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Infernal Noize

6 is poor!
66 is average!
666 is worth playing to the ANCIENT ONES!

All Music reviews by Lucifera Elena
except the Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel reviews, done by Lord Orc.

Aeternus-Ascension of Terror
(Martyr Music)
The Norwegian Gods of War return with a slight change in their line-up, V’gande is their session bassist. Morrigan departed but Aeternus moves onward. The music on this new album continues to explore Dark Metal, it’s a bland of brutal death and thrash metal with mid-paced, slow melodious moments. Ares’ definition of Ascension of Terror is an excellent description, he called it "raw aggression and yet calm folkish melodies of pride and honor." But rather than an ascension this seems like a descent in some aspects, the music is not raw enough, it lacks some aggression. Their title track has great lyrics but the music for it is a bit dull. Now, if you listen to Essence of the Elder this is probably on of the most war-like songs in here, the lyrics are vampyric and the music chaotic. I Love their lyrics but the music becomes a drag at some points.
66 ½

Annihilvs.001-the information apocalypse compilation
A compilation from the label that proclaims that they are “breeders of antisocial music for a corrupt culture since 1997.” This “antisocial” compilation contains 14 different forms of noize, atmospheric soundscapes, samples, and synth works. Leaind these breeders is Navicon Torture Technologies with “A Morte Perpetua,” an excellent introduction to this compilation. Other apocalyptic arrangements are by Gruntsplatter, Tarmvred, Lab Report, Converter, Hollowing, Land Fire, Control, Death Squad, Unter Null, Jerl, Nothing, and Abfall. Dark, dreamy, disturbing and yet deathly delightful.

Armageddon-A Tribute to Destruction
Destruction, the trash metal gods, finally get their own worthy tribute. Kauldron does an amazing job with “Bestial Invasion,” shit, I had to play it twice it was so damn amazing. Then Draconis follows with their rendition of “United by Hatred,” which is beautifully executed. Evil Incarnate covers “Tormentor,” their recording was a bit low, but they did a good job on this one. Then Nokturne takes on “Devil’s Soldiers,” Abominant covers “Curse the Gods,” Soulless “Confound Games,” and Infamy does “Total Disaster.” Besides Kauldron and Draconis’ excellent renditions there were other highlights. The Chasm doing a hellish version of “Deathtrap,” Sanctorum’s version of “Mad Butcher” is something that requires a listen, and Diabolic’s “cover of “The Ritual” is definitely diabolic. Check this compilation out.

Black Dawn- Blood for Satan
Black metal, raw, hateful, and yes, dangerious. Here’s a band that boasts "Blood for Satan should only be listened to during the practice of self-mutilation." They have self-hatred and outer hatred. Now this is war, and I say fuck peace! The band gets you in a very malicious mood and reminds you of the ugliest side of black metal. "Propelled by a truly manic drum performance by skin-pounder Cauldron, Blood for Satan is a relentless attack on purity and light" Their music is tight, vehement and clear, the vocals are demonic, angry and unforgiving. My favorite track here is Of Blackest Witchcraft.

Cannibal Corpse-Gore Obsessed
(Metal Blade Records)
Review by Lord Orc (
Well I'd like to say that I like this album a lot considering that Cannibal Corpse were the first Death Metal band that I got into The first few tracks on this album are the best ones and sadly after Dormant Bodies Bursting the album just turns into a complete recycling of old riffs from Gallery of Suicide and a few from Butchered At Birth. Hung & Bled for example has so many of the same riffs as From Skin To Liquid that if you played just the guitar part from the song you might just think you had the Gallery album on. Very disappointed here guys. Also what was the idea covering a Metallica song as a hidden track???

Cerebral Hemorrhage- Exempting Reality
(Mutilated Records)
NY Style death metal, fast with gutteral vocals. The lyrics are angry and based on common situations regarding fights, being tough, killing…did I say common? Abusive Power is rather interesting because it’s a story about a crooked cop, intermingled with domestic violence, drugs and death. My suggestion to the band, please proofread the lyrics before printing them. Worth a listen. 7 tracks Resulting in Homicide, well maybe.

Charnel House-From Birth to Burial
(Charnel House)
Another NY death metal band, not quite typical, there are elements of the NY style but they also have found their own rhythm. There’s a little hardcore influence in here. I’ve been hearing about this Queens band for a while and this is the first time I listen to their material. Their lyrics seem to be inspired by horror movies or horror literature. Musically, they slow down at times as in Tales of Murder which reveals their good musicianship. This band would do best to experiment more, at times they sound like they are restricting themselves and it hurts their music which seems emotionless. Not bad, needs a little work but they have potential.
66 ½

Divine Silence-Promise You
(Dark Wish)
Here’s a NY band that I always have high expectations of. Staten Island’s doom metal fiendz open up with Away which is a bit reminiscent of My Dying Bride, but somewhat stagnant. Anastasia has nice vocals but they should be used less in this album because it doesn’t fit well with the music. Chris’ vocals on the other hand, are perfect, they match the mood of the music, one needs to hear To Live or Die to understand this, an excellent song with obscure and touching music. The lyrics to this song makes me think of the Crusades and the Templars. Divine Silence has very thoughtful lyrics and their music is a mix of momentary serenity with changes towards emotional disturbance. This band has never let me down, let’s keep it that way!

