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The Female Musician
Education Career Pack

By Lucifera Elena

Female Musician has a cool site that helps young women get their start in the world of music. Through radio, television, and website productions. The Female Musician supports women of all ages and in areas of the music business it doesn’t matter what music genre you are interested in, they’ll support you.

The website ( features an FM streaming radio show, advertisement and indie CD reviews, as well as, free music business advice, a female artist list, some interviews, and a classified musician’s exchange section. They also help you out with FM digital studio, free education packs with CDs, opportunities, internships and more. I checked out their site and found it rather useful.

Female artists can also submit music for review where your music will be screened for songwriting ability, production value, and marketability. The performer or band’s songs are chosen to be played on their radio station and you get a direct link to the artist’s home page. They allow the artist complete control and 100% of any CD sales. Not a bad exchange.

I was curious to see what they would send if I wrote in for an information pack. It contained the following ingredients:
A few stickers of Power Puff Girls (cute), stickers announcing release of the Power Puff girls album that features bands such as Shonen Knife, Devo, Cornelius, Dressy Bessy and others out on Rhino Records. They also sent earplugs to promote the prevention of tinnitus, especially for those constantly exposed to loud music. They arlso send you a CD called “Listen, Learn and Groove.” The CD is a compilation series with music that the DJ’s TJ and Gab feel will be the next timeless song of our genre. Some of the bands they chose where the Missing, Diane Ponzio, Neon Venus, and MOA. The CD simulates the radio station format with DJ talk then playing some music, but DJ’s TJ and Gab give advice on music, they read emails they receive, give website updates and information tips, tips for young singers, performers rights, and even some advertisement is heard here. The package also included a brochure of MA’s Berklee College, a college that focuses exclusively on contemporary music studies. It’s expensive so first check out the community colleges in your area (just my suggestion).

There’s also information on Xnew Media-the expression center for New Media, this is a technical college for musicians in CA. There are other school brochures for Full Sail Real World Education in FL. This college sounds like a dream, check this out: “state-of-the-art, geared-out, 34 studio media complex capable of delivering everything you need to create movies, music and sound recordings, interactive games, concerts, TV shows, animations, 3D graphics and websites.” DAAAAMN!

The Female Musician’s Education Package also sent “The Resource Guide-Products and Solutions for Educators.” This came from Soundtree and it’s useful if you want to become a music teacher or for back up if that music career doesn’t quite work out. In addition, the package includes BMI’s booklet which contains questions and answers about songwriters and copyrights, including a copyright application. A great package and it’s free. Drop by their site and tell them Endemoniada sent ya.
PO Box 623
Northport, NY 11768 USA

Gals Internships area available:
Northport, NY Location
FM Digital 'in house' Intern Program provides hands-on environment to all New York based Female Musician interns who aspire to be engineers, producers and music creators. FM Digital offers free training to our young adult female interns. FM strives to raise the awareness of 'behind the scenes" positions available in the music industry, which in turn will create hope for more female audio related producers in the future!
Send us an e-mail if you are interested in this program: