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Lord Gore

Interview with SCSI by Lucifera

1. Tell us about the humble beginnings of Lord Gore. How would you describe your music to fiendz that haven't heard your material? You also lost two members, Surgeon General Redrum and Nekro Von Gore. What was the reason for their departure? Have you found replacements yet?

The "history of Lord Gore" is the hardest question to answer! I'll try my best...

It started out as Gurge and Ryan from Engorged on guitar, Me on bass, Redrum on drums and Nekro on vocals. This was the line-up that recorded the Dark Lords Of The Cyst demo. It became obvious early on that this line-up was not gonna last. Ryan had many other committments going on at the time with Engorged and other bands so it was difficult for him to show up weekly. After Ryan took off, I just started playing guitar in the band. We took a short break to work on some other projects before writing more material. It was during this time that we got hooked up with Razorback Records. We came back to Lord Gore about 9 months later and began writing the second half of The Autophagous Orgy. We parted ways with Redrum about a month before we started recording. It was really rough. He's a great guy, always showed up for practice on time and never complained about anything. Ultimately, he just didn't really fit the band. We spent about 8 months of weekends on and off recording the CD in the basement of my house.

We parted ways with Nekro right before the CD was released. It's hard to go into this because the reason for this split was personal. Nekro's direction for Lord Gore was just not the same as the rest of us had. We wish him nothing but the best in the future.

2. Is your demo "Dark Lords of the Cyst" still available? Tell us a little about the concept behind that demo.
It's not available anymore. We may end up releasing it again some day as part of demo/B-sides thing, but we don't even have any B-sides yet! The demo sounds way different than the CD does. It's more underground, you know... like a demo! It was only the 2nd thing that I had ever recorded. There's 5 songs on the demo and all but one appear on the CD. The missing song is an instrumental. We even recorded it for the CD but decided to leave off in favor of putting more samples on. Less than 100 copies of the demo were ever recorded.

3. How did you hook up with Razorback Records? Do you feel that Razorback Records' "Wizards Of Gore : A Tribute To Impetigo" helped to get Lord Gore more notice?
Actually, we came very close to releasing the demo on Killjoy's label, Baphomet. We had a verbal agreement to do it but when Phil Anselmo came in, everything got changed. Ryan then suggested that we release the demo on Razorback. We loved the idea, but wanted to record more and see if they were interested. We contacted Billy and he was totally into it. That's when we started jamming Lord Gore again. We got the invite to do the Impetigo tribute and totally jumped on the opportunity. The Impetigo tribute is fuckin great though. It's really the best tribute I've ever heard. We're very happy that we got to be a part of it. As far as the feedback goes, we've received some positive feedback about our track, but it wasn't anything like what we're getting now! It's crazy!

4. What inspired you're album "The Autophagous Orgy"? And how did you get such an awesome cover for your CD?
It's simple really, Gurge loves porn. Like more than anything. He's got yellow fever, big time! He called me in one day to show me some of that Waita Uziga dude's artwork and I was fuckin blown away by it. I was a little hesitant at the idea of using his art for the cover, but I went along with it and I'm glad we did! It's fuckin sick and a lot of people are talking about it. We've even had requests to have the cover art printed on a shirt! Can you imagine wearing that on x-mas when you're with the family opening presents?
Lucifera-it would make a great "conversation" piece. ha ha. I want one, I want one!

5. What is the metal scene like in Oregon? What can fiendz do for entertainment over there?
The metal scene is going strong here! The new Engorged disc just came out and it's a fuckin doozy! Gurge makes a guest appearance on it in one song. Fornicator's disc is the most brutal thing ever! Shit, Gurge does a guest appearance on that thing too! What a whore he is! Frightmare is just gettin started too and that's gonna be a super group of sorts with members of Lord Gore, Fornicator, Engorged, and Maniac Killer! It's gonna be like Maniac Killer pt 2 and will be released on Razorback as well.

6. What are Lord Gore live shows like?

7. Who would you cite as your musical influences? Do you listen to any other form of music besides goregrind?
Obviously Autopsy and Impetigo are our two main influences. You can see that in every review. We also love Carcass, but don't really cite them as an influence. As much as we like Symphonies, we just don't see how we can be compared to them. I guess if you have the high/low vocal thing going on then you're a band that sounds like Carcass too.

I listen to all sorts of stuff. Most of the music I listen to is in fact *not* goregrind. I listen to all sorts of metal and lots of dark prog bands. I'm also a big John Zorn fan.

8. Do you ever get complaints about the material you write about or the cover of your album?
We get lots of complaints about the sample at the end of the CD. People are way too sensitive to shit like this. We should just release the next album as one 74 minute track. Ya like that better? Fuckers...

9. Is there any chance that Lord Gore will play NYC or any other state soon? What bands would you like to do live shows with?
We're putting a west coast shindig together now. I think we're gonna do like 7-10 dates with Engorged and/or Impaled.

Mortician would probably be at the top of the list of bands we'd want to play with. I'd really like to play with Discordance Axis as well. We'd love to do one with Ghoul too, but I don't know where Creepsylvania is and I hear it's pretty hard to get a passport since all that 9-11 shit went down... What about a Razorback Records tour? With Fuck... I'm Dead, Lord Gore, Machetazo, Bird Flesh and Gruesome Stuff Relish? Sounds sweet to me!

10. Do you know if you have a lot of female fans of your music? How do you feel about women in the metal scene?
We haven't gotten much feedback from the ladies yet. But a genre of music can't define what gender listens to it. That's just retarded.

11. Are you currently working on your next album? Is it going to be similar to "The Autophagous Orgy"?
We're gonna start recording again in about a month or so for a series of splits and the Repulsion tribute. 7 songs + one 15 second clip that will be used for a local radio show in town. I would say that it's more varied than the older stuff. It's hard to really say what it sounds like. Both Colon Bowel and Maniac Killer have had a hand in writing the new stuff so it's of course gonna sound a little different. It's good stuff though!

12. Any last words?
Thanks man, tell your friends!

8634 SE 19th Ave
Portland, OR 97202