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Lacuna Coil

Interview with Cristina Scabbia By Lucifera

(Live photos of Lacuna Coil at Lamour in Brooklyn, NY courtesy of Captorvision.)

1. How is the tour going in support of your release "Unleashed Memories"? How did it feel to play the United States?
** We did the US tour in December 2001 with Moonspell. I have to say that we had an incredible support from american people that was coming to the shows just for us, singing the songs together with us! It's been simply amazing and we are looking forward to come back very soon.

2. Tell us about "Unleashed Memories." How do you capture such a deeply depressing sound and where do those painful lyrics come from?
** To be honest we don't know it. It's a natural process, a totally spontaneous thing in Lacuna coil. We just wait for inspiration and as soon as we feel that a melody or a riff has the right vibe we work on it as soon as that song sounds good for us and we have a good feeling about it.

3. There has been a huge rise of women in the metal scene. How does this affect you? How do you feel about it? Would would you like to see to make things better for women in music?
**I don't think that having a woman in the band makes a band special, different from a band with just males. To me should be something natural, as you can find both male and females in and office, for example. I hope that women will have more space in the metal scene, but with this I mean just really talented girls, not females who have a good image and then are not able to do their job as singers or musicians.

4. Are there any female artists you admired before becoming a singer for Lacuna Coil?
**No, I never had idols, at least regarding my way of singing or acting.

5. Tell us about "Comalies"? What can we expect from this release? And when will we be able to obtain it in the USA?
** "Comalies" will be released the 29th of October (2002) in the US. Is a very dynamic and various album, heavier than the previous one we did. Is the best one we did so far. "Comalies" includes several atmospheres, from rock to gothic to metal with a very modern touch. You will hear a positive vibe coming from this album.

6. Are there any other projects you occupy yourself with besides Lacuna Coil?
**No, I'm totally concentrated on Lacuna Coil, even if I have different purposes. It's the best way to spend all your energy on your music.

7. What does Cristina do for fun? Do you ever go dancing to any particular night clubs, read any particular books, watch certain movies? What would readers be surprised to know about you?
**Well, I do basically everything a normal person does in the spare time! I mean, I see friends in pubs or discos, when I'm at home I use to control my mails and do works of bricolage, I watch tv... The fact is that unfortunately I don't have so much time to do all the things I would love to do!

8. Any last words?
**Thanks a lot for this interview and the support. We'll be there very soon. We are really disappointed about the fact that we cancelled the American tour of September 2002 just because the album will be released in October, but we postponed the tour to February 2003, and we can't wait! Stay tuned with our website: