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Interview with Nick Orlando by Lucifera

Tell us who are the members of Evoken & what each member contributes to the music.
Evoken is John Paradiso - Guitars/Vocals; Steve Moran - Bass; Vince Verkay - Drums; Dario Derna - Keyboards & yours truly on Guitar. Evoken songs are written thusly; I write all of the main riffs, we then arrange them together & once they are solid, Dario will write the keyboard parts & John will write the melodies to the riffs that we feel should have them. Last comes the lyrics which our drummer Vince mostly writes with occasional material from myself or our ex-guitarist Rob.

Does Evoken have anything else that was created before "Shades of Night Descending"?
Just a couple of rehearsals from 1992 & 1993 with a slightly different line-up & different band name.

What images are conjured in the intro of "Shades of Night Descending"?
Something vast and ominous rumbling through the dark void of deep space.

The songs are Doomish, depressive yet beautiful & enchanting. Was this Evoken's intention? Will future songs & musical endeavors be similar?
Yes. Our new material is heavier, darker, & colder than previous material.

Are there any bands you find were an inspiration to you?
Thergothon, Disembowlment, Winter, Celtic Frost/Hellhammer, Blue Cheer, Black Sabbath, Paradise Lost (first two), King Crimson, Darkthrone (first 2), Immortal (first only), Emperor, Rotting Christ, Dream Death, etc...

Is everything working out well with Adipocere Records of France & the distribution of your musical masterpiece?
Adipocere Records has been for the most part pretty fucked with us. An 8 month delay in releasing the CD, no money as promised in our contract, being totally left in the dark with matters such as sales, etc...And other various things I won't get into due to a very short temper.

Who picked the album cover> It seems to fit the music. I'd love to live there, it seems rather desolate. Is this a place you would feel comfortable in?
Christian from Adipocere picked the cover. Yes, I would be quite comfortable in its complete isolation-no pathetic people to deal with!

Evoken played a few shows that Endemoniada zine booked & we really thank you. Do you find that playing live is a much different? What is the crowd's reaction? Is it what you expect?
I'm not a huge fan of playing live since most of the time the sound is not to my liking. I haven't really noticed the crowd's reaction-perhaps just standing there concentrating on the music, which to me is the proper reaction. We do not write music to most to, so we don't expect to see such actions.

Are you satisfied with Shades of Night Descending, which song do you feel best when playing it? And why?
I guess it was satisfying for me at the time, but I can't really say I still like them like I did 2 years ago. The exception to this would be Into the Autumn Shade which has stood the tests of time rather well & will always be one of my favorites.

What are Evoken's future plans? What other merchandise do you have available?
Future plans are to record a full-length CD on a good label, buy more equipment, & last but not least - embark on a long European tour!(We might not return....) As for merchandise, there is none except for a new 2-song promo we've given only to various labels so it's not really for sale.

You guys seem close to Abazagorath, do you find that musically, playing live doom & black metal can compliment each other? What do you think about what Abazagorath does?
Abazagorath are really cool guys--I've known Joe for about 8 years now. Doom & black metal on the same bill is better than 18 bands of the same style playing together. Abazagorath is one of the very few black metal bands from the U.S. that I like.

Are there any last gloomy words you'd like to add?
Thanks for the interview Lucifera, good luck with your zine and stay eternally dark!!! The self-released version of the CD is $10(world) for the new re-release(new cover, lyrics)

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