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Infernal Noize

6 is poor!
66 is average!
666 is worth playing to the ANCIENT ONES!

All reviews by Lucifera except where noted.
Guest reviewer: Lord Orc

Aborted-Engineering the Dead
(Listenable Records 2001)
Review by Lord Orc
When a friend of mine handed this album to me I thought "Hmm Aborted, the name sounds kinda generic lets if the music is." HOLY SHIT IS THIS ALBUM BR00TAL!!! Their selection of samples from horror movies and the chilling repentence of Jeffrey Dahmer at the end add to the brutality of this album. From the opening track "Holocaust Incarnate" to the end "Exhuming the Infested" the album never stops. There is not one weak song on this entire album. My personal favorite "Nailed Through Her Cunt" is worth a listen alone. These Belgian Death Metal monsters are a force to be reckoned with. Pick up this album and allow yourself to be pulverized!!!
\m/ 666+ \m/

A Gruesome Fiend-Ravens of the Full Moon Eclipse
(Vile-Art Records)
I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a parody of black metal, since the bands describes themselves as, “The Ohioan Bleath Metal.” Nonetheless, the music is absolutely great! They switch tempos from melodic to furious, they’ve mastered the black metal sound and the vocalist, Mark of the Damned can screech with the best of them. Five creative tracks such as “Upon the Throne of Chaos,” “Slaughter of the Lamb,” and “Embodying the Spirit of Evil.” For a CD demo, the over is impressively done.

Anally Raped by Satan-Dimensions of Horror
(Anally Raped by Satan)
This is a project by Jason Jacket that mixes death metal with hardcore and movie samples. The music is fast and aggressive. The lyrics concentrate on gore, horror, death, blood, you get the idea. Oh and a funny song called “Yeast Infection.” Showing that Jason has a humorous side. Unfortunately, I find that it eventually gets dull, but it is a good effort.12 tracks in which “Dead Artistry” was the best song.

Aurora K-11th Hour
(Soundmen Records)
Gothic hard rock with female vocals by Katrina. Her vocals are strange, the best way to describe her vocals is to say that they are “nasal” vocals. Katrina’s vocals blend in well with the edgy hard rock performed on this CD which only contains two songs. These songs are “11th Hour,” and the gothy sounding and beautiful song “The Hopeless.” This CD also features the full length “11th Hour” video. The keyboards by Savi Salo are dreamy and classic. Johnny’s guitar riffs give the music and edgy sound, simple bass lines and drumbeats keep this very enjoyable. 66 ½ +

Blessing The Hogs-Blessing the Hogs
This is extreme hardcore with some hints of death metal. Really heavy material with semi-growled, semi-shouted vocals, choppy riffs and moving mosh beats. Nine tracks with simple lyrics. This is worth a listen, these guys have to be excellent live.
66 ½ +

Cock and Ball Torture-Cock Tales
(Shredded Records)
I’ve always enjoyed this band’s sense of humor, their choice of titles for each CD. This 16 track of putrid perversion from the fiendz of gore grind is a mix of gore and groove. The vocals are gargled and guttural and it’s a good release but I definitely enjoyed “Sadochismo” a lot better and I find that it’s more creative. They came up with some tales of beastiality, pussy, and a song for their band name, “The Cock and Ball Torture.” All that in addition to a sick pornographic cover. Disgusting.
66 ½ +

Detriment-Metal Vengeance
When I was told that I would enjoy this, I was skeptical as usual. But the first song on this excellent death/black metal CD is amazing! Hardcore beat style drum action, guttural and screechy vocals and great guitar and bass combination. “Contract from Below” starts with a great intro sample from a movie, I recognize it but can’t seem to place it. This song, unlike the first one, sounds like pure, aggressive black metal. The music on this CD settles for a mix between mid-tempo and doomy, but it can reach estatic heights in their frenzy to achieve good noise. Truly a vengeance to reckon with. Four tracks.

