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Infernal Noize

6 is poor!
66 is average!
666 is worth playing to the ANCIENT ONES!

All music reviews by Lucifera expect where noted.

Agamemnon-Angry Beyond Forgiveness
This is dark atmospheric music from “Dungeon Studios.” This was recorded in April of 1996. All keyboards, I didn’t hear any vocals although there are lyrics. Six tracks of mellow, ambient sounds. AT times it remind me of video game music, yet there is something creepy about it. Good to listen to in solitude. It makes great background music while you read dark literature. This was created by the same fiend that brings you AutoEroticAsphyxium Zine.
66 ½ +

The Berzerker-Dissimulate
These Australians return with Extreme death-grind with some industrial noize and rapid fire blast beats. This is Gwar on acid. You can hear some black metal in the deep screechy vocal style. I like this one better than their last effort. Certain tracks use samples before the music takes off into it’s own ultraviolent world.14 tracks, if you include track 13 which is all silence for 1:16. Two really good tracks are “The Principles & Practices of Embalming” and “Last Mistake.” And they finish with a cool version of Carcass’ “Corporal Jigsaw Quandary.”
66 ½ +

Bile-The Shed
(So It Is Done Productions)
This gore-grind metal band proclaims that “Bile does not support any from of religion, Bile supports cannibalism and is completely loyal to the Saw!” I’m sure Texas Chainsaw Massacre fans would be fond of such enthusiasm. Furious music with gutteral vocals that sometimes changes to what sounds similar to a ferocious dog tearing away at someone’s skin. Just listen to “Boiling Flesh” and you will know what I’m referring to. “Defleshing the Bones” has predatory riffs, doomy drumbeats hat quickly change into butchering mayhem of ultrafast mad metal. The names of the band members are even more interesting: Loeh “Cannibalistic Chainsaw Butcher” Sawyer, Rob “Bloodsoaked Hacksaw Butcher” Sawyer, and Ben “Pulverizing Bonesaw Butcher” Sawyer. All in the name of one infamous movies. All of this sick fun brought to you by a Pro-LaVey label, So It Is Done Productions-PO Box 891-9400 AW ASSEN-The Netherlands. Enjoy.

Birdflesh-Night of the Ultimate Mosh
Here’s an interesting band. You look at the name of the band and the cover and think “What the fuck is this shit?” But you know what, this is Misfits ala death/gore metal and they kick fuckin ass. They look kind of retarded but that’s the humor of it. The take their music quite seriously though. You can hear some Misfits influence at the end of “The Rolling Mass Grave.” This band is well described by Razorback “light-speed blast beats, vein exploding riffs and raw vocal lacerations.” That’s precisely what you will hear. The lyrics are best, the funniest has to be the lyrics to “Catmouth.” Their lyrics are ghoulish and hilarious. They also pay tribute to Samantha Fox and Hypnosia with their song “Night of the Ultimate Mosh.” Weird but listenable. 22 tracks of intense absurdity.

The Briefs-The Briefs
(Interscope Records)
Great punk rock influenced by the Ramones, Misfits and the Sex Pistols. Fun and upbeat. There are three songs on this promotional CD, “Poor and Weird,” “Where Did He Go?” and “Sylvia.”
66 ½ +

Bunny Five Coat-Negative Attention
(Bunny Coat Five)
all-gal punk rock from Pittsburgh. This CD contains eleven tracks. Erica’s vocals seem androgenous, you could easily mistake her voice for a male’s and still wonder if it’s a female singer. She sounds like Joan Jett and the music has that same feel. IT’s good and dark music but seems to need a little more aggression. What the band needs to do is add more variety in their songs. They all start to sound the same after a while. “Powerful,” “Thang,” “Better Day” and “Sweet Honesty,” are some of their better songs. or email
66 +

Cadaveria-The Shadow’s Madame
(Scarlet Records/End Records)
Opera IX’s Cadaveria has gone solo, or rather, she and Flegias (aka Marcelo Santos) decided to create a new musical project. The album was released in March 2002 by Scarlet Records. The music is black metal, Cadaveria’s vocals are different. She sings aggressively, clearly, in a thrash metal mixed with black metal style. Her words are understood. The music is a mix of classical heavy metal and death and black metal. Their lyrical content hasn’t changed much, they cover death, darkness, magic, evil, the unknown, cosmic energies, and humanity. “Declareation of Spiritual Independence” is the track that best shows the multiple musical integration of the band Cadaveria. It’s definitely different from Opera IX, a bit more avant-garde. Seven tracks of demonic glory. Cadaveria doesn’t lose the magnificence of her vocal range.

