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Infernal Noize

Music Reviews from issue 7

6 is poor!
66 is average!
666 is worth playing to the ANCIENT ONES!

Looking backÖreviews by Lucifera
In this issue I decided to review some old band with female musicians, letís see if you remember any of these.

WENCH-1998 demo
This demo was called SUMUS QUOD SUMUS. They were an all female band from Jackson Heights, Queens. The members where Yana Chupenko-vocals, Liz Brockland-guitar, Meryl Hurwich-guitar, Ally Gamble-bass, Laura Marando-drums. The music on this demo was good they had a lot of potential, very energetic. Too bad we havenít heard more. 66+
PO Box 1242, Jackson Heights, NY 11372 USA

WENCH- 1993, demo
In 1993, they made a 3 song demo. This could be where their fall began, songs like Youth Anthem, Requiem, and Survival didnít really capture my attention. These demos may no longer be available. Last I heard they broke up a while back and ex-members were forming a new band. Keep a look out.

ICE AGE- demo 1988
This all female thrash metal band consisted of Vicky Larson- bass, Sabrina Kihlstrand-guitar and vocals, Pia Nystrom- lead guitar and Tina Stromberg-drums. This was one excellent demo, they kind of reminded me of Overkill when they were starting out. Four songs of thrash madness Making My Mark, In the Name of Science, The Betrayal, and FY!. This band must of broken up by now, and itís too bad that they werenít given more recognition.
Ice Age FY Fans- 6 Worchester Rd. Wisbech, Cambs PE 13 3PB, ENGLAND

DUNWICH-Madman with a Headrush
I donít know if Dunwich is still around either, they also remind me a little of Overkill, but not as powerful. The members were Dee Voyles-guitar/ lead vocals, Kim Fahning- lead guitar, Heather Koven-bass/ backing vocals, and Dave Plake on drums. They were good but needed more energy. Their music could best be described as thrash metal.
13044 Ferncrest Ct, St. Louis, MO 63141 USA


Reviews by Vulgardemon

SENTENCED- Love & Death
An EP from these true metal warriors. Five songs, very melodic, good vocals. Plus an excellent cover of Billy Idolís White Wedding.
Century Media

This album from Moonspell is very different from their older material, itís excellent, a very powerful album. The vocals sound like a mix of Pete Steele/ Glen Danzig and musically closer to Tiamat. Eight songs with lyrics included.
Century Media

ENDOKI FOREST-An Evil of Nordic Frost
Itís about time something musical and very deep and meaningful comes out of the cold regions of NY. Nine atmospheric pieces, good production. This is a must for all vikings and black metallers.
Dracul, Order of the Dragon

FOURTH DIMENSION-Non-Physical Reality
Interesting death/ thrash, a bit remeniscent to PANTERA yet at times somewhat atmospheric. Decent production, it needs some bass. Worth checking out.

Three boring songs with lyrics about blood splatter, lesbian lust and "chop her up into bloody chunks". Itís been over-done already. A mix of grindcore/ industrial. These guys are from Brooklyn, NY.

NO RESTRAINTS-Dead Reflections
A five song demo of your usual New York death metal with a bunch of thrash, at times itís funky and is that some rap I hear? Well, the guitar leads are interesting and production decent.
Matthew Szablewicz

FUNERAL MOON-Demo #1 1995/ Silent Night Fullmoon Shine Demo #2 1995
Two different demos, very atmospheric ritualistic music from Mexcio. Not metal. Just darkness for those into the sounds of the left hand path and for those into atmospheric stuff.
Roman Olvera

NILE-Festival of Atonement
Their second attempt and it was worth it! Death / thrash metal at itís best. Good music, decent production, and a nice package.
PO Box 6062, Greenville, SC 29606-6062 USA

DISARRAY-Widespread Human Disaster
Five songs of wannabe PANTERA/ METALLICA clones from TN. Decent production, the style is a bit like hardcore. Itís ok but nothing new.
PO Box 975, Dickson, TN 37055 USA

M.E.S.T.-Master Energy Space Time
Oh shit, what the fuck is this?! These dehumanizing sounds, this is not even metal, itís just a bunch of noise with no talent. (Actually, this is music you can dance at a night clubÖtechno. So if youíre into that you might like it.-Lucifera). Just crap.
Dwell Records-PO Box 39439, Los Angeles, CA 90039 USA

This is a well done demo/ album with nine songs of doom/ death metal and gothic influence. Nice cover and layout, decent production.
Marcin Piwowarczyk

True viking metal at the fastest pace. This will be a classic among Viking metal. Nine songs very well organized, great vocals, very talented musicians. A must for those into Viking and black metal.