Exmortem-Berzerker Legions
From the start Exmortem speeds through their songs with full force. Extreme pounding, roaring riffs, diabolical vocals. Excellent music. This is aggression unleashed. Sigtyr writes insightful lyrics and he looks hot! The music on this album is like a continuous attack, it doesn’t slow down, there’s no time to, just listen to this yourself. Catastrophic Destruction at its best!

This German band plays excellent death/black metal using dual male and female vocals. This is their third album. This album conjures up images of old black metal days in their song “Paradies,” which has the musical style of Necromantia, at least until the female vocalist, Grit, sings in high pitch and then it’s a turn off. She should continue doing her low vocal range. In “Pfeffer” her vocals are more tolerable, they mix with the musical style. Their music definitely has catchy melodies and the more I listen to this the better it gets. They are inventive yet conjure many aspects of older black/death metal. Daniel and Marten both play devilish riffs. Hardy’s vocals are filled with a variety of dark, screechy, deep growls. The band as a whole is a tight unit with a little loose ends. 11 tracks.
66 ½ +

Dark Funeral-Diabolis Interium
The Satanic music has become an unstoppable force hitting all areas of the musical spectrum, in metal Dark Funeral still sing their hymns of diabolism to their minions. The black metal blasphemy is reborn in this album. Now, I’m enjoying these CDs with videos, you get music and visual stimulation. On “Diabolis Interium,” you will get to see a video for “An Apprentice of Satan” in concert with some kewl fire breathing scenes. “The Black Art,” more live action with really good takes on the band and yes, more fire, ah but it doesn’t end there, we get a trip through a dark forest into a dark cavern and lovely burning crosses everywhere. If you have a damn computer, now you can truly say fuck mtv, besides DVDS and VCRs, we don’t need them! Produced by Peter Tagtren and studio technician Lars Szoke, “Diabolis Interium” doesn’t lose touch with Dark Funeral’s brand of Swedish Black Metal. The music is intense and pandemonic. The best tracks, musically, are: “The Arrival of Satan’s Empire” and “An Apprentice of Satan.” On the other hand, lyrically, the best material is in the sexual “The Goddess of Sodomy,” although the title is a bit misleading. Two other songs with excellent lyrics and music were “An Apprentice of Satan” and the sinister “Armageddon Finally Comes” (hmm a prediction). Excellent music for when you’re in the mood to hate the whole fuckin’ world!

More Polish Death Metal from these sexy and sinister beings. Deep gutteral vocals, maddening guitar riffs, war-like drumming and equally aggressive bass playing. The songs “Perfect Dehumanization (The Answer?),” “Eternity Too Short,” “Babylon’s Pride” and the rest of these tracks are filled with great variety especially the guitar riffs, which take you into the halls of their dark minds. “Winds of Creation” was good, “Nihility” only gets better. You can hear some Morbid Angel influences here. Just listen to the title track, and while you’re at it check out “Spheres of Madness”… as someone once said, “sweet.”

December-The Lament Configuration
A strange American Metal-Core band. The music sounds backwards, as if one is listening to a death metal album in reverse. The vocals very from gutteral to raspy, they are hard to decipher. The music is a mix of ferocious blasts, twisted bass playing and Godflesh influenced guitar riffs. There are 10 tracks of disturbing metal-core. The hard part is figuring if you like them or not, at moments I do and at moments I don’t. This one was produced by Peter Townshed. Hmm, could that explain this albums oddity? Perhaps.
66 ½ +

Ephel Duath-RePhormula
Earache is putting out some experimental bands. Here’s an Italian band that blends complex rhythms, melodic and chaotic moments, synth and some technical guitar works to create a “unique” style of black metal. Interestingly enough, this is a project of two men Davide (guitar/ vocals/ synths) and Giuliano (vocals/ bass/ synths/ programming). Their style of black metal is refreshing, sharp and captivating. 8 tracks plus two remixes and three more additions from their demo “Opera.”

Manhunt-Revenge Volume One
As much as I love female vocals, I really couldn’t get over these screeches…they bothered me. The music is a blend of high pitch, screechy female vocals with hardcore music. Now the vocals didn’t bother me in a good way, NO, they just managed to be annoying. It was much better when it was deeper, even non-gutteral was good but otherwise, not pleasant. The music, on the other hand, was good with a steady beat and predatory riffs. I can respect the effort to promote women’s rights but I can’t take anymore of this. It’s hard to pay attention when it’s annoying rather than good. Sorry guys. 5 tracks.

Maul Girls-Rump Roast
(MMG Music)
All-female fun-pop-rock band. The lyrics are playful yet with a serious message. They were a lot more fun to watch live but this isn’t my type of music.

