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Sabina of Holy Moses

Interview by Lucifera Elena

1. Would you say you are one of the first female vocalists of the 1980's sing in a thrash metal style?
Oh yes, you are right, I think so that I was one of the first female vocalists, but Dawn Crosby from Detente started up in the time. Bad that she died a few years ago, she was a friend of mine.

HOLY MOSES 2. Holy Moses has more than nine releases under its belt. Why wasn't Holy Moses more visible in the 1980's?
The 80`s were great for Thrash Metal in Europe and in the 90`s HOLY MOSES split up - but that had nothing to do with the scene, it was more personal problems - but now we are happy to be back.

3. Do you recall any major metal magazines that gave you coverage in the 1980's?
The Mags are behind HOLY MOSES again - 'cause they know that we are doing the comeback out my heart and soul and that it is earnest. The new stuff is realy HOLY MOSES and we are looking forward!

4. You were absent from the metal scene since 1994 due to several personal difficulties. How did you get back on track and what inspired you to return to music?
In my heart I never split up with HOLY MOSES. And during 1999 I got really ill (cancer), two operations were following and I had a hard motorcycle accident - after all that shit - and I was nearly dead, I decided to do what I want to do - and the only thing was HOLY MOSES - so I am really happy to be back!

5. Tell us the story behind "Master of Disaster." Do the songs reflect any of your experiences or are these fantasy oriented lyrics?
Oh, that is a good question. No, my lyrics on "Master Of Disaster" are not fantasy. They are describing my hard time when I was ill, and loosing friends because of my illness. I am writing always what is in my heart, it`s like a diary.

6. When can we expect to see Holy Moses on tour? What locations are you already planning on touring?
We first played huge festivals in Germany (With Full Force and Wacken Open Air) and in Austria (Mind Over Matter and Hell on Earth) and Korea (Pusan International Rock Festival) - now we are planing to do a small tour around Christmas in Europe, but we are still working on it.Sabina of Holy Moses

7. Tell us about the label you are on? Is it still Century Media?
Yes, we are signed to Century Media and we will release, next year, the full-length album with Century Media. Until now we are working great together with Century and I hope in the future, too.

8.What do you say about men who feel women shouldn't take part in brutal music?
Personally, nobody said that to me. I think I am accepted in the scene, `cause I am doing this style since a long time and a lot of male vocalists tried to sing like me. hahaha.

9. Compared the 1980's to the year 2000-2001, do you see any major differences?
The only major differences are that a lot of more bands are in the scene and that we have more genres in the metal styles - but all in all - I think not so much changed - it`s still rock`n`roll.

Do you feel there's a rise of women in the metal scene?
Yes you are right, that is one of the good aspects, that now more females are in the metal scene - so more people are listening to the harder stuff.

10.What type of music do you enjoy? Name a few favorite bands?
I enjoy a lot of styles - my favorite bands are still Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Kiss, Venom, Slayer, Celtic Frost, VoiVod, Motörhead, Nina Hagen, Deep Purple, Status Quo, Uriah Heep, Frank Zappa, Jethro Tull, Ministry, Esoteric Music from India, Pink Floyd, Genesis.

11. When not working on Holy Moses what do you enjoy doing?
I like to do sports (soccer, jogging), reading books and surfing thru the internet and doing my website and my biggest hobby is sleeping...but I have no time. I like to relax but for that I have never time...and of course hanging around with my real friends!

12. Tell us a little about the rest of your bandmates?
They are all crazy like me, otherwise they can`t work with me together...hahaha *g*. They are all new in HOLY MOSES and time will tell if we fit together. Never know before!

13. Any last words:)
Buy our albums and make us rich...hahaha....and I hope to see ya ON TOUR - thrash till death!