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Fallen Christ

Interview with Ronnie by Xastur.

X.Introduce yourself to our readers.
Iím Ronnie from Fallen Christ I play lead guitar, lead vocals, um big contributor to the music lyrically. I write all the lyrics, musically we just get together and fucking um, you know shit just comes naturally. Do our rituals while weíre writing a song, and shit just seems to come, aggressive and angry of whatever, but thatís as far as it for me, because Iím not really nothing (ha, ha, ha, ha)

X. Who are the members of Fallen Christ?
OK, Sean on bass guitar, the sickest ass motherfucking bassist, and then we got Ryan, rhythm guitar another sick little son of a bitch over here, he looks like Satan. And then you got, ok now this is where we run into a problem here. Now as far as the drummer we might have this new guy heís unknown, heís coming from nowhere. What we call him is the Grind Specialist. Iím not going to mention his name but put it this way, heís Russian, heís huge, and heís a monster. You thought I was fast, wait until you see this guy. Definitely keep your eyes out because were going to come out, like faster, stronger, and fucking like nobodyís ever heard us before. New Fallen Christ is gonna be terror on the fucking stage man, you know actually were going to be performing rituals, we got a lot of shit to look forward to in the future, a lot of blood, a lot of bleeding.

X. What about the name, are you to change it?
NO, we are keeping Fallen Christ, because the name has gone a lot farther then we thought it had. Hopefully, weíll get into the studio again soon. Thereís nothing guaranteed but the dark way will show us into the studio again, and if it does, weíre gonna rip up some shit too, literally. You can quote this " we are going to take the world by storm".

X. What are your influences?
Our influences are ourselves and our feelings and how much hate we have in us. More than any band, because if people notice I donít think our music sounds like any body really. Itís kinda like out there on itís own. Our influence is all the evil, we believe in worshipping ourselves. Our influence, believe it or not, is not our hate , and our anger towards, well I know this doesnít sound right, especially in an interview, but everyone. Our hate towards the world, I hate to say it but Iím being honest, Iím not going to lie.

X. I know how you feel, because thatís the same thing with us and the zine. And everybodyís always on our backs, but weíre like screw everybody, we just do our own thing.
Fuck them, exactly, I will fucking meet them in hell one day, and thatís where theyíre going to pay for what they did to me in life. And you can write that too! We will meet everybody in the end. Iíll give you a quote of lines off our new song. It goes, "Dance little one, in your doubtfulness, and rejoice for you are indeed a dress rehearsal for a man, but in the end we all will meet underground and we will burn." What it is saying is that you are a dress rehearsal for a man because no matter how fake you are, in the ne you will be in my domain, and weíll be burning together and then it doesnít matter, in the end Iím gonna have your ass in hell, bowing to me and fucking burning, fucking sucking me and shit (ha, ha) Fuck that, you know what I mean.

X.Thatís cool, I like that (ha, ha). What are your beliefs?
Our beliefs are in ourselves, we donít go promoting Satan. Thatís not what its about, thatís a poser for you right there. I mean if you believe, like keep it to yourself, because when you go out, like- I love Satan, I love Satan- thatís really selling him out as far as our beliefs, our beliefs are all black magic and some witchcraft. A lot of angry Ancient Ones, ok, like the Ancient Ones we totally believe in ok. And the spirits, we happen to believe in spirits. As far as like "Oh you really get powers from worshipping the devil"- you know, people like that, they ainít got a clue, Iím sorry. Because power comes from within yourself , itís in your head. I guess I can speak for all of us, you canít look at Satan as a person. Satan is everyone.

X.You are your own Satan, and your own God.
Exactly, you can have your won view, obviously, weíre looking at it the same way. Iím not going to sit there and down someone on their beliefs, because I wouldnít want it to be done to me. But anyway, that should cover that question.

