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Interview by Lucifera

Lullaby is a Brazilian female vocalist. She started creating her style of music in a band called DAVANEIOS, afterwards she founded an all female band named LUXFERRE in 1987. Things didn't work out as she expected and finally in 1990 she went solo and formed LULLABY, a name chosen from a poem by Alfred Tennyson. She created her own blend of heavy metal dedicated to LUCIFER. Bands that influenced her were VENOM and BLACK SABBATH. She released some of her music on WILD RAGS RECORDS and are probably still available on this label. Lullaby managed to release 3 demos, a seven inch EP called LULLABY, andTHE MORNING STAR.

Picture of Lucifer's Lover This entity obsessed with the love of HIS MAJESTY LUCIFER. Lullaby sings her heart out through her music and writes her lyrics about THE MORNING STAR, which is the title of one of her albums. Her music is labeled as " female black metal"

1. Tell our creatures a little about yourself.
Lullaby- I am the evil and the darkness, the image and beauty from LUCIFER… I am Lucifer and Lucifer is me because he lives inside me. I am the shout, the pain, the hate from Lucifer; when you look at me you see Lucifer, we are one…

2. Of all your releases which is your favorite and why?
Lullaby- I like all my releases, but THE MORNING STAR is special for me, because the music is longer…I had a little more money to pay for it… The other releases, my money was little. I did not like that I couldn't give more for my other demos but for THE MORNING STAR I gave the most, I can do, it's great.

3. Is the artwork on the demos done by yourself?
Lullaby- Everything, my release comes from my mind, the art, the photos and the way the guys play my music is done by me. And for me!

4. Why this obsession with Lucifer?
Lullaby- I like all demons, but I love LUCIFER because he's my father and master, since my birth.

5.When did you become interested in the dark ways?
Lullaby- Since my birth…of course, my family doesn't like this but today they accept me as I am.

6. What are your goals for LULLABY?
Lullaby- I want only to know and love LUCIFER like father and master. I want people to acknowledge LUCIFER as father and master. All I do is for LUCIFER.

7. Any last evil words?
Lullaby- Thank you and I'll meet you in hell.