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Interview with Peter Tagtgren
By Vulgardemon Hypocrisy-born in 1987, was formed in Stockholm by Peter Tagtgren- vocalist/guitarist extraordinaire when he returned to his homeland after a 3 year stay in Florida, USA which was then known as the death metal capital of the world. And history was made! I wont get into that history because you can find it at Hypocrisy’s website. I managed to talk with Peter Tagtgren at March Metal Madness and he was a really cool guy, easy to talk to and humorous as well. A man who has played in several bands, held his own with Hypocrisy and Pain, as well as maintains his own studio Abyss deserves a great amount of respect. But enough from me, here’s the interview.

Vulgardemon:Tell our readers how the March Metal Madness Festival went.
Peter T: Uh, it went ok, you know, it was all good, but it could have been better.

V:Why was your set cut short?
P: Lack of time or schedule, they just wanted us off.

V:What about Dimmu Borgir?
P: They wanted them off too, they were told, if you don’t get off, the cops will come and help you out.

V:Where is your live guitarist?
P: He’s at home puking, he’s got food poisoning and shit, y’ know.

V:Compare the fans of Europe to the ones in the United States. Do you find that European fans support the music more?
P: Not really, we haven’t been here so much, so people really appreciate when we come over and we appreciate them. So um, I think it’s pretty similar.

V:What was the reason for playing the American Anthem live?
P: Ah, just to show the people that we’re honored to be here..

V:About a year or two ago, Final Chapter was supposed to be the final album. What made you continue?
P: Pretty much the Milwaukee Metal Fest really blew us away, it was the audience, they were unbelievable. I went up on stage, plugged in my pedals and they were freakin’ out, I thought Venom was behind me and it was me they were cheering at!

V:Is this your last or will you keep going?
P: We’ll keep on going but we’ll do it slow and take it easy, we used to release every year and stuff like that but we’ll just take it easy.

V:What about Abyss and Pain?
P:Abyss, we won’t do another one because we don’t think we can top it, so why mess around with it? Pain, I’m working on right now y’know.

V:What about WAR?
P: Uh, no, I mean, they are going to do another WAR album but I’m not going to be on it.

V:What do you think of the overall metal scene and what do you think the future holds for Metal music?
P: I think it’s weird that people say it’s going down and shit, but I think it’s going up, so many bands are like hitting the 100 thousands sales and stuff like that, you didn’t see that 5 years ago.

V:Are there other styles of music you listen to besides metal?
P: Yeah, I listen to Depeche Mode, a lot of 70’s stuff like Led Zeppelin, Kiss and stuff like that. I really listen to a lot of stuff, y’know.

V:What about Genitorturers or Electric Hellfire Club?
P: Never heard of them. V:Never heard of them? David Vincent’s playing in that band with his wife Gen?
P: No, never heard of them.

V:How is Abyss Studios working out for you?
P: Doing much better than I expected, it’s totally overbooked and all these killer bands are coming in, it’s super!

V:Who’s up next to record at Abyss?
P: Let me think, Old Man’s Child, I think, I can’t remember.

V:Are you into any female music groups? And do you plan to record and produce any female artists?
P: Uh, I did one band called BOREHEADS, they are like a punk girl band. Sure man, I don’t care, I mean anyone who books my studio can record there.

V:Do you see Hypocrisy as a death metal elite?
P: I don’t know, I think we have gothic elements, we have black, we have death, so we just try to mix the shit we listen to.

V:What are your 5 Favorite albums of all times?
P: Deicide- the first one
Depeche Mode-Ultra
Kiss-Destroyer, let me see um, oh man that’s hard
Slayer– Reign in Blood, that’s a killer album
Venom-Welcome to Hell.

V:Are you going to be the second guitarist for Marduk? Will you be touring with them?
P: No, not anymore, y’know, I did but now my life is overbooked. It’s really hard.

V:It’s very noticeable that you have a fascination with Alien beings and with Rosewell, tell us what influence do they have on humanity and in the government.
P: Is it happening or not, is the government keeping it away from us, it probably is, for a reason I think. Because I think the whole fuckin’ system would just crash. Religion, oil, energy, a lot of people would lose work…

V:Are we being watched?
P: I think so, yeah.

V:Do you think there is a connection between aliens and European civilizations?
P: Yeah could be, but also in America, a lot of Indians and stuff like that telling stories. All the ancient people, like the Egyptians, for example, just look at the pyramids.

V:It’s like it has a connection between Sumeria…
P: Plus in certain times, like every hundred years or something like that, the pyramids are standing exactly like the Milky Way.

V. On Mars, I think
P:I can’t remember.

V: It’s like a geometrical pattern. Do you think there’s a connection between alien lifeforms and the Necromomicon and Sirius Star Mysteries?
P: It could be, it’s like really connected with a lot of religions y’know, people thought it was god. I think what they thought was a god that came down from the sky, I think it was something else that came down. But since “he” can fly and all that shit y’know, that’s why they call him god.

V:You’ve heard of a Greek band called Septic Flesh ‘cos they’re really into that?
P: No, never heard of them.

V:They’re really good, their lyrics are very into the cosmos and the aliens and they’re on Holy Records. Really good, check ‘em out.
P: Yeah

V:Any out of this world comments?
P: Fuckin’ NY blew me away man. I’ve been out to the Empire State Building and y’know, being like a real tourist y’know. It’s fuckin’ super cool, I’ve been dreaming about this forever. The best think I like about this is when it’s dark, the skyscrapers, y’know you only see it in the movies and all the cultures, I’m like….

V:I’ll tell you one thing, I live in NY….oh, I’ll turn this off…

***And with that Vulgardemon cut us off from Peter Tagtgren’s world.*******