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Immortal Suffering

by Lucifera

The band IMMORTAL SUFFERING from Queens, NY played a show Endemoniada zine had put together at the Spiral and they were quite impressive! Who can forget a band who carries around a dead goat's head and tries to smash it on stage.

IMMORTAL SUFFERING formed in 1992 by Joe Provvisiero & Woodstock R.R.
In 1993 Ray Lebron joined the band as bassist and in 1994 Dave Zatuchney joined on guitar. The four piece emerged from the depths of the studio to plummet the seen with their horrid visions and shortly afterwards, they released their first self-titled demo.

IMMORTAL SUFFERING hit hard luck when Woodstock R.R. was let go due to his addiction to the darker sides of life, but the band was able to find Rudy Lopez, with the band back in action they worked hard to tighten the music while preparing for the new demo. The demo released in 1995 was entitled ETERNAL DAMNATION.

In 1996 came the unexpected, Dave mutually decided to split because he wanted to go in a different direction. Ralph Spadafora of GOD FORBID to replaced Dave as vocalist. The band has played several shows in the NY area with INTERNAL BLEEDING, REJUVENATE, MALEVOLENT CREATION, FORBIDDEN, DIESEL, DEATHRUNE, CHARNEL HOUSE, NO RESTRAINTS, FALLEN CHRIST, ABAZAGORATH, etc.

And with this IMMORTAL SUFFERING promised to please the ears of the truest death heads. Check for review in this issue. In 1997 they released Entangled Upon Lies but the title is subject to change. The band was short lived and they broke up before they could continue their mayhem.