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Infernal Noize

Music Reviews from issue 10

6 is poor!
66 is average!
666 is worth playing to the ANCIENT ONES!

Musik Reviews by Vulgardemon

Ulver-The Madrigal of the Night
(Century Black)
Third opus from Ulver contains 8 hymns to the wolf in man. Ultra fast Black metal. This is not for everyone if youíre into keyboarding oriented black metal this might be hard to get into. This is highly recommended, and similar to Darkthroneís Legions almost similar in production. Just guitars and drumming being slaughtered what more can I say. Pure fucking holocaust. Highly recommended.

Diabolique-Wedding the Grotesque
(Black Sun)
Debut album by artist extraordinaire Necrolord (Dissection/ Emperor/ Crematory etc.) His music is composed of dark metal very toned down guitars of the doomish type not influenced by black metal at all. Vocals are sung in a gothic style (which are sung by Necrolord). Yet his vocals get extremely boring as the CD moves along. Songs sound much the same and are not played with feeling. The only thing that saves this CD is the excellent artwork on it. Probably the best Iíve seen him do. This contains 8 songs.

Entombed-To Ride Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth
(Music For Nations)
Former death metal rulers & current death Ďn roll masters return to the fold after 4 years bringing us their 4th album. This album is not death metal yet still has that death metal sound blended into some rock & roll & a bit of hardcore music. (Iím surprised they didnít mix rap). But this release stands out with its heaviness and the crunching guitar. This release is similar in ways to Wolverine Blues yet much heavier. A strange release by original and still better than most of the shit death metal bands out today. 14 songs & the vocals are pretty much the same.

HammerFall-Glory to the Brave
(Nuclear Blast)
All hail Hammerfall, one of the best power metal releases Iíve heard in years. This is their 1st release containing 9 songs. From beginning to end the CD is powerful!! Songs, like the opener, Dragon Heís Bleeding. The vocals are a mix of a young Bruce Dickinson & the vocals of Michael Kiske yet using a totally different style. There is a resemblance at times to Helloween yet they are far apart from Helloween. You can hear this in a song like Hammerfall where the choruses are song un deep vocals and in the power ballads like I Believe & Glory to the Brave. Stuff like this has not been done in years. Witness the return of metal and its starts right here. Highly recommended.

Absu-The Third Storm of Cyrhraul
3rd album from these Texas occult/thrash metallers. 9 songs & 10 songs with digi-pack music is much more thrash oriented than there last album Sun of Tiphareth which was more Ďepic for The Third Storm songs are shorter some ranging in at 2-3 minutes and 3 other ranging over 6 minutes. The lyrics are still the same exploring the ancient ancestry , magical systems (stories in the lyrics). A good album in for thrash metal. But I enjoyed Sun of Tiphereth more cause of that epic feel that it had. Though this one is worth getting and still original.

Incantation-The Forsaken Mourning of Angelic Anguish
I have never been a fan of Incantation but I received this to be reviewed. This is a mini-CD, a preview of what will be their next album titled Diabolical Conquest as for this CD it is Death Metal (unholy) with a mix of grind lurking in the songs. This CD contains 6 songs ranging over 30 min. plus a great cover version of Deathís Scream Bloody Gore. Plus this contains some interesting death metal. Its been a while.

(Head Not Found)
1st album from these neo-thrashers. Heavily influenced by 80's metal especially (early Celtic Frost) but yet mix their own sound and style. And some 90's black metal influence. This contains 8 songs that are good and promises to make you bang your head. So I recommend this highly to the Celtic Frost legions (vocals sound exactly like Tom G. Warrior).

Kawir-To Cavirs
I bought this CD when I was in Greece. This is hard to get in the States, Iíve seen no adds for this or reviews but anyway let me explain... This is a Greek black metal band very mystical, it reminds me of Rotting Christ at times musically but still manage to be original. Lyrics are written & sung in Ancient Greek which makes it very interesting 9 songs of Ancient Greek black metal played with emotion not always fast with synth parts and also a pastoral pipe is used in this recording. So ask your distributor for this piece of ART which is original & powerful.

