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Sisters Grimm

Interview by Lucifera

"We play what we want to how we want to."

Sisters Grimm- a punk rock band, formed in 1988 in New York City by sisters Victoria on guitar and vocals and Marissa Stern on vocals. Both sisters use the stage names Victoria Violet and Marissa Magneta. Their first official drummer was Lisa Kaos afterwards they recruited Dawn McGrath on drums.
The name of the band was inspired by the children's storytellers, The Brothers Grimm. This all female-band had a crazy sense of humor, their ex-drummer, Lisa Kaos used to light her tits on fire during live shows. They are known to be rowdy, blunt and ready to rock you senseless.
Sisters Grimm's usually played clubs such as CONTINENTAL(NYC), on Sundays which was a girl band night at that club and CONEY ISLAND HIGH (NYC), when it was still open to the public. The CD that introduced me to their music was I HATE MY BOYFRIEND which contained two songs and was available on Funky Mushroom Records.

1. What inspired you to start this band?
We're in it for sex and money.

2. On the CD I HATE MY BOYFRIEND, there is a picture of a guy crossed out. Was he on of the member's ex- boyfriends and if so , has he seen it?
Sorry to disappoint you, dude. It's a high school picture of Jim McMann (football player) taken from a book of celebrity's yearbook photos. We chose him because he looked like the typical obnoxious boyfriend.

3. Are you pleased with your I HATE MY BOYFRIEND CD?
We think that no musician is ever truly happy with anything they record. Something always comes back to haunt them.

4. What was your strangest experience performing live?
We've had over zealous male fans doing everything from spitting at us to throwing us their underwear. You never know what's gonna happen at a Sisters Grimm show.

5.What are your goals for the future?
To have the most money and men.

6. What do you think of the current music scene; do you find that girls or guys are more supportive?
We think it's great that New York has a happening scene for the first time in 15 years. We're very pro-female and try to identify with girls in our songs, lyrics. However, sometimes our animalistic male fans tend to drive them away from the front of the stage.

7. Why did Lisa Kaos depart from Sisters Grimm?
She drove us CRAZY!!

8. Any last words?
It's not what you do, it's how you do it.