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Malignancy is:
Danny Nelson - Vocals
Ron Kachnic - Guitar
Lance Snyder - Bass
Mike Heller - Drums

 Malignancy is a Yonkers, NY based death/grind band founded by Danny Nelson and Javier Velez in February of 1992. The band has had several line up changes over the years. Originally consisting of Danny Nelson (Vocals), Javier Velez (Guitars) and Kevin Chamberlan (Drums). Malignancy (then going by the name Carcinogen) wrote a few songs but they were missing something important... brutality! After a couple of months the members collectively thought it was time for a change. So due to musical differences, Kevin left and Frank Madiao (Bass) and John Marzan (Drums). All the material was then dissected and all the boring parts were weeded out. During this long process a second guitarist was added, Larry Demlin. Larry did not last, neither did our other recently added guitarist, Tom Dorney. Finally in April of 1993, Malignancy was ready to make their mark in the death metal community. 

   With the release of their first demo "Eaten Out From Within", recorded at The Crypt in Yonkers, NY. The band began to play shows with the current line-up of Danny, Javier, Frank and John. The first show was played at The Bond Street Café in Manhattan, NY with Altercate the Senses and Saliva. The band went on to play more non-memorable shows with hardcore bands. Finally, a real death metal show was played. A club in New Jersey called Studio 1. Cancer and Disincarnate co-headlined the bill and about 5 other bands supported. From there the band stuck with local gigs and played a few shows with fellow locals Deathrune.

   Malignancy's style of writing dramatically changed over the years with the many line-up changes. It has become more of a refined band, while still maintaining its raw sound and aggressive nature. All of Malignancy's lyrics are from the demented mind of original member Danny Nelson. Some lyrical content deals with the horror of living with a colostomy bag, being mentally deficient and getting your organs drained out through your penis by a uterine lamprey.

   After this rather dismal beginning, Malignancy finally got the line-up it needed. A new line-up was formed in 1995 with Danny Nelson still on Vocals, added were Roger J. Beaujard (Drums) and Ron Kachnic (Guitar). The following year Desmond Tolhurst (Bass) was added.

   In 1997, a four-song demo entitled "Ignorance Is Bliss" was released. It too received a welcome response. Ultimately the demo that got the band signed to United Guttural Records. There was also a promo CD released through the band with 8 songs (4 from "Ignorance").

   Malignancy than went on writing new material for another release on UG. A five song EP "Motivated By Hunger" was unleashed! Containing 5 new tracks plus a live version of “Intrauterine Cannibalism”. Later in 2001, the demo CD was complied and released on “Primitive Recordings”. It contains the 1993 demo "Eaten Out From Within", 1997 demo "Ignorance Is Bliss" and the 1998 promo CD material.  After a successful United States tour with Mortician and Goatwhore in 2000, the band again went to work on writing for a new CD. Shindy Productions from the Czech Republic approached Malignancy with an opportunity to be a part of a split CD with Intervalle Bizzare (Czech). The labels first choice was Devourment from Texas but due to their break-up they could not be on the split. Malignancy then embarked on the task of writing new songs for the release. Two new tracks were written: “Fibroid Embolism” and “Mortality Weakness”. Rounding out the release the band decided to rerecord three tracks from “Intrauterine Cannibalism”. “Rotten Seed”, Post Fetal Depression” and “Profitable Extinction”. The reason for this move was lack of time to write and complete new songs. Malignancy also did not like the production on those songs on previous recordings. The split was released in January of 2002 on Shindy with the Malignancy side called “Frailty of the Human Condition”.  

In May 2002, Malignancy and Godless Truth (Czech) started a mini-tour together. Both bands decided to go out to support their new releases. One stop on the tour was Fuck The Commerce Fest V in Neiden, Germany! The Malignant Truth tour played dates in Belgium, France, London, Czech Republic and Slovakia, with the majority of the dates being in France. After a successful tour with Godless Truth, Malignancy returned to the States to continue writing for a new full-length!  The new MCD entitled “Cross Species Transmutation” is in the recording process. With a total of seven tracks! Song titles like “Ovarian Incubation”, Virulent Contagion and “Postmortem Perception” should tell you that Malignancy does not intend on holding back on brutality! Slated for a mid 2003 release. This will be the last recording with drummer Roger J. Beaujard. As of late 2002, Roger has parted ways with Malignancy. The band chose Mike Heller as the new drummer.