X.How do you feel about LaVeyís teachings?
Thereís a lot of mixed emotions. Iíve been reading his shit for a while, I know a lot of people who practice, they think heís hypocritical, in a lot of different ways. He seems like a money making Satan worshipper. I mean- come to my church and spend $10,000 ( sorry that is an extremely exaggerated figure Ronnie-Lucifera), I mean, Iím stretching the truth, but I mean come on, the Catholic Church, I look at it as the same shit. So he in himself, Iím sure heís true to his beliefs. I do respect him in a way, but still heís selling out Satan in a way, he is. As far as LaVey, I just think heís very hypocritical. I donít agree with everything he says, we all do.

X.Are you still on Listenable Records and are you satisfied?
As far as Listenable Records is concerned, we are looking forward into the future and maybe doing something else with them. As far as being satisfied with them, sure they hooked us up with our first album. It sold pretty good.

X.Youíre more like a live band on stage, so the readers should definitely check you out.
Definitely, a lot of people tell us that. "You guys live fucking blow your own shit away on the recording." We take that as a compliment because thatís us raw. We feel that when we play there is an atmospheric change that, no band can touch (not to put down other bands). When we play there is aggression and a vibe in the air that is so hateful man, that we can see it on the peoples faces while weíre playing. We kinda thrive on the energy, as they thrive off our music. The more we see them getting into it, the more fucking evil weíre going to play, the more hate weíre going to throw at them. Because people want hate you know, they donít want Ėla-la-la. Whoeverís going to appreciate it is going to appreciate it and whoever doesnít you know, have fun in heaven, whatever with them, peasants fo life you can fucking say, the weak ones. In the meantime weíre the masterful ones.

X.What do you recommend to better the underground scene?
The underground scene is not looking really good, itís a handful of people. I think the underground scene is kinda shitty and to make it better man, umm damn thatís a good question, I actually gotta think.

X. This was one of Luciferaís questions?
Oh thatís good man, because it really needs something, the way to better the underground scene is to get Fallen Christ more shows (laughs), I think thatís it, end of story, deal with that shit!

X.What bands do you recommend or is it just Fallen Christ?
Thatís about it.

X. (hysterical laugher from myself) Are you serious? You donít recommend anybody else?
Nope, no need, selfishness.

X. Whatís the best/ worst experience youíve had while playing a show?
Well this is kinda both at the same time. When we went on the road to Milwaukee, when we played the metal fest, by the way weíre in Rip magazine, pictures and shit from the show, but anyway. I had this guy come up to me and literally bowed to me. He bowed down on the floor. And I told himó"get the hell up, donít bow to me, just get up"-- and I gave him a hug and I bought the guy a beer, we hung out. That was kind of really awkward, getting bowed to. I mean I appreciated it but I didnít want people bowing down to me. I did appreciate, I told him that, and he was like rambling onóI worship you guysóI said, you donít know you donít have to worship us, but you loving the music and feeling the music, means more than bowing on the floor. That was a weird fucking experience for me. I think he was from Chicago as a matter of fact, so our shit is actually out there a lot more than we even thought it was.

X.How do you feel about women in the left hand path?
Lust, lust and I want them all! X. Lust?
Lust and I want them all. (X.Whatís this repetition Ronnie?)
Anointing lustÖput it this way, they know the real deal, they know whatís up. Any woman who feels the way we do is OK. Thatís great because if we can share the same things like that.. itís just lust, if we chan share pain with women, we can share our pain with anybody. It doesnít matter what you are, but Iíll tell you right now, we definitely have the most respect for women with our beliefs.

X. Thatís really cool, because you know a lot of our readers are women soÖ
Awesome, thatís fucking great! I bleed for all the women out there, as long as theyíre like you guys, not that other shit.

X. As long as Iím on the topic, I might as well ask, do you have any fetishes?
I like blood, a lot. A lot of blood. I can really get into this one but my girlfriend might get mad. Not that Iím a whipped son of a bitch, but like I said I have respect, so there you go.

X.Any last words of wisdom?
Umm, we have really no doubt that there are many more like us out there, with the sole purpose and goal. Our goal is to get together wit them someday, and share through our music our mutual feeling and recognize weíre not the same like the rest of the world. And that weíre all Satanís children in a way, thatís what weíre all about, and the message that we really want to get across is, to bring the people who can feel the fire of hell burning within themselves. Hail Satan!!!