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Infernal Noize

Recommendations from Issue one:
At this point we didn't use ratings but these are the 3 best that we reviewed in this issue.

Acid Death- Acid Death Promo 1994
Great death, thrash metal from Greece, great sound and smooth riffs. A kick ass promo! To obtain their first 7" EP "Apathy Murders Hope". By now this demo may not be available but check with the band for further information or look for it at your local stores.
- Vulgardemon

Lestat- "Grave Desires"
Hauntingly beautiful lyrics and chilling music meant to dominate your body and soul. Susan adds passion with her voice, just listen to "Le Cri de Coeur". LOVE IT! If you like gothic or chilling music, you can dance to, this is for you. A great effort, timeless. Look in your local gothic music stores to obtain this.
Jevan Records
Lestat's band photo

Diamanda Galas-"The Singer"
Another creative album by the goddess of eerieness. This album is bluesy, very soulful. Most of the tracks are cover songs such as: "I Put a Spell on You", and one of my favorites, "Gloomy Sunday", which was banned a few years ago, because it was found on the turntable of a few suicide victims (sound familiar?). Diamanda Galas has a way of moving you with her dramatically insane vocals. She sings deeply and brings out the darkest in you.
Mute Records Ltd.