Old Manís Child-The Pagan Prosperity
(Century Media)
This is the release after Born of the Flickering. This CD contains 8 songs of black metal played with emotion and aggression with slow & fast parts, also with great leads and great rhythm and lots of guitar crunch. Thereís a variety of vocals used here from chanting to growls. Although it is not an excellent release it's good enough to have and it makes me curious to know what their next release is going to be like.

Usurper-Threshold of the Usurper
This is a 5 song mini-CD. Same as before, youíll band your head even more to this one. Songs like Necrocult part 1 (The Metal War), The Dead of Winter & Threshold of the Usurper are excellent and Celtic Frost influence with a touch of 90's black metal. This is a must purchase with a cover of Mercyful Fateís Black Funeral. Total thrash mayhem.

Dismember-Death Metal
(Nuclear Blast)
Dismember return and bring the past with them. I would say this is probably the most intense recording of this band since Like an Everflowing Stream, but I wouldnít say better. The melodies are still there and the aggression and heaviness. A good album if you want to kill or if youíre feeling kinda misanthropic. 12 songs of Dismember death metal! Let the napalm rain!!!

Marduk-Live In Germania
The most extreme black metal band on earth unleash a live album from their successful Heaven Shall Burn tour. What can you expect? The most intense live performance ever to be put on CD. This contains the tracks : Beyond The Grace of God, Sulpher Souls, Materialized in Stone, Dracul Va Domni & even a cover of a Destruction track Total Desaster. The whole CD is packaged excellently with live photo shots of the band, at war the music comes across clear. Definitely the best live CD since Morbid Angelís Entangled in Chaos & still more intense than that. A must purchase!!!

Dark Tranquility-The Minds I
Melodic death metal is what you will find here if youíre into At The Gates & In Flames. Dark Tranquility should be in youíre collection. The songs here are done in such as style & so much feeling it blows my mind ever song on here is great I donít have a favorite one. Lyrics are done very intelligently. Everything is done to perfection. A highly recommended album & probably the best of the year. Songs consist of Dreamlove Degenerate, & The Minds Eye. A must for the metal scene in general.

Summoning-Nightshade Forests
This is a Mini CD. They play an emotional style of Black metal very similar at times to Covenant & Emperor. But yet managed their own style. The drumming in this CD are programmed. This contains 4 songs ranging from over a half hour. A very emotional/ depressive CD and definitely worth picking up.

Deicide-Serpents of Light
Anti-christian death metallers return after 2 years. There really isnít that much to say, itís Deicide. Itís not better than first one or 3rd one, itís just another album . Probably the most unlikeable one of the 4 albums. But it still has good tracks, like the self-titled track. And at times it gets too monotonous and boring. Not their best release as expected. But itís still Deicide.

Vader-Black to the Blind
Vader are back with Black to the Blind. Nothing much to say about this either if you like De Profundis then this should be among your collection. 10 songs ranging about half hour. Great artwork!!

Overkill-From the Underground and Below
80's thresh metal pioneers return with yet another album. This sounds like and advancement of their last album The Killing Kind but better. The songs have better structures and catchy guitar solos but they cannot capture the glory days of albums like The Years of Decay & Horrorscope which are excellent. But this is an okay album to get noticed with again. I recommend it if youíre just getting into Overkill. But if youíre expecting the yesteryears donít get enthusiastic. Stick to the old shit.

Musik Reviews by Lucifera

This is supposed to be black metal with grindcore crossover. I hate it!! The drum beats are all the same, vocals are stagnant boring and predictable. The intro was the only nice & listenable thing in here, Unholy Darkness & Impurity. Too much distortion. It sounds like a fucked up lawn mower. No this is not a 7" EP Iíll listen to again.
Human Racist Records- P.O. Box 242, Grand Haven, MI 49417-0242 USA

VEIL OF THORNS-self-titled
Hereís a 7" EP worth listening to! Excellent gothic rock songs. With a danceable beat. Strange vocals, guitar oriented rock, everything sounds great! P.E. Williams is a member of this desirable band. Utopia will be dancing in your mind. Youíll want to hear more after this!
Foaminí Bone Productions

