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interview by Lucifera Elena

1.What inspired you to start Glamazon and why did you choose this name for the band?
I'll answer that question in reverse order. "Glamazon" is for Glamorous Amazon, bringing to mind a beautiful, powerful woman. I have always loved rock music, and I looked forever to find a strong, talented and gorgeous partner to form the band with and I found that partner in Shredmistress Rynata.

2. For those readers who have never heard Glamazon before, how would you describe your music?
Melodic, guitar-oriented rock with twists and finesee. It's unpredictable and refreshingly different. We've heard it described as "dramatic" and "operatic" and "monumental" among other labels. We agree!

3. Tell us a little about your releases: Glamazon 1 and Trick. What are the lyrics about and what inspired them?
As you can see from the lyrics posted on our website, the songs on Glamazon 1 cover a wide variety of topics, yet the general message is one of being oneself and of appealing to our better natures, especially "Promised Land" and "Speed Kills." "Holy War" takes to task the hypocrisy of some religious folk, whereas "Satan's Music" is a tongue-in-cheek jab at those who believe that Rock is sinful. "This Is Your Life" urges the listener to be true to her/himself and to not allow the expectations of others to rule us. Glamazon photo by Michelle Dannen Finally, "Sunshine in the Rain" is about maintaining love in the face of conflict, a beautiful ballad with a stunning guitar solo. Trick is still in production, but we were very gratified when the title track was #1 for the month of May, 2001 at

4. What kind of musical training do you have? Are there more members in your band or is this a duo project of your own?
Both of us are self-taught musicians. Glamazon was always a duo project of Rynata and myself. We used to have a human bass player and drummer, but we never found the talented, committed players who would stick through with the project. With R2D2, our computer-based rhythm section we have the freedom to write what we want and play whenver we want.

5.Is it as difficult as one might imagine to be a musician in CA?
It's very difficult, especially here in Los Angeles. There are *so* many talented people out here and the audience has become very jaded and hard to impress over the years. Still you have to stick with what you believe in.

6. Have you played any live shows? Tell us a little of what one can expect at one of your live performances.
We have played more than fifty shows in the San Francisco Bay Area before we moved to Los Angeles, and about half that many down here. What you can expect is the gray matter of your brain liquifying and leaking out your ears! Just kidding! What you can expect is a rich texture of digital effects, cybernetic rhythms, incendiary guitar from the Shredmistress and more energy than a pellet of enriched uranmium.

7. Trixie Crystal, has appearing on Montel Williams changed the outlook of your band?
Actually, I didn't start Glamazon until a year after my appearance on Montel. I had fun doing that show, plus it was an opportunity to educate people about transsexual issues. It was a great experience.

Do you feel that people focus more on your transexuality rather than on your music?
I believe that my transsexuality has actually closed some doors for us. Rock is a male-dominated art form to begin with, and women are often not taken as seriously. Add to that my transsexuality and it can be quite a distraction from the music. Plus we have had venues state that they would not book us for a show because they felt I was too controversial. It's frustrating.

8.Do you find that it makes if more difficult to be taken seriously in the hard rock/ metal scene because of this? Or do you feel that people have become more accepting and open-minded?
Attitudes are changing, but I'm afraid the hardest ut to crack will be the major record labels. With the downsizing that occurred with the mergers of the Nineties plus the economic downturn, the majors are sticking with tried and true acts that will appeal to the widest commercial demographics: tried and true acts that have been around for a decade or more, and those which are clones of Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls. Our best hope is with indie labels.

9.You have also written a book "The Princess and the Queen"? Seems like you are a very busy person.
I love writing as much as, if not more than music.
What is this book about?
It's in its final draft -- I wanted to add more depth to the bad guys and pick up the pace of the story quicker in the book. It's a thriller/romance about a transsexual woman who is where I was fifteen years ago: an honors student in computer science who was rejected by the "normal" world and fell into the underworld of San Francisco who is dragged into a computer conspiracy along with another middle-class dropout, a high class call girl who picked the wrong moment to befriend the transsexual streetwalker. It has everything: sex, drugs, drama, humor and tension. I expect to shop the final draft to agencies some time this summer (2002).

9.You both seem to be deeply into leather.
Only as a fashion accessory! It's practically a prerequisite for glamour rock. To be frank, I was involved in the S/M scene in San Francisco for about a year in the early 90s, but more as social scene than as a frequent participant. They were fun, intelligent and warm people.

10. What other interests do you have?
Well, writing and computers for me, and movies. I love sailing and hiking, too. Rynata loves bicycling, hiking, computers and movies.

11.What kind of merchandise is available for my readers?
We have CDs, cassettes and T-Shirts, plus my published book of short stories about poetry, Misery Loves Company available from our website, plus other goodies ,too.

12. Any last words?
I can think of plenty, but I think your readers would be best served by surfing the Glamazon website at:
my personal website at
and Shredmistress Rynata's website at