IN THE WOODS-Heart of Ages
Doom/ black/ gothic at itís best, very well organized, great vocals reminds me of MY DYING BRIDE but sounds nothing like them musically. They are very original, they sound like nothing done before, very depressing also.
Misanthrophy Records

ICED EARTH-Burnt Offerings
Eight songs of total thrash metal, influenced by old METALLICA, IRON MAIDEN, and MAN O WAR. A very well excellently executed record with good vocals and great guitar playing. Songs like Burnt Offerings, Last December, and Danteís Inferno run at least 16 minutes and just rip through the sky! A must for all metal heads.
Century Media

This is an excellent compilation with 15 different bands, all black metal! The bands involved are EQUINOX, LYCHANTHROPHY, EQUITANT, PROFANE GRACE, AVERNUS, DECEMBER WOLVES, DEMONCY, BURIED BENEATH and others. This is really great. Highly recommended.
Curse of the Chains Zine

This is your usual type of death metal. You can hear the CANNIBAL CORPSE/ SUFFOCATION influence. Theyíre musically good, their production is good. Worth checking out!
Jon Cabrera

SEPSISM-Severe Carnal Butchery
More death metal with CANNIBAL CORPSE influence. The songs obviously deal with butchery. A nice gory cover and five songs. Itís good but itís already been done.
Fernando Avila

DECORYAH-Wisdom Floats
Ah! Great tunes from these guys. Itís very gothic-like and very well musically orchestrated with some female vocals. Itís also very depressing. 11 songs with lyrics. A must for those into goth/doom.
Metal Blade

DECEASED-The Blueprints of Madness
True death metal warriors return to mangle your mind again. This oneís very brutal with sick vocals and great lyrics. A must for true death metal lovers.
Relapse/ Nuclear Blast America

The fifth album by these guys. This one is very musical. Various vocals and musicians. Great leads on this. Very melodic. They made a great cover of CELTIC FROSTís Sorrow of the Moon. Eleven songs, no lyrics, well produced.
Nuclear Blast America

NOVEMBRE -Wish I Could Dream Again
This is the first album I hear from this band, I think theyíre well organized, very original. This will definitely appeal to those into doom/ black / death metal. Itís melodic and the vocals are great. 13 songs, this is one you better get.
Polyphemus Distro. C/O Giovanni Dolce, via Benanti 41, 95122 Catania- Italia

ABSU-The Sun of Tiphareth
Their second album is excellent and very talented. They have great riffs and various vocals in the vein of occult metal. The lyrics are very intriguing. The cover is also something astonishing. This is perfection.
Osmose Prod.

Itís about time, hereís something with unworldy talent. This album is much better than Thy Mighty Contract and it has better production. This also has better layout, better vocals and itís very melodic. Nine songs to get immediately!
Rotting Christ

MELECHESH-As Jerusalem Burns
Five song demo. Sound a lot like Emperorís old stuff. Very well done production, a must for those into black metal.
PO Box 203, Jerusalem, Israel

AT THE GATES-Slaughter of the Soul
Their first album on Earache. Itís very, very, very good album which reminds me of old school death bands. Very melodic, vicious vocals. 11 songs plus a guest lead by Andy La Rocque (from King Diamond) in the song "cold"

Four songs of doom/ gothic metal with female vocals. Decent production, itís kind of boring, check Ďem out if you wish.
Daliaís Dead

Weird death metal?! At moments the style is indescribable, thereís a jazz influence in their music. Very blasphemic, itís good and itís different! Trinity Denied is one excellent song. Not for everyone.
Too Damn Hype- PO Box 1520, Cooper Station, NY, NY 10276-1520 USA

MORTIIS-Anden Son Gjorde Oppror
Two songs, each running about 20 minutes long of synthesizer music which I think is very talented. Itís very good atmospheric. This brings a cool layout by Mortiis himself. A must for satanists and for those into black metal.
Cold Meat Industry

New Faith is back! Follow The Way is their latest six song EP of old school hardcore. Very true to the HC scene and well worth a listen.
PO Box 1476, Cooper Station, NY, NY 10276 USA