The cover of this demo tells you this is either doom or atmospheric & when you look at the inner cover you see a picture of a guy who looks like he came out of Suicidal Tendencies, & if you read the inner cover you find out Robert Trujillo mixed & engineered this little ditty. It does sound good, but too repetitive, semi-doomish. Existence of Hopelessness sounds rather annoying in the beginning. Being mixed & engineered by R. Trujillo you would expect a much louder & better sound. But with a little originality this could work.
Mystical Frost

Nice, devilish cover art by Fred Figueroa, & the intro, of course, is a beautiful classic piece but the music sounds too low. I can barely hear Ozzyís vocals, the bass is totally lost in the background. And whatís with that song Demonification? I tell you these yuts have no respect now days! My suggestion, better production! I couldnít get the feel of this at all. At least I can say that they are better live and I heard that the demo will be re-done!
Dethroned c/o Fred Figueroa

WARHEAD- Demo 1996
Wow! Now this has a clear sound, great guitar riffs, & a different sound, Black /Doom metal?! I donít know but it sounds good ! Carnal Mutilations can truly hold your attention & interest! All four band members are doing vocals! Well, the drummer, Chris, is giving those skins quite a beating. This is pleasing to my demonik ears! This demo was done with class! The keyboards add a touch of agony to Warheadís material! Truly exceptional, when can I book you guys!?! Check out this war metal!!!
Warhead- P.O.Box 11583, New Brunswick, NJ 08906 USA/ E-mail

Hereís an excellent technical death metal band with a professional CD. And what you hear on the CD is what you get live but more intense! Jordanís a really good drummer, young and talented. Youíll be amazed at the guitar riffs. You can hear some old school thrash metal influences. Lots of changes to keep your attention. 8 songs of pure terror! Fiendz get this now, however you can!!! Write for price of CD. Excellent!!
Capharnaum c/o Jason Suecof- PO Box 447, Avon, CT 06001 USA or

BLACK OUT-self titled
4 songs of NY Hardcore a la Pantera/Biohazard with shouted vocals. Heavy guitar riffs, the bass is a bit too low ( you can barely hear it), & the drummer plays moshable beats. They play many good shows in the NY area. Check them out! They need something to set them apart from other NYHC bands but they have a lot of potential. This is available on CD for $6. USA.
66 Ĺ
BlackOut c/o Will Gomez-1268 Stratford Ave B9, Bx, NY 10472

Old school technical death metal. An extreme tribute to Robert Hanauer (1969-1995). Semi-growled vocals, heavy pounding drumbeats, intense guitar riffs and mad bass playing are the mind crushing elements of this demo.They still need better quality recording, something that will bring out the intensity of this demo. Malicious Onslaught lives on!!
66 Ĺ
Ted Hanauer-c/o Corspsified Records- 45 Walter Drive, Stoney Point, NY 10980 USA

A Demo Containing 5 Songs of power metal. Dream Weaverís lead singer, Jim, has a good voice but on this demo itís much louder than the music itself. George is diverse with his guitar playing. The bass playing by Micheal adds a nice touch to the music. And Johnís drumming has some Iron Maiden influence to it.
Unfortunately, sometimes it sounds like Jim is going one way and the music is going another. If Jim keeps it up heíll sound like the old singer for Candlemass. This is power metal and with better production they could go a long way. A Dream Within A Dream is a poetry by E.A. Poe put to music. Songs about fantasy, magical reals & of course, the pains of reality.
66 Ĺ
Dream Weaver-c/o George Zacharoglou-Mich. Kalatzakou 3, GR 185 46, Piraeus, Greece