Dislimb-Bleeding Anxiety (demo)
(Unsigned-2002) Review by Lord Orc
Featuring guitarist Mike Connors (ex-Dripping) and Rob Lesniak(ex-Nunslaughter) and Brodequin drummer Chad Walls along with throaty vokillist Ryan A. Inman, Dislimb’s demo proves very strong. Every track has a great intro followed by great kickass work by Walls and awesome guitar and bass work by Connors and Lesniak. Many of the breakdowns heard are very Suffocation sounding. Strongest tracks are “Behind The Green Door,” “Deprived of Humanity” and “Infatuated With Sickening Thoughts”. Check these guys out when you can.

Funebrarum-Beneath The Columns of Abandoned Gods
Perfectly self-described as “Dark Brutal Death Metal,” this album starts with intense riffs, deep vocals and predatory drumbeats. There’s a hint of grind and doom in these apocalyptic tracks. Just listen to “Tombs of Sleeping Darkness.” This band features members of Evoken and Abazagorath. On the back cover of the album is a Funebrarum logo by the restless logomaker, Christophe Spzadjel. Influenced by H.P. Lovecraft and other dark things that roam this and the other world, Funebrarum makes it’s mark on the metal scene. Excellent music and great lyrics.

Internecine-Book of Lambs
Hammerheart America 2002
Review by Lord Orc
With all of the albums I've heard recently I can honestly say that Internecine's "Book of Lambs" stands out with much power. This is the album that has proven Jared Anderson is more than just a bassist/vocalist but an excellent guitarist as well. The writing is VERY similar to Hate Eternal which is no surprise considering that he is a member. Eric Rutan makes a guest appearance on here doing some evil soloing as is his trademark. The drum talents of Tony Lareno and Derek Roddy also appear on this album. Tony plays on every track but "Ceremonies of Deceit" and "Calling of the Hoardes" which Roddy appears on. From beginning to end this album is an assault on your ears. Such songs as "Elder Gods", "For Thee I Bleed" and "Encrypting the Vehemence" are fuckin' brutal! Great job Jared!
\m/ 666 \m/

Iron Rain-Garden of the Gods
(Catsongs Productions???-2000)
Review by Lord Orc
Now I've heard some REAL bad albums before, such as Six Feet Under's "True Carnage", anything Metallica have put out since 1991, and Cryptopsy's "And Then You'll Beg"...but IN THE NAME OF SATAN WHAT THE FUCK ARE THESE PEOPLE THINKING!? This has to be the absolute WORST album I've ever heard!!! I don't even know what to consider this catastrophe!!! It sounds like old NES music, Judas Priest, Ozzy, Survivor and J. Pop! This album is evil and NOT in the good way!!! I won't even mention any of the members and what they play since they use fake names anyway. This album is destined to meet my microwave oven for approximately five seconds.

Immortal Flesh-Unleashed Terror (demo)
Review by Lord Orc
This review is going to be a bit biased (ahem, only a bit? But nonetheless, it’s the truth-Lucifera) but I can't help it since I'm friends with these guys. This New York based Death Metal are showing vast improvement over the original Sins of the Flesh demo recorded in December of 2001. This recording with the new line up consisting of original members Al (guitars/backing vocals) and Angel (drums), Phil (guitars), Ralph (vocalist) and John (bass/backing vocals) is showing just a preview of things to come. From the opening song "Desolate Salvation" to the last "Unleashed Terror" the band rips through your ears with an assault of unrelenting brutality. The only problem audible with this demo is the kick drums that are only heard when listening closely, the cymbal, tom and snare work are blisteringly fast. The dual guitar work by Al and Phil complimented by John's incredible (and I use that term loosely) bass work drive through each song with speed and accuracy not found in many local bands. As expected Ralph delivers a monstrous vocal performance that rivals even the most well known vocalists such as George Fisher, Matti Way, Lord Worm and Steve Tucker.

Otto’s Daughter-sample from “Renew”
(Angelwhore Records)
Dark and heavy goth rock. Three song “Over IT,” “Wish,” and “B.” Good material but not very memorable. The vocals are god, the female vocalist of this band has attitude and the music is tight, it just seems to be missing an ingredient.

