with spitting fire and look forward to doing more of it. You can always expect an entertaining and exhilarating performance.

picture from MS website 5. You are very well trained and experienced in the traditional art of Japanese rope bondage and suspensions, as well as being very skilled with Florentine flogging. Where and how did you learn the techniques and what personal variations have you worked in to make it your own unique style as well a beautifully creative visual work of art?
There are many things that influence my work. I am an artist and have always had an eye for symmetry. If you have ever taken the time to actually look at my rope bondage you will see that everything is completely even and symmetrical. It is also done specifically with the persons body type in mind. I can’t really say that I learned bondage anywhere, I am self-taught. Knowing how the body works and knowing how the body can bend and in what places I did learned from years of martial arts studies.

6. Aside from your professional domme work, you have now been an integral part in producing and promoting Fetish oriented events such as Gehenna/Gomorrah on Wednesdays @ TRUE, Flesh Theatre and Vice & Virtue @ La Nouvelle Justine's, as well as parties such as Ritual @ Limelight, The playground @ Batcave, and currently Funhouse @ Flamingo East. Also you have worked with such parties like Long Black Veil @ Mother, Zenwarp, the famed Black & Blue Ball, Vesago and Smack!. What do you feel your involvement with these parties has done to improve the Fetish/Goth/Industrial scene in NYC?
Well if I had not done these events it would have been one less promoter of maybe 3 who at the time were doing events. I’m glad I was able to create these events since they gave an alternative for people to go other than the same type of parties going on at the same time.

7. How do you personally compare the scene today with how it was when you were just a club-goer years ago?
I have to say it has changed dramatically where as before 6 different nights would be going on the same night and all of them would do well. Back then people took their time and really put thought into what they were going to wear during the weekend. Not anymore. And true Goth is not around as much anymore. Giving way to the raver and cyber.

8. What type of environment are you trying to create for club-goers and fetish enthusiasts today?
I’m looking to create a place where the club-goer can feel free….free to dance, dress and act as they please (with limits of course). I’m trying to get people to be enthusiastic about getting dressed up to go out again. As well as mixing all the scenes. Right now all the scenes are suffering a bit. But having them all interact with each other and support each other this is the only way they can survive. I once went to a club called Hell in providence and there the mixed scene works ,Goth, fetish,BDSM, drag,Industrial age also was wide range there. I think this concept would work and would preserve certain smaller scenes. Just for the record not all scenes are mixed here in NYC some are just Industrial or Goth or just fetish as well as just BDSM ,Im one of few promoters who are all about getting all mixed in a nice bunch.

9. What are other projects that you have been considering to undertake in the near future to benefit the Fetish/Goth/Industrial scene in NYC as well as other cities?
I am considering doing a large annual event. It’s still in the early process so I can’t tell you much. But I can say this all of the scenes are included and will be involved. and would benefit the fetish,goth,industrial scene.

10. When you are not performing or promoting, what other activities interest you outside the scene?
I like working on my website and other web orientated things… I am an avid moviegoer and love to listen, and collect music of all types... I also like to work out but I have to admit I’ve been slacking off on that one. Love air brushing, drawing, Djing at clubs (not this scene), Dancing

11. Any final thoughts?
Being that the scene is so delicate these days…if you really enjoy it and want to keep it alive you have to support it in whatever way you can. If you don’t you’ll be listening to music in your living room all dressed up and nowhere to go. Hey if all else fails…you can settle for either the hip-hop or yuppies scenes.

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