This compilation begins with the interesting fiendz Shredded Corpse. There are 4 of their aggressive songs contained within. Listening to Shredded Corpse makes you want to beat someone to a pulp. So listen with caution.
Regurgitation have 2 songs in this compilation. Yes, the singer does sing like a clogged toilet bowl (take that as you will). I donít like his vocals but I do like the music. A bit too repetitive.
Inhuman, these guys are from MO. And they also contribute 2 songs. The guitar riffs are sinister and this band is good musically. The vocals are a bit too low to hear. Crack The Casket gives off a death metal + Godflesh feel to it. A bit repetitive but good to listen to.
Skinless-Hereís a band that enjoys using movie or other type of intros. They are good but after a while I feel the bands are starting to sound alike, especially, when it comes to the vocals. Musically, Skinlab are more diverse and interesting. They have 3 songs on this compilation.
Deaden-Growling & screeching vocals, fast paced and brutal. They are also good. They have 2 songs. The one I like most is And The Dead Shall Rot.
Umbilical Strangulation-3 songs, more good death metal from NY. Unfortunately, these bands still need something to distinguish themselves from the rest. This compilation is worth checking out, it exposes new or unheard of bands, the bands all sound good & with more than one song you get a better feel of the bands musical ability. In total 16 brutal songs. You canít go wrong.
66 Ĺ+
Frozen Dawn Records c/o David Sroczynski-809 Towering Oaks, Jacksonville, AR 72076 USA

Being a lover of gothic music & black metal this album certainly caught my attention. It blends both styles, the vocals of Vicotnik are gothic and at times he sounds like Rozz Williams of Christian Death, then he will enter with black metal vocals (unless this is one of the other members) in certain songs such as The Carrier of Wounds Musically, it sounds like doomy black metal. Skoll of Ulver does bass and keyboards for this album.
The CD is packaged in a black box, itís best song is A Mask In The Mirror. This is definitely different from what most bands are doing and worth a listen.
Misanthropy Rec.-PO Box 9, Hadleigh, Suffolk, KP7, 5AU England.

This is a 4 song promo /demo (or more appropriately 3 songs and one instrumental piece). Another doom band from Staten Island, NY, yet their style is different from that of Divine Silence. Rickís vocals sound a bit like the singer of Life Of Agony, they do their own chorus which addS a soothing effect to their songs, while one guitar whines in agony another guitar adds damning riffs. The presence of Craigís keyboard playing is very strongly interwoven in the music especially in the song Drawn to the Earth. Chris adds a dark touch with his bass playing. The music on this demo isnít always passive, they have some aggressive moments. Thereís a little Hendrix/Santana influence that shines thru in one of their songs. They are good and they keep your attention. Check Ďem out! They should have an upcoming album out soon called The Fate Of Angels.
66 Ĺ
Grey Skies Fallen

An interesting promo-demo from this self-described "Hyperactive satanic disco-speed metal laced with techno/industrial rhythms and death vocals" band. I donít know about the "hyperactive" part but the rest is accurate. You can hear the Godflesh/ White Zombie influence strongly interwoven in their music. They use programming to their advantage. The vocals are distorted, the music is strong, professional and dare I say Ďstimulatingí. Do yourself a favor and check out something different, humorous, and harsh! $4 for this one. Everything done by 2 guys, Robert & Chris.
Jesus Skin-PO Box 3249, Scottsdale, AZ 85271 USA

This is from 1996 sent to me for whatever purposes. Itís regular punk rock leaning towards glam rock done by 4 pretty faced females. There are 14 unoriginal tracks that start to bore me after a while. It all sounds like itís been done before. Crawl is the only song that sounds promising.
6 Ĺ
The Enclave-936 Broadway, New York, NY 10010 USA

The Gathering seems to get better and better with every album. First, I totally love the cover, something so simple says so much!! This album brings out the deepest of emotions, strong music with such an enchantingly beautiful voice. This album reminds me of a female band called Misery. Musically, this band is very professional & not afraid to be experimental, diverse & demanding all your attention. This is music you would enjoy listening to on a rainy day, on a lonely night & especially when you have time alone. You need to absorb The Gatheringís music. I love all the songs on Nighttime Bird especially the title track. If you want to understand what Iím referring to obtain this album immediately!!!
Century Media

This is a really good demo! Goatamentise stuck me as a cross between hardcore and death metal. And in their own words they consider themselves "Deathcore". The category is precise. They have samples before every song & they remind me a of Biohazard (fuckiní the good olí days). There are 5 songs on this demo. The guitar riffs are of a predatory nature. But I have one question? Ramon, what the hell did you record on the other side of this tape! HA, HA! Check them out live too !!
66 Ĺ
Ramon Soto-755 White Plains Rd Apt 3B, Bronx, NY 10473 USA