Cesium:137- Advanced/Decay
(Tone Deaf Records)
Enjoyable electro-industrial music. Cesium:137’s music can sometimes be soothing, especially if you listen to the instrumental “Darkest Dreams.” Or their music can be disturbing, just listen to “Effigy.” There’s a lot of influence from other industrial bands, VNV Nation comes to mind. Definitely something that should be played at industrial/goth clubs worldwide.

Corpse Fucking Art/ Gore Trade-split CD
(United Guttural)
Corpse Fucking Art starts this off with a movie sample and then changes into a mixture of death/gore metal. Deep guttural vocals, predatory music with changing tempo, fast and sludge. “Corpsex” is a powerful song to start with. Gore fiendz will enjoy this. Musically they sound a bit like Carcass. They use the Mortician formula, samples from horror movies and then the music. You can tell the influence by their second song title “Four on a Meathook.” They use movie samples from “Bloodsucking Freaks.” Five tracks of intense gore metal, including a cover of Mortician’s “Bloodcraving” which they changed. The sample they used was shorter and different to introduce the song. The lyrics are the same with the addition of the title of the song added as part of the chorus, this isn’t in the original version of the song. And according to one source the riffs aren’t accurate. Nonetheless, it sounds good but the changes may be a little bothersome, the addition of “Bloodcraving” in the song was a plus for me.
Goretrade, the Columbian gore grind machine takes over after this with “Postmortem Incision.” The same guttural vocal style used by Corpse Fucking Art are used here. The drums sound odd to me, or something that has been added to the music sounds annoying for a while until they get to some hardcore style beats. The music and vocals are choppy. “Serial Killer” continues in the same choppy vein. You hear the music more than the vocals, it gets a bit sludgy, and then the riffs pick up again. “The Horror of Gore” is a bit faster but those damn drums totally get on my nerves. They also have 5 tracks here.
Gore Trade-66 ½

Cuervo/Brainoil- split CD
(Berzerker Records)
Cuervo contributes three tracks of sludge grind. The music is heavy with stoner rock influence, the vocals are raspy, making it a good combination. It’s funny to see the comparison in length between Cuervo’s long lyrics and Brainoil’s shorter ones. This may explain why Brainoil has eight tracks on this CD. Too much stoner metal gets a little dull for me after a while though. Don’t get me wrong, the Brainoil is good. The production is clear. The music is mellow and heavy at once with screechy vocals, a bit repetitive, spacey or spaced out, if you want to go off to another land while enjoying some weed, I guess this is for you.
Cuervo 66+
Brainoil 66

Dark Eden-Entartete Kunst
(Dark Eden)
Music from the beloved Rev. Charles and his minions, Damiana and Javelin. “3 years, 10 months, 8 days,” starts out with demonically deep vocals and dark gothic-influenced music. The drumming is a bit too fast for the music at times. It keeps a militaristic pace but the keyboard style is of a spooky tone. “Fromm Sudin” brings out more guitar and bass sounds. The backing vocals here are fuzzy, and would sound better if they were clearer. The rest of the songs “…At Last” and “Kiena” retain an eerie feel throughout. A very ambitious release, and with more work this would attain perfection. I enjoyed listening to this. Demented! Try it.
66 ½ +

Detox Darlings-Detox Darlings
(Detox Music)
Ballsy rock & roll with sensual vocals by Jet Set Jenna Darling. “One More Hit” takes me back to the 80’s sleazy hardrock era. The band likes to describe themselves as “shaken, stirred up rock & roll with a twist.” You hear some Ramones, Kiss, Motley Crue, AC/DC and Rolling Stones in here. “Seven Songs in the Jukebox” has a sound similar to the Ramones, maybe that’s because the music is fun, almost teazin. Yep I like this one, sweet, nice, cute and sleazy. Sometimes Spyder Darling shares vocal duties, he has a low, deep gothic vocal style. Just listen to “Don’t Fuck with Me.” 8 tracks that I can play over and over again. It just sounds like good ol’ fuckin’ rock & roll. Unfortunately, “Ticket to Tokyo” and “Zombie Doll” was a bit dull for me, reminds me of too many bar bands I’ve heard.
66 ½ +