Pettalom-The Wine of the Night
(Demise Records)
A Brazilian gothic/progressive metal band with dual angelic (opera) female vocals and deep male vocals. Yes, they use keyboards. The instrumental intro “Beyond the Castle’s Door,” is very passionate. “Ashes Garden” is the first song is very classy and at the same time melancholic both musically and lyrically. Sometimes one can do without some of the high-pitched opera vocals, sometimes too many “aaaAAA” can get quite annoying. Some of their music reminds me of Theatre of Tragedy. If you can overlook the overuse of opera vocals flying up and down like laughter, this would be perfect. Otherwise, Katia Santana (soprano) does a great job and mix well with the male vocals, especially when he does spoken word. On the track “Berenice” you can hear the sexy accent of this Brazilian singer. The Spanish acoustic guitar playing is a beautiful touch to this musical collaboration. You’ll hear flutes, violins, and influences of 1980’s metal in some of the guitar solos. This is timeless and dreamy. “Dungeon” has lyrics that remind us of the inquisition and if one thinks of South American history and the invasion and killing of natives of that land in the name of xtianity it comes across deeply in this song. Nine tracks, tow are instrumental, the lyrics are in English, except for “Son of the Light” which is mixed with Latin. Check them out if you haven’t already.

Manticore-Promo 2002
(WarHammer Records)
Another dark death metal band from Ohio. Starting this off with what sounds like backward chants, the first track musically sounds like death metal but the vocals are a mix of guttural blasphemies and screechy defiance. The music is strong with a doom-like feel to it. This would appeal to fans of no nonsense black metal. Their lyrics are openly anti-christian. They have some Iron Maiden influences clearly heard on the track two--predominantly during the solo--entitled, “When Fire Strikes the Blackened Skies.” The first two tracks are demo songs but the last two are live. A good sampler of the band’s material. Their release which was out in early 2003 is entitled, “Bowels of the Hole Anoint us in Evil,” clumsy title but that’s what I written. And a release of the “Ritual Cleansing of the Whore,” MCD/MLP was released in March of 2002 on Breath of Night Records. One of the live songs is a Profanatica cover.

Misfits-American Psycho
It has taken me forever to get over the fact that Misfits without Glenn is still Misfits. Well, I’m still not quite over that fact but I was offered this CD to listen to and shamefully I must say I enjoyed it. The music is still Misfits with hints of Helmet and the guitar riffs are more metal than punk in the song “Crimson Ghost.” The song before that “This Island Earth,” the beginning reminded me of “Ghouls Night Out.” Michale Graves vocals do sound like he is trying to imitate Glenn Danzig’s. The Elvis-like vocals heard predominantly in “Day of the Dead.” But the tunes are catchy, the music makes you move and how can I be upset with Doyle and Jerry Only any longer. They still maintain the same look and Doyle looks great in the back cover of the album. I’ve always liked the way they maintained themselves physically and with that ghoulish look, now that looks threatening and sexy too. Still, old Misfits will always be a thousand times better and deeply cherished by me. So take a chance and check out this album.

Nargathrond-For We Blessed this World with Plagues
(War is Inminent)
Not to be confused with the black metal project, Nargothrond. This trio plays a blend of progressive power metal, with hints of goth rock. The music is melodic and enjoyable but the vocals are odd. The vocals seemed forced, not natural and very annoying at times. The guitar riffs remind you of 80’s heavy metal. “Farewell to the Flesh” has to be the most annoying song on here. Everytime the vocalist says, “cherished” you want to strangle him. They seem to be aiming for a style similar to Enchantment and Paradise Lost but don’t quite get there. Twelve tracks that have great musicianship but the vocals need to be changed.
66 ½

Samhain-Live 85-86
(Evil Live)
If you love Samhain, you will enjoy this. Recorded at Danceteria, NYC in 1985 and Metro, Chicago in 1986. It doesn’t sound much like a live album, but you can tell it is when you hear the choruses, it almost sounds funny. One of my favorite bands is Samhain. There are 18 infamous tracks here, some of them are “All Hell,” “Unholy Passion,” “Horror Biz,” “To Walk the Night,” and “Archangel.” Great pictures of the Samhain fiendz drenched in blood. If you don’t have this, GET IT, NOW!