Interview with Danny Nelson
by Lucifera Elena

1. Malignancy recently got a new drummer. Who is he and how are things working out?
Mike Heller is our new drummer. He has not really been in this scene too long and has played in some local bands and that’s about it. Things are working out cool. We have played a few fests and a bunch of shows with him already. The response from friends and fans all seem to be good.

2. Was it difficult to replace Roger (Mortician)? It’s well known in the metal scene that drummers are a rare breed.
It was very difficult for all of us. We all have been working with Roger for a long time. Roger and Ronnie are the core sound of Malignancy. We can never truly replace Roger. I do not think there is anyone in this scene that plays like him. His method of playing is definitely a different approach all together. We have a huge task ahead of us with writing future material. Ronnie and I are confident that we will pull it off.

3. Malignancy’s latest release is “Cross Species Transmutation”. What is the concept of this album? What is the main source of inspiration for your lyrics? Was the cover art your idea and how did you come in contact with the artist?
Well to be honest, there is no concept. Originally Roger and I spoke of making it one but I didn’t really want to write a whole album based on animal testing. It doesn’t really give me much to work with. I would hate to cheese on the lyrics. I would have to say the main source is the news. Believe it or not there is a shit load of great topics to be exploited. The cover was a collaboration of sorts. I presented my ideas to the rest of the guys to see what they thought. Then I contacted Studio Sho about the cover idea. It took about 3-5 months to work out it all out. The final result is sick as hell.

4. What keeps Malignancy going after all this time in the metal scene? Where do you see Malignancy now?
I think what keeps us going is trying to top ourselves with each new song. A genuine love for the music we create and seeing the reactions we get when we play out. We all know the death metal scene sometimes gets a little boring. The constant rehashing of old formulas that so many bands seem to fall victim to. We just try and write different, more interesting songs. Originally is hard to achieve in this or any other scene. I think we have carved out a nice niche for ourselves.

5. How would you rate the NY Metal Scene from 1-10 (10 being the best)? Are there things about the New York Death Metal Scene you wish would be better?
I just wish turnouts would be better. Sometimes you can do all the promotion possible and still no one shows. I would say the NY scene has suffered a real blow with the closing of Castle Heights. That was and will always be the best underground spot for death metal shows. The NY scene right now is an 8 out of 10.

6. Do you feel you get a better reaction here in the USA or when you go touring outside the US? Tell us your experiences on the European tours. Slovakia was one of the places you mentioned you were most impressed with. What’s the story there?
The first time in Europe was in 2000 with Mortician at the Brutal Assault fest in the Czech Republic. We got a great response and performed in front of the most people we ever did. It was a great experience but the tour in 2002 with Godless Truth proved to be even better. The crowds in Europe were not huge but had more energy and a greater appreciation for the music.

7. Why do you race across the stage when you are doing your vocals? Is it truly to dodge the flashes of the camera? Haha
I really do not know why I do what I do on stage. It is something that has really developed over the years. I remember singing and just standing there like a corpse. The music makes me act like a maniac on stage I think. I start to feel it in my blood and go ape shit. I am not a big fan of picture taking so maybe I am just trying to dodge the camera!!

8. OK, what bands would you consider to be the biggest influence on Malignancy? What are you all time favorites?
I can’t answer that question for all the members. Ronnie is most influenced by bands like Mr. Bungle, Testament & King Crimson. I am a huge thrash fan but I do not think it was an immediate influence on me. Early bands like Sepultura, Entombed and Napalm Death are some of the bands I listened to early on.

9. Are there new bands that caught your attention lately?
Oh yeah, the scene is pretty much saturated with bands these days. There are a couple of cool bands out there like Human Mincer, Copremesis, Saprogenic, Torsofuck etc.

10. Aside from death metal, what other forms of music can you get into?
Like I said before I am a huge 80’s-early 90’s thrash fan. So orchestra style, classic rock and believe it or not classical.

11. When Malignancy isn’t busy with the band, what keeps you occupied?
I am an artist by trade and I work at a local newspaper making ads! I used to do product packaging before that! That’s during the day, then at night I hate the human race!! Hahah!

12. Any shout outs or words of wisdom?
Thanks for this opportunity to let me talk my shit yo!! Thanks to NYDM and all the sick fans out there! Stay Malignant

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