Devils for Islam-Stone the Devil
(Bullet Proof Records)
Now, I think Joe is a cool guy, but this was strange. I’m not sure if it’s the production which didn’t bring out the strength of the music or the horrible vocals which ruined the whole thing for me. “Curse of the Carrier Pigeons” was all speed and I enjoyed it musically and there’s a moment on that song I head a little Brujeria influence. Most of the music is guitar oriented hardcore. This demo was dedicated to Mike Arenson 1973-2001. Good moshing music, horrible vocals. Five tracks.

Disassociate – Imperfect World
(M.I.A. Records)
This is the bands 3rd release proving they are truly the kings of New York City Grind-core. This CD kicks out 19 tracks of relentless weed powered, grinding energy that never lets up from beginning to end. Very few bands have reached this mark on three consecutive albums. If I had to pick a favorite I would say “From Yesterday to today” which gives a perspective on the D.Y.I. way of punk and staying true to your roots as well as having your own way sounding “A different style of punk” to quote the lyrics. Next up the politically conscience “Reign Of The Superpowers”, “Bill Clinton Is A Nymphomaniac” and “Price For Freedom” which re-enforces views on how fucked up the ones in control of our planets nations really are and questions how free we really are without being constantly watched. “The price for freedom, one we all must pay, invasion of your privacy, garnishing your wages, taxes until your grave” Now there’s one we all can all relate to. Oh yeah this CD does not come with out a little humor “The whistle song” is a chart topper some body submit that one to the top Billboard top 40 and lets not forget “Fallout” remember this from Nausea? Good to see this band being remembered. Disassociate can do no wrong. Bottom line is if you don’t have it get! For more on Disassociate go to
-review by Joe V.

The Drive-The Drive
This is an all-female alternative/rock band with a combination of sweet and aggressive vocals. They’re strong, edgy and combine sensuality an anger in their music. One can hear some garage rock and pop-punk influences. They sound like other bands of the grrrl riot movement just a bit more melodic. Cute and raunchy. 6 tracks. The best songs on there are “Cursed” and “Suicide Note.”
66 ½ +

Dislimb-Bleeding Anxiety
I’m listing to their title track and already I’m bored. Ohio based Dislimb play a mix of death and gore metal with samples at the start of each song. Ryan A. Ihman has very strong vocals, unfortunately, the music is dull. Could be the production, it’s just not strong enough to hold my attention. It’s a bit chaotic and “Infatuated with Sickening Thoughts” did pick up the pace but the cymbals sounded too much like cowbells. It was almost too funny to take seriously. Rob Lesniak, ex-member of Nunslaughter plays bass on this release. 5 tracks.
66 ½

Dismember-Demos ’88-‘90 Four demos on one CD. Demo ’88 features “Deathevokation,” “Substantually Dead,” and “Defective Decay.” Followed by rehearsal demo ’89 containing “Deranged From Blood,” “Blasphemies of the Flesh,” and 2 more familiar tracks. This also has demo II, 1989 and Dismember’s “Reborn in Blasphemy” demo 1990 featuring the songs “Dismembered” and “Sickening Art.” In total you get 14 tracks of good ol’ Dismember material.

Funker Vogt-Code 7477
(Metropolis Records)
If you’re an enthusiast of industrial music you already know this infamous unit. Music to stop to. Danceable synth music with angry vocals. This release has 7 tracks. Their songs are in German but the booklet brings translations. I don’t know how I haven’t learned more German with all these bands around. Black Hole is in English. They remind me of a darker version of KMFDM.
66 ½ +

Ghoul-We Came of the Dead
(Razorback Records)
This is Misfits/Megadeth ala gore metal. Furiously fast music with what may be appropriately considered blood gargling , barfing, gurgling, death metal vocals. What I love about this band is the lyrics, total Misfits, so I had to demand a copy of the CD for myself. They use elements of the eerie, the ghoulish, and the macabre to get under your skin. Speaking of skin, they also did a fuckin ass kicking cover of Megadeth’s “Skull Beneath the Skin.” I wonder if they play live with the one-eyed bedsheets on? That would be so funny to watch. They have a cool comic book self-portrait on the cover done by Jake from “Tales of Uranus Comics.” Vincent Price’s voice eerily appears midway through “We Came for The Dead,” yep, they won me over right there!. Get your hands on this “splatter-thrashing gore-metal” CD as soon as possible. Their songs titles enforces their claim as Misfits of Gore, “Ghoul,” “Rot Gut,” “Tomb after Tomb,” “From Death to Dust,” “Coffin Curios,” and more. Nine fiendish tracks!