Mental Horror-Proclaiming Vengeance
What an amazingly intricate album cover! Wow! Looks like something out of Lovecraft’s Chuthulu mythos. The artist of this amazing design is M. Miller ( Anyway and now to talk about Mental Horror, well this album gives you mixed feelings. Ex-Krisiun drummer Robles Dresch sounds like he’s on speed, the guitarist, Adriano Martini, is racing against the drummer and the vocalist sounds like he’s barking. It’s chaotic death metal that sounds absolutely great except for the vocals which bore the hell out of me. Extreme metal from Brazil, 11 tracks of very traumatic music. Some interesting tracks to check out are “Black Spiritual Void,” “Screams of Tiamat,” the guitar playing here is intense, “Anguish Seas,” and of course the title track.
66 ½ +

Morbid Angel-Gateways To Annihilation
(Earache Records)
Review by Lord Orc
Ah the mighty Morbid Angel, my personal favorite band. Now after their last release Formulas Fatal To The Flesh (BLESSED BE THE ONES, THE MOST ANCIENT ONES!) I was wondering if this album was just as good. Well the answer is yes and no. Some tracks such as Summoning Redemption, Ageless Still I Am, Opening Of The Gates (FASTEST DOUBLE BASS EVER FUCKING RECORDED!), Secured Limitations and God Of The Forsaken are great tracks. But the other tracks like He Who Sleeps and To The Victor The Spoils are just down right boring. A friend of mind pointed out that the main riff in To The Victor The Spoils is the exact same thing as Dawn Of the Angry. Back to Opening Of The Gates though...what a song...and the Talk about setting a mood of despair for those damn dirty Christians, that song fistfucks the life out of Christianity. Fuck yeah!
666 (Hey the good tracks are GREAT!)

Pro-Pain-Shreds of Dignity
Wow, I haven’t heard these guys in ages. I remember listening to them when they first came out. Well, for those who don’t know, the band was formed over a decade ago with ex-members of the infamous NYC band The Crumbsuckers. What we have here is hardcore mixed with metal. They haven’t changed much from what I remember. Predominant bass playing, steady drum beats, frenzied guitar riffs and semi-shouted, semi-growled vocals. Oh and they add a horn section in here, it mixes with their music and doesn’t take away from the aggression the song “Down for the Cause.” This is great if you’re into hardcore.
66 ½ +

Resistance-Ancient Fire
(Seventh Generation)
Resistant is an LA band with a musical mixture of punk, metal and tribal grind. The music is fast paced with semi-shouted, semi-growled vocals. Aggressive, malicious, playful and funky. “Refuse/Resist” reminds me of new Soulfly, I thought it was a cover of one of their songs. I’m sure they can conjure up a good mosh pit.
66 ½ +

Very Metal-Hit and Run
(Beer City)
Very Metal is actually a very punk band with some hints of thrash and hardcore. Shouted vocals, simplistic drumming and good guitar riffs. They got their name from Vivian’s jacket of the British TV show “The Young Ones.” It’s not hard to hear the Motorhead and GBH influences but the only really powerful thing here is the sound of the “very metal” guitar. If you like punk this will appeal to you. 14 tracks such as “Jealous,” “Lie, Cheat, Steal,” and “Sicko Creep.”
66 ½

Vulgar Pigeons- summary execution
Extreme grind core! This band has decided to battle the consumer-obsessed, money hungry corporate lifestyle. They’re disgusted by the stagnant lives everyone is forced to lead. I wasn’t expecting this album to be so strong. 26 disturbing tracks that’ll make you want to quit your job and go on a killing spree. Just imagine what you’ll get from the titles of some of these songs: “Hymn of the Misanthrope,” “Lampshade Desire,’ Flip off your Boss,” “Police Shit,” “Corporate Morgue,” and “In the Hands of a Benevolent Chimpanzee Scientist.” Hmm, seems to me the youth gets angrier and deadlier with every generation, just listen to their music..their underground music

Without Face-Deep Inside
(Dark Symphonies)
This Hungarian band blends gothic metal with progressive/ technical music. At times it sounds fine, and the angelic vocals are dreamy but at moments, it’s just flat. They are a watered down version of Dismal Euphony. The vocals are dual male thrash metal style (though not restricted to this he also does gothic style vocals) and female angelic vocals. The lyrics are inspired by H.P. Lovecraft, E.A. Poe, and H.W. Longfellow, this is apparent in their lyrics which are quite poetic. The mix feels strange but sounds really good. The guitarist is outstanding and shine through the music. This CD includes a video for the song “I and I.” 7 emotionally disturbing songs.
66 ½ +

Wykked Wytch-Angelic Vengeance
(Demolition Records)
Released on Oct. 31st, 2001, this album includes a new line-up and was produced by Kit Woolven, known for work with Cradle of Filth and Anathema. Plus the album has great art, the cover was created by Chad Michael Ward and the back cover by Joe Petagno (think Motorhead) and both of these are excellent works. On this album, Ipek’s vocals are amazing, she’s entered the realm of black metal and she has show us she can fit her vocals into any of the metal genres you throw at her! Just listening to the first title track is astonishing. The woman is full of surprises and the musicians are tight and professional. Ipek can compete with the best of them! Dark, creepy and aggressive. Pick this one up, you’ll be surprised! 7 songs.