They are noisy & weird! A combination of thrash metal with gothic background as heard in Crystal. Sibylleís vocals are raunchy, the music is truly a mix of thrash, experimental classic metal and mixed with doomy & haunting elements to make this a little above average.
13 musical pieces that would be of interest to any of those who seek something heavy & diverse. The lyrics are inform of a story, mainly about Elric & Dorian. The production is crisp & clear. Check them out. CD is $20 (USA) or cassette $14 (USA), fanclub members get a discount. They have a lot of merchandise. This is something you should purchase.
66 Ĺ +
WEB: E-mail:

This is Charlie Infection's idea of black noise... ala Anal Cunt & mind you I hate A. C. On this album Satanís Burial Ground(the 1st song on the album) sounds like doomish grindcore, distorted to the maximum. Is this a joke or are they serious? If you like satanic (?) sludgy grindcore thatís totally chaotic & shitty, this is definitely for you. A lot of samples to introduce the noise or is it cover up for the lack of talent? Maybe. Judge this for yourself. 6 Ĺ
Fudgeworthy Rec.-8 Steven, Woburn, MA 01801-3366 USA

POWERíS COURT-self-titled
The music on this album is power metal oriented. Danie Powers (no relation to Austin Powers) wants to be King Diamond on Lord of the Breezes(?). The music is good, a bit repetitive and too slow for me. Itís not that the vocals are bad except on that song I mentioned. Danie is quite experimental with her vocals, she tries to add an excellent range of vocals to her music , everything from high pitch, to growls, to electronic like vocals. The lyrics are fantasy oriented. If you enjoy power metal, definitely check this out!
P.C.-P.O. Box 2441, St. Louis, MO 63114 USA

DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE- Compilation/Various Artists
A comp. of hardcore bands, each with some kind of crossover element in their music & all from NY except 7000 Dying Rats whom I think suck anyway. This is a well produced CD, the bandsí sound is exceptionally clear. Most bands have 2 songs which gives you a better feel of the band. Anyway, hardcore enthusiasts will enjoy these bands that have dominated the NYHC underground for quite some time now. STARVE (which includes a hilarious song called You This is, RIGHTS RESERVED, DOWNSIDE, IN THA CHAMBER, AWKWARD THOUGHT, STILL LIFE, DIESEL, OUT OF LINE, LOSS FOR WORDS, AT ODDS!!! Excellent NYHC bands! I hated 7000 Dying Rats & the band Minus 2 Degrees (which turned me off with the rap like vocals). This is something worth acquiring!
New Found Hope Records-PO Box 564551, College Point, NY 11356-4551 USA

Fast & furious! It would have been excellent with better production. This is something to look into. Death metal or as they call it "deadly metal" done with aggression & true feeling. Check them out. Hell-o Vince!
66 Ĺ +
Vince Wager-2348 62st, Brooklyn, NY 11024 USA

This is a death metal demo that was sent to me by John Sheehan (guitarist of AP). They add a small element of doom to their music. Semi-growled/semi-shouted vocals, really heavy music. A bit repetitive, the music is good & with more work they can be above the average. They sound too much like so many other death metal bands. They would be a great band to watch (& mosh to live. Check them out! 4 songs on this demo.
J.P. Sheehan-60-34 61St, Maspeth, NY 11378 USA

MESSE NOIR-self-titled
I wanted to book these guys for a show because I thought that demo sounded pretty good. A blend of chaotic black /death meatal. Their production could be better, it sounds as if the volume is going up & down. This is a 4 song demo that you will either keep or dump in the thrash. Thereís no in between. Although, this is an o.k. band they need a lot more in the creativity department. Well, this is something that you can pick up at your own risk. Another band from the home of Curse.
MESSE NOIR-PO Box 4059, Meriden, CT 06450

Vocals you canít hear the growl is too low. The NY death metal influence is too prevalent in this band from Spain. They donít impress me at all. Many of you, especially in NY will like this. I find that itís too dull. If youíre into Mortician you may want to check this out. 5 songs.
Uncreation-PO Box 1237, 02080-Albacete, Spain Also distributed by Relapse Records