Harvist-A Gleam in the Night
(Dark Horizon)
Growling demons welcome you to the realm of “Harvist.” Harvist from West Virginia, is a one man-black metal project. Dusk takes care of drums, electric/acoustic and bass guitars, as well as keyboards. His vocals are screechy. The CD sounds homemade. It’s good material. It was recorded in 1999, there are seven enjoyable tracks. I liked the Ragnar Redbeard quote he used on the inner cover of the CD. When I saw this album, it looks really professional and so I had high expectations, especially with such a great intro but the music fell flat.
66 ½

Hate Eternal-Kings of All Kings
Hate Eternal and Nile are fighting over Morbid Angel’s throne. One look at the cover and you will be compelled to pick this up. On this album Hate Eternal rip through their music with full force. Uncompromising death metal. Erik’s vocals aren’t the best but they work well with Hate Eternal’s pandemonium-like style, on the other hand, his guitar leads are supreme chaos, as expected. Jared Anderson bassist/vocalist and Derek Roddy (drummer are part of the line up that backs up Erik’s disturbing musical creation. It’s as if his mind is musically stuck in an otherworld, one created by Lovecraft or perhaps even Algernon. Pure Energy.

The Holy Bible-Volume II. Comp.
(Holy Records)
A compilation with dark, doomy, melodic metal bands. Greece’s On Thorns I Lay starts this out with their relaxing track “Enigma.” Dual male and female vocals are heard along with keyboards and violins, this songs picks up and gets a bit heavy. Nightfall follows with heavy rock riffs of Athenian black/doom metal, with their song “Sheer Misfit.” This is an excellent song! Finland’s Yearning follows with “Unwritten” adding their strange blend of gothic/doom metal with “clean” vocals. French fiends Misanthrope add “at 666 days…” fast, progressive death metal with keybords here and there and growled vocals. Stille Volke enter like odd predators with outer worldly music with their song “Luna Mecanica.” It does sound oddly mechanical. Legenda does “eclipse,” an atmospheric dark metal song with rock sensibilities, another excellent track. I love this one. Greece’s Exhumation play “Dance Across the Past” it’s melodic and atmospheric death metal. Gloomy Grim from Finland are odd, their song “blood” shows that, they add a touch of eerie black metal with haunting keyboards. I like them. Legendary Septic Flesh from Greece play “the eldest cosmonaut,” this track has howling banshee female vocals with sung and growled dark metal vocals. Dark, romantic, ancient metal. Godsend’s “A Wayfarer’s Tears Part IV” is beautiful. Gothic progressive doom with “clean” singing. This also includes bands such as S.U.P., Tristitia, Serenity, Orphaned Land, and the infamous Elend. Great music, very pleasing.

Iron Rain-Iron Rain
This 3 song CD has a strange cover. A woman’s face is on the cover, she has blond curly hair, gren eyes and her mouth is open in shock? I don’t know. This starts off with a song called “Like an Angel” a good punk and hard rock track with sensual female vocals. “Misfit” was a bit dull for me, the band Hole came to mind. “Wicked Kiss” starts out with gothy vocals and really heavy music, I almost expected a black metal version of Blue Oyster Cult. The vocalist starts screaming and the rest of the band backs her up but it sounds strange. The music this band releases has heavy guitar riffs but the mix of vocals and music gives the listener mixed feelings. The material is good but it needs a little touch up.
66 ½

