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Interview with Kerri Ann by Lucifera

Marble? was formed in March of 1993. They were a difficult band to categorize but their music could be described as intense and original rock. The members are Kerri on vocals, Duke on guitar, Mark on bass, JoAnn on keyboards, and Glen on drums. Marble? has opened for MINDFUNK, DANDELION, I MOTHER EARTH, SHOTGUN MESSIAH, etc… They frequently played the New York/ New Jersey area. They released their album on Broken East Records entitled MARBLE …LIQUID.

1. When did you decide to form Marble? and what inspired you?
It wasn't a conscious decision, really… it just kind of happened. Glen and Duke were playing together in a band they weren't happy with. Glen saw me singing MARIAH CAREY cover tunes in a tacky lounge band and said "Hey, you can really sing. Why are you wasting your time singing other people's music?"… So, we got together, wrote some tunes, called JoAnn and auditioned bass players for a year until we found Mark. Everything clicked and the rest is history (in the making, ha, ha, ha).

2. How would you describe Marble?'s musical style?
I couldn't begin to try.

3. What inspires your lyrics?
Every song was inspired by something different, but basically I find myself writing about things I've had trouble dealing with in my reality…or things I somehow need to tell myself- it's therapy in a way. There's a constant voice inside me that screams a lot, and it only seems able to come out in our songs.

4. What is it that makes Marble? so unique?
Personally, what's unique about our band is that we're all basically decent people. In an industry full of bullshit and lies, I feel lucky to know that I can really trust my band. I can count on these people, they tell me the truth (even if I don't want to hear it). That's truly unique.
Musically, I think we're unique because we all come from different backgrounds and prefer different styles of music. We respect each other enough, as musicians, to let everyone put their individual style into the tunes. Also, everyone writes, so diversity comes through. We've had some people in the business tell us that our musical schizophrenia would make us hard to classify, but isn't that what originality is all about?

5. You've played many shows in the New York/ New Jersey area. What was your strangest experience? How did the audience react to you?
Every time I get on stage with these lunatics, it's a strange experience! Nothing too out of hand has happened to us so far. But I do remember when we played a cultural arts festival at Liberty State Park. We walked in to set up, took one look at the entertainment (Irish step dancers, a Polka band, a sitar player and a Rumanian ballet)…We all looked at each other and thought…" Oh shit… they ain't gonna get it". But we played and the crowed responded very well. We were kind of shocked but I guess there are freaks everywhere who might dig our tunes.

6. What are some of the member's favorite bands?
Kerri Ann- I have more favorite artists than bands: Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Soundgarden, Gladys Knight & the Pips, Billy Holiday, Tool, Olivia Newton-John, Beatles, Sting, Janis Joplin, Concrete Blonde, Annie Lenox.
Duke- Mr. Bungle, Faith No More, Prince, Kiss
Glen- Genesis, Black Sabbath, The Fixx, Concrete Blonde
Mark- Bad Brains, Police, Nirvana
JoAnne- Police, Black Sabbath, KMFDM, Peter Gabriel, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Tool

7.Why do think female bands and female in bands (in rock music) are given so little attention by many magazine?
Rock is dirty, tough, powerful and sexual. I don't think our society is ready yet to see women play that role. So, what should they do with us? They want to put us in a neat little box with a label on it. They can comprehend that and control it. I think the industry is uncomfortable when they don't know how to market something. Let's face it, magazine are about money. The music industry (predominantly run by men) feel they will sell more magazines to Middle Americans by playing it safe… portraying pretty girl singers, doing stupid little love songs, wearing skimpy outfits. That's not what rock singers are inclined to do. We have rage, passion, and balls… and we can't (and don't want to ) control ourselves. A lot of people can't handle that. Also, teenage girls haven't had the luxury of having tough, expressive role models so our time hasn't come yet…YET! Yes, we've come a long way but unfortunately, I feel that as far as we've come is just as far as we still have to go.

8. Did you get a lot of support when Marble? started out or did people discourage you?
As a group, we've gotten a lot of support from our fans and friends especially. Individually, though I guess we've gotten a certain amount of discouragement in different ways. Some of us have been approached by managers, lawyers or other bands to leave Marble and do other projects…"Your band will never make it. You could do much better playing another kind of music… or doing a solo project. Come with me, I'll make you a star!" Yeah, okay. It's kind of funny actually. So we've decided that we have to be grateful for whatever discouragement we get. Whenever I get discouraged by any negative feedback we get, Glen always reminds me, "Kerr, opinions are like assholes…everybody's got one." If we didn't think that way we wouldn't have a chance. We listen to each other…no one else!

9. Any last words?
We want to thank everyone who's supported us through everything, including magazines like yours who support artistic expression and women especially.