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The Lure of the Vampire

By Xastur and Satana
Our society is fixated on vampires, lost creatures of the night. But why are people attracted to vampires and what is so attractive about them? The lure to vampires can be attributed to Hollywood’s portrayal of them as powerful, sexy, and immortal. In folklore, they were portrayed as evildoers, robbing victims of their own life and a times giving them a life of eternal bloodlust.

The vampire possesses one of the most important "powers"…immortality- the power of eternal youth. Our society has a fetish about preserving youthful appearances in order to postpone aging and death. Society’s fear of death, lure them to the vampire.

Other things that make the vampire attractive to most people is the vampire's eerie beauty and facial perfection, a powerful tool for seducing mortal. Vampires personify the erotic fantasies mortals hide away in their subconscious making them susceptible to the sexual prowess these creatures posses. "Following the 18th century… the vampire eventually seduced his female victims using a mesmeric stare, fine looks and promises of sexual bliss."-Mascetti

The female vampire is portrayed as the seducer while the male vampire is portrayed as the dominator. The vampire’s looks and features are attractive because of its unearthly look. People have and attraction/ repulsion response towards these creatures. But at times the vampire appearance is repulsive because of those pale faces and dark deathly eyes. However, in folklore the vampire’s appearance is different from that of the movies. So, perhaps, people like the appearance at fist glance but are then repulsed because what it represents.

Vampires are also extremely sensual creatures a feature which compliments their beauty. They feel all senses and emotions with so much passion. They are capable of loving deeply, hating fiercely, felling elation or bitter sadness but with a power to contain themselves fully. Mortals are mesmerized with the sheer ferocity with which vampires experience every single moment. Mortals, as a rule, have a hard time feeling things intensely, it ‘s too much for them to bear, therefore missing out on many things. Vampires feel what mortals desire to feel.

The fascination in vampires just gets stronger as Hollywood puts out its movies and everyone who sees these movies go because they are looking for all the things they fear. Vampires have been a subject of lure for centuries due to the idea of living forever. Vampires will live through many eras and always will be powerful and beautiful and experience everything to their fullest. People may not admit it but they are lured to things they don’t fully understand and that have an inclination towards evil. They crave to fear. And so, the vampirism provides this for them. Regardless of whether we view it as sensual, beautiful, strengthening, or otherwise. They will only consider it a form of entertainment and laugh at the ideas that vampires truly exist, but we know better.