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Interview by Lord Orc

Lord Orc: Readers of Endemoniada in this issue I am interviewing Lukasz and Riyaad of local NYC Melodic Death Metal band INVIDIA. First things first...what does the band name mean?

Riy: Invidia is a Latin word, it means Envy, Hatred, or Jealousy.

Lord Orc: You guys have been around since 2000 yet you didn't play any shows till 2003. What took so long?

Riy: Why don't you shutup.

Luke: Finding the correct members and liking our own creations enough to present them to others. We've thrown out tons of completed songs in the past and started fresh. We needed time to develop our own sound, and we've finally found it.

Lord Orc: Lukasz how long have you been playing guitar and where do you draw your biggest influence from?

Luke: Well i started taking the guitar seriously around freshman year of highschool, so i just count from there not how long i have owned a guitar so i say i've been playing 4-5 yrs. My influences are all over the place from Randy Roads to Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix to Chuck Schuldiner, but recently i've been focusing on Alexi "wildchild" Laiho.

Lord Orc: Riyaad, I recently missed your performance at Dimmu Borgir in December. Do you feel that performance was better than the Dying Fetus performance in August?

Riy: We draw off the energy of the crowd, and at Dimmu, the crowd just wasn't there. There were too many people stuck in the other room, we gave it a lot, and did make quite a few fans that night, but it wasn't as well as it could have been.

Lord Orc: Lukasz, who do you feel are your biggest competitors in the local scene?

Luke: I don't really think of the other bands as competition. Every band is so different that I can't think of them as being competion. There's a lot of good bands out in the city now, we're not trying to rival each other. The only way Metal bands can make it now in a scene like this is to stick together, they're all our peers, we help and learn from eachother.

Lord Orc: Where did you find Ken? He's a pretty solid fuckin' drummer.

Riy: I was desperate, so i started scanning AOL profiles, and bam, comes down, and kills every other drummer we've ever tried out. Luke: Yes he's a damn good fucking drummer.

Lord Orc: Not to be a dick or anything...but most people have mentioned that they aren't too keen on Mike's vocals. What do you guys feel about people saying this?

Riy: Everyone has their own opinion, and everything is said for a reason. Most imortant is that amongst the band, we're content with the way we sound, and as long as we are, nothing else really matters.

Lord Orc: Riyaad...being that Lukasz is Polish does it take him longer to learn the songs?

Riy: I'm glad someone finally let this out there in the open. Yes, yes it does. We let it slide, cause it's really not his fault, and when he gets it down, he'll play it really good for the next couple weeks till he forgets it again and has to relearn it. He usually gets the job done at shows, which is what's important. He comes through when he's needs to.

Lord Orc: All joking aside, are there any major metal labels in particular that you're looking into?

Riy: Yeah, I'm looking into smaller ones at first, hopefully it'll be a nice platform to hit something nice like Nuclear Blast, or Century Media. Anything that will get the music out there and let us tour will be great though.

Lord Orc: Eventually what bands would you want to tour with?

Riy: I'd actually love to do some shit with Enforsaken, The Haunted, Witchery, Amon Amarth, Children of Bodom, Dark Tranquillity, there's so many.

Luke: For me it would have to be Children of Bodom, or Amon Amarth, or Dimmu Borgir. Those guys must be insane on the road.

Lord Orc: Do you feel that theres a strong scene here for Melodic Death Metal and do you think it's possible that there might be a surge in the amount of Melodic Death Metal bands here?

Riy: Not at all. I haven't heard many others. Overall the Melodic Death thing I think was played out overseas. It was overused, and as a whole, it's done with. What we're trying to do it incorporate it with death thrash, and black metal. It's pretty unique I think, i think we might see some more bands around here incorporating other inlfuences into their style, blur the lines between genres a little more.

Luke: The scene is at a very weak point at this moment when it comes to the melodic aspect. Everyone wants to be battered over the head with simple heavy riffs, dont get me wrong I love that too, but you have to put some melodies to these things, maybe show that you can do alittle more than chunk away at a power chord, i think the scene will eventually pick up, it God damn better pick up.

Lord Orc: Any final words? Show announcements, shout outs, or whatever?

Niggerblood, Hawaiin Punch, Sanga-Mon, Heather, Porky (RiceFace), Jeanette, Moopy, The Trusty Jew, Melissa, John "Hardcore Sucks" Wiley, Ester, The Dumb Dane (Cockpipe), Mexico, Tony Bag 'O Donuts, Dave, Mario, Joe, Ugly, Big Daddy Jew, Papa Kurf.

And to Utopia Banished, Blackheart, Carpe Diem Envy, Devils Island, Exit to Eternity, Anthony from Severed, Soniminos - "Let the metal flow"

Lord Orc: Thanks for your time guys.