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Interview with Ola by Lucifera

You all know GRAVE, right?! Well, if you don't, here's a little about them. Grave is a Swedish death metal band that has been around for quite some time now. Their releases have been INTO THE GRAVE in 1991, YOU"LL NEVER SEE in 1992, during the time of this album Jonas (their bassist) left the band, basically because he disliked touring. In late 1993, Grave issued a limited edition EP featuring rare and re-mixed tracks, it was named …AND HERE I DIE…SATISFIED. The EP led us to their album SOULESS. At the time of this interview the line up for this album was:
Jorgen Sandstrom- bass, voice, rhythm guitar
Ola Lindgrn- lead guitar
Jensa Paulsson- drums
And they were getting ready to tour the USA with Samael.

1. Would you like to give our readers your greetings?
Ola- Hello!

2. How does it feel to be the inspiration of so many promising bands?
Ola- If that's true it feels great! I don't know if we are inspiring anyone but hopefully.

3. How is the European tour helping your sales and what bizarre experiences have you encountered on tour so far?
Ola- It really helps a lot by touring to push up the record sales. We've been through some weird stuff on tour, we almost got run over by a train, we got sprayed with mace in Portugal and we lost our bass player (Jonas) for good.

4.Are you ready to tour the USA? Many fans await your arrival, what places would you like to visit your own time?
Ola- Yes, we'll probably be over in October with CANNIBAL CORPSE. We toured the States in '92 with MASSACRE, so we've seen most of it.

5.What inspired the lyrics and music for SOULESS?
Ola- I don't really know, we did all of the songs in about 3 minutes, just came naturally.

6. Is there anything you would have liked to add to SOULESS or anything in particular you didn't get to do but would have wanted to?
Ola- No, not really, expect I'd wish for a heavier guitar sound.

7.Do you think there are too many bands in the death metal scene? Which new death metal bands do you recommend?
Ola- No, the bands who couldn't measure up didn't last very long and the good ones are still going on so that's good for the scene. The ONLY new thing I recommend is the SOULESS album.

8.What is your philosophical view of life? Death? Religions?
Ola- Religion and life sucks, and death I don't really know too much about.

9.Any last comments?
Ola- Thanx for the interview. Get our new album and see you on tour. Keep up the good work.

For more information on Grave check out Century Media's catalog.