Inner Fear-Thanology
(Corpremesis Records)
This is a symphonic/goth metal band with “clean” female vocals and semi-growled throllish black metal male vocals with the addition of keyboards for atmosphere. The music is well structured and enigmatic. It’s creative and melodramatic, just listen to “Lustmistress,” “Masquerade,” and “Imprisoned in Forgotten Donjon.” There are type O’s everywhere on the booklet but the lyrics are poetic, especially when one reads “Inner Fear” and “Imprisoned…” 9 bizarre tracks. or
66 ½ +

Lead Us Into War and Final Glody-Various Artists
(Dark Horizon/Realm of Darkness)
Allfather leads this album with five battle-influenced tracks. “Warlust” is furious black metal on speed, followed by “With Glory Unbound” which is also an ultra-fast song with wild screechy growls and slow breaks in between, very chaotic. The next three songs have similar approach. Allfather kicks ass! Now that’s with that band name? The band consists of four fiendz from Canada, very impressive! Nebron follows with two high-caliber tracks “Between Lies and Hypocrites” and “At the Pagan Aldumas Night,” both black metal songs with keyboards. The music is haunting and reminiscent to old Emperor’s early music. This is played by five demons from Hungary. Tomas knows how to evoke haunting sounds with the keyboard. The music is strikingly mixed with the frenzy the rest of the musicians conjure and the deep raspy black metal vocals of Balazs makes you think of violently cold winter places. Nothing slow here, pure massive attack. Hordes of the Lunar Eclipse add three tracks to this already blasphemous CD. Loud, aggressive, and a bit repetitive with the riffs. The drumbeats can be a little monotonous, yet they manage to sound really good. This is a two-man project from Indiana, USA. This finally ends with NJ’s Gnostic. The vocalist sounds like he’s singing with this mouth full of water or something. Five tracks of fast paced black metal. From this release, the best are the first two bands. The last two were good but not too pleasing.
66 ½ +

Libido Airbag-Knee Deep in Pussy
(Machismo Productions)
It’s hard for me to look at this cover, two obese blond women having sex with a skinny guy. I can handle all types of gore but this, ugh, it’s just sick. Anyway, this album has 22 tracks. Tracks 1-12 were taken from “Unshaven,” a demo they released in 1996. While tracks 13-22 were from their 1995 demo. The vocals remind me of a mix between Catasexual Urge Motivation and Cock and Ball Torture, in other words, frog-in-throat style. Their music is a mix of gore metal with technocore which is especially noticeable in “Kamikaze Cock Sucker.” The duo that created this sickness are Didez El Vaginal Conquistadore and Rodriguez Cohonez (all that and they are from Germany). “Chopped Up Cohonez” has a sample intro from a Mexican movie. They have a few cool musical creations here which are almost danceable. “Diarrhea Blitzkrieg” is great, think of the theme music of Power Puff Girls but with some twisted changes. I enjoyed several of the tracks including “H.I..V vs B.S.E.” although some of the recording is low, probably because these were originally demos. “Vaginal Piststop” could be categorized as goregind with hip-hop beats that gets heavier as the music goes along. The title track is their most powerful song on here. Some of our NYC clubs should be playing this kind of goregrind, techno, industrial metal music. If they TRULLY want to mix the scene up.
66 ½ +

Machetazo-Trono de Huesos
(Razorback Records)
There is so much energy released when you listen to this album. Dopi sounds really angry when he unleashes his vocals and his drum attack is similar in aggression. And this is only in the first song “Banquete Funerario.” The guitar riffs are pure madness. This is ultra-speed death metal. 14 tracks of non-stop insanity. They did a great cover of Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades.” There are moments on this album that the music gets a bit mundane but otherwise, this is a killer release.
66 ½ +

Mortician-Final Bloodbath Session
(Primitive Recordings)
This is a bit of a bias review, as some of you know. I was not originally a big Mortician fan but this compilation of their past works changes everything. Not only does the compilation have better production by Beaujard and Snyder, but most importantly I can hear Will’s vocals without having to frustratingly search for his inhuman vocal tone. These are the raw songs without the trademark horror movie samples Mortician is known for. Those who appreciate their gory, thunderous and chaotic brutality will definitely enjoy this. This one contains favorites such as, “Zombie Apocalypse,” “Domain of Death,” “Final Bloodbath,” “Necrocannibal,” “Redrum,” “Bloodcraving,” “Hacked Up for Barbeque,” and “Mortician.” In total